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National contest of ideas for the concept of possible use of the Mausoleum building, Lenin's Mausoleum in Red Square is going to be replaced with something else.

2020.09.14 18:01 PolskiBoi1987 National contest of ideas for the concept of possible use of the Mausoleum building, Lenin's Mausoleum in Red Square is going to be replaced with something else.

The Union of Architects of Russia has announced a competition to re-use Lenin's Mausoleum.

"We have started accepting applications for a Nationwide contest of ideas for the concept of possible use of the Lenin Mausoleum building on red square in Moscow. The creative competition received the status of a special project within the framework of the Zodchestvo festival, which this year will be held from November 11 to 13 in the Gostiny Dvor VC under the motto "Eternity". The registration deadline is October 19.
The contest was organized by the Union of architects of Russia, co-organizer: Union of Moscow architects.
Registration of participants is held until October 19.
The contest results will be announced on November 13, 2020.

Certified architects and design teams, students, artists, designers, as well as citizens of Russia and CIS countries who agree to the terms of the competition and have registered as participants are invited to participate in the project.

The purpose of the special project is to continue the work of the Union of architects to preserve the national architectural heritage. Every year this topic is raised and discussed at the festival "Zodchestvo" – the largest Russian architectural event. Traditionally, within the framework of the festival, architects-curators of various directions present their mini-projects dedicated to the most relevant areas of modern architecture. Interest and attention to the topic of architectural heritage served as the basis for the proposal to create a Bank of ideas for the possible use of the building of the V. I. Mausoleum. Lenin-a masterpiece of architecture of the twentieth century, the author of which is an outstanding Soviet architect A.V. Shchusev.

For many years, there have been disputes and discussions about whether it will be possible to use this structure in the future, if the time comes to change its functional purpose. Without initiating any decisions or calling for any actions, the contest organizers suggest considering possible options that do not affect either the appearance of the mausoleum or its internal space, which is clearly decided in the style of the necropolis.

The architectural ensemble of red square has a special urban planning status that cannot be changed or reformatted.

Participants of the competition are only invited to develop a sketch of the project of possible use of the Lenin Mausoleum in the future-without the function of a tomb-as a Museum dedicated to its design and construction in the 30s of the XX century.
The project should fully disclose the author's idea and clearly Express the main idea of the concept. Since the competition is essentially a competition of conceptual ideas, we suggest that participants download images and plans of the Mausoleum from open sources on the Internet. Additional information can be obtained from the book of S. O. Khan-Magomedov by clicking on the link.

The competition jury:
The works submitted for the competition are evaluated by a jury, which includes representatives of cultural institutions, the architectural community, writers, cultural experts, and film Directors.
The jury will meet on November 12, 2020.

The organizer has the right to conduct a preliminary examination of projects submitted to the competition in order to prepare an analytical report for the jury and select works for display at the exhibition as part of the special project "Mausoleum" at the international architectural festival "Zodchestvo" from November 11 to 13, 2020 in Gostiny Dvor (Moscow).

Criteria for evaluating competitive projects:
Public significance of preserving the Mausoleum building as a monument of architectural heritage.
Preservation of the authenticity of the Mausoleum, excluding significant additions to the monument that distort or change its appearance.
Preserving the authenticity of the red square ensemble.
Respect and respect for the history of Russia.
The boldness and novelty of the proposed solution.
Expressiveness of the graphic presentation.


The winners of the competition will receive diplomas from the Union of architects of Russia and will participate in a special issue Of the YouTube channel Orepagsh.

Projects that have received awards and special awards will be published in the media, acting as information partners of the competition.


Registration of participants is held until October 19, 2020 by filling out the registration form at the link. The file with the contest work must be sent to the email address by 23: 59 on October 25, 2020.

Projects made manually are accepted until 20: 00 on November 01, 2020 at the address: Moscow, Granatny lane, 9, of. 49.

For more information about the terms of participation and evaluation criteria, see the Regulations."
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2020.08.29 17:05 Erdnussflipshow My idea to introduce scout and attack helicopters

What this text is about
This text will be about my idea to introduce Scout and Attack helicopters as well as rework Transport helicopters. Due to the current way how helicopters were implemented, adding attack helicopters would destroy infantry gameplay as we know it.
My idea to shift close air support (CAS) to a more support role instead of a helicopter that kills everything on sight, would be, split the team into two separate teams, one for ground troops/vehicles and one for air-assets(see example start screen here: Here are some basic rules I thought of to separate the two, the Air-asset team can't see their ground troops/vehicles or flags on the map. Ground troops can't see their air-assets on their map, my hope is this might shift CAS to be more careful, having to talk to the commander or the ground squad leaders directly over the command chat to prevent friendly fire, if a friendly fire does occur though this would take away one ticket per friendly casualty on the ground team (if the ground-soldier would give up that is) and would lose the air-asset team maybe around 5 tickets. The air-asset team would start with 25% of the total tickets and would gain tickets when killing enemy ground or air-assets (maybe with a delay of 1-2 minutes to prevent immediate feedback) If the air-asset team would lose all their tickets, aircraft and pilots can no longer respawn. If you ground troops/vehicles lose all their ticket the round is over. Teamchat between ground and air will not overlap, communication must go to the commander and then to the air-asset team or directly from a ground squad lead to the aircraft that is required. Ground soldiers can help with repairing the helicopter but can't enter into the pilot seat. When an infantry squad lead enters a helicopter it will not be claimed, this is to prevent "Everybody pls leave the helicopter! the pilot has to reclaim it" scenarios.
Balancing ideas
Now to balancing ideas, Scout, as well as Transport helicopters, should only be bullet-proof against 5.56x45, 5.45x39, and 7.62x39 larger caliber would be able to penetrate the cockpit and the walls (meaning the MI-8/MI-17's passenger will be able to take damage from side hitting LMG/HMG fire). Attack helicopters would be bulletproof up to 12.7x108 in areas like the cockpit and weapons systems, while smaller fire will still damage the tail-rotor and engine, a larger round will be able to damage the pilots and destroy rocket pods and guns mounted on the helicopter. Heat-seeking missiles are a big part of my idea, US, RUS, British and Canadian forces would get emplaced Surface to air missiles (SAM's) and maybe even on vehicles(I'm suggesting at 750m or less the SAM can be locked and can fly up to 1,500m before stoping to guide), Militia, INS and MEA would get Man-portable-air-defence-system (MANPADS) costing around 100 ammo to rearm, these would have a shorter range than the emplacements (maybe < 500m to track the target but up to 1000m until the rocket stops guiding, the ranges only count for X and Y axis, not Z(height) otherwise helicopter could go above 500m of altitude and be unreachable for MANPADS). Pilots would get a warning if a missile is about to be fired or inbound towards their aircraft giving them time to deploy flares are fly out of the area, while flares should be an effective counter-measure, I think they should still sometimes fail(maybe around 80-85% out of the time the missile would fly towards the flares instead of the aircraft), deploying multiple flares would decrease the chances of being hit, flares would be treated just like other ammunition, rearmed on the helipads at main. Maybe instead of firing them by swapping to them like swapping the weapons system, the pilot would simply press his/her hotkey to deploy flares.
Ideas for Helicopter armament
Transport helicopters should keep their PKP's, M240's and MG3's.
Scout helicopter should either not have any armament or light armament next to an imaging-pod (maybe with thermal options as well as night vision modes), light armament might be a small number of unguided missiles or some sort of machine gun. An idea for MEA might be barrel bombs that would have to be dropped out the back by a second person.
Attack helicopters should have systems like unguided rocket pods, a chin-mounted gun, guided missiles (like "9K113 Konkurs", or "AGM-114 Hellfire"). Features I wound not like to see are automatic tracking of moving targets or being able to lock onto a target without an infantry scout to mark the target with a laser, complete stabilization (while some sort of stabilization would be fine making it to easy for the gunner to shoot accurately while moving at high speeds is certainly a bad idea).
Theoretical example
Now to theoretical example. An infantry squad needs transportation from 2nd flag to 4th flag in a game of RAAS, the squad leader now gives his grid coordinates to his commander who then forwards it to the air-assets, an MI-8 pilot excepts the request and gives an ETA, this information is told to the squad lead in need of transportation, the infantry squad deploys colored smoke on the landing zone to clarify where the pilot has to land. Once the infantry soldiers are inside, they give the pilot the coordinates for the drop off zone, the helicopter now requests one of the scout helicopters to fly over and check for any hostiles that might be in the area. On his way, the transport pilot stays on a low altitude to prevent being targeted by one of the MANPADS.
If you got to this part, thank you for reading my text, if you would like to see this text extended or in a video form please leave a comment. If you have any questions or ideas leave them in the comments or send them to me directly.
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2020.07.06 21:18 lex_specialis Izbor novog generalnog direktora RTS-a

TL;DR Vasovic zaposleni (svojevrsna opozicija), Milutinovic vlast
Kako je 5. maja dosadasnjem direktoru RTS-a, Draganu Bujosevicu, istekao petogodisnji mandat, UO RTS-a je (sa manjim zakasnjenjem, neki kazu zbog pralamentarnih izbora) 29. maja i zvanicno raspisao konkurs. Inace, Bujosevica mozda znate i po nadimku "Zuti Bujke", koji naravno nema nikakve veze sa njegovom uredjivackom politikom.
Rok za podnosenje prijava je istekao 27. juna, a Bujke je svoju podneo tek 29, sto je dovelo i do odbijanja njegove prijave. Meni je ovo jako sumnjivo i prilicno sam siguran da je namerno zakasnio (ili predao nepotpunu dokumentaciju) kako se uopste ne bi raspravljalo o njemu tj. kako ne bi bio u izbornoj trci. Da li je bio pod nekim pritiskom SNS-a ili je nesto drugo razlog, ne znam.
UO je odbacio jos dve prijave - Vladimira Palikuće i Svetislava Nedeljkovića te su u izbornoj trci ostali samo Vasko Vasović i Marko Milutinović. Da li je ta trka vec istrcana i zasto ja mislim da jeste, objasnicu u nastavku.

Vasko Vasović

Dugogodisnji snimatelj i direktor fotografije RTS-a, a u poslednje vreme daje izjave u (uglavnom opozicionim) medijima o katastrofalnom stanju u kome se RTS nalazi, o losoj programskoj politici i isisavanju novca iz javnog servisa. Neki od njegovih izjava i tekstova:
Direktor fotografije: RTS na ivici profesionalnog, finansijskog i kreativnog opstanka
Direktor fotografije RTS: Javnom servisu preti devastacija
Vasko Vasović: Vratiću RTS-u staru slavu
Tokom 2018. Vasovic je uputio i pismo u kojem iznosi svoje zahteve ali nije uspeo da postigne dogovor sa Bujosevicem sto je jos vise produbilo probleme u RTS-u. Uziva veliku podrsku zaposlenih u RTS-u koji su u znak podrske njegovoj kandidaturi prikupili preko 2000 potpisa.

Marko Milutinović

Dugogodišnji novinar Trećeg kanala, odgovorni urednik PGP RTS-a, a od skoro i voditelj autorske emisije "Lice nacije" na RTV Pancevo. U toj emisiji (koja postoji manje od godinu dana) do sada su mu gosti bili: Vucic, Brnabic, Mali, Nestorovic, Glisic, Karic, mladi lideri SNS-a. Clan je SNS-a od osnivanja. Izvor.
Opozicioni portal Direktno (linkovan iznad) smatra da Milutinovic ima najvece sanse da postane direktor, dok ja nisam siguran sta da mislim, sa jedne strane imamo nesumnjvu podrsku vlasti Milutinovicu a sa druge ogromnu podrsku zaposlenih (a trebalo bi i javnosti) Vasovicu koju on opisuje recima "to (2000 potpisa) se nikada u istoriji javnih servisa u svetu nije desilo". Ipak, znajuci da o novom direktoru odlucuje Upravni odbor koga imenuje svima dobro poznati REM, moram da se slozim sa zakljuckom da ce novi generalni direktor RTS-a biti Marko Milutinovic.
Sta vi mislite, ima li Vasovic ikakve sanse i da li bi u javnosti nekako trebalo izraziti protest protiv vec izvesnog izbora Milutinovica? RTS ie dalje jako vazan faktor informisanja kod velikog broja gradjana, (cak i pored ubrzang rasta Pinka proteklih godina) i bilo bi dobro kad bi svoj posao obavljao nezavisno i bez politickih kadrova na celu kao sto su Bujke ili Milutinovic.
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2019.12.31 22:29 happy_story This year's list of 75 positive news stories about Bulgaria that never got reported by the English Media Machine.

Bulgarian students beat some of the world stop universities to win a prestigious synthetic biology award for prevention of genetic diseases
Bulgarian chain store "Happy" expands into London, UK
Bulgaria is the largest producer of Herbs and spices in the European Union
Bulgarians living in Germany protest against doctor's incompetence. One woman says that her kid almost died because of the incompetence of the German doctors, and that she had to flee back to Bulgaria where Bulgarian doctors saved her daughters life. She is now suing the German hospital
Why Bulgaria is beacon for gender diversity
Archaeologists In Bulgaria Have Unearthed The Largest Supply Of Copper Age Axes Ever Found In Europe
Bulgaria's Jobless Numbers Hit All-Time Low in 2018
Bulgarian Passports in Top 20 Most Powerful in the World
Bulgaria one of the top 3 countries in CEE with the most stable GDP growth rate
Bulgaria, where a home in ‘the most beautiful town in the world’ will set you back just €25,000
The Biggest History Park in the World Opens in Bulgaria, Near Varna in the Spring
Bulgaria Charges Six With Financing Syrian 'Terrorist' Groups As Network Uncovered
Bulgarian literature work enters the American school textbooks
Archaeologists In Bulgaria May Have Found The Extravagant And Unusual Tomb Of Roman Emperor Philip I The Arab
Facebook expands their business in Bulgaria
World Bank opens new center for shared services in Bulgaria
Bulgaria is the 7th safest country to drive in the European Union, says EU commission data
Bulgaria among top three in EU countries in children in good health – Eurostat
Bulgarian wins a prestigious award for visual effects, deemed as the 'Oscar' of Visual Arts
3 Bulgarian students awarded by Microsoft and Airbus for winning the 'Space Tube' competition in Brussels
Bulgarian technology saves the bees in Australia
Bulgaria 13th Among the most Peaceful Countries in the World
Eurostat: 53% of Scientists and Engineers in Bulgaria Are Women
Bulgaria Ranks 11th Among the Best Countries in the World - ranked by Good country Index
American director to use a Bulgarian play in a theater
Bulgarian project wins second place in international competition for kitchen design
Bulgaria: a little treasure
Bulgaria ranks 2nd in Europe for women scientists
Minister-President of Bavaria to Bulgaria: We owe you a moral appreciation for protecting the European borders better than anybody else
Over 70% of Young People in Bulgaria Think their Means of Living are Sufficient
Bulgaria climbs to 39th place in the world for best places to find work
Good news for households budget. 7.5% rise in household income
16 year old Bulgarian girl becomes the best young chess player in the world
Kristian Kostov, the boy that almost won Eurovision, is now on its way to win the finals in one of the largest musical contests in China
Bulgaria - Among the Best Performing Countries in the World Bank's Women, Business and Legislation Index
Bulgaria is among the countries with the highest gender equality
Decline of Complaints Against Bulgaria in Strasbourg Court
Bulgaria Emerges as Champion in Women Legal Rights Affecting Work
Bulgaria has Detained One of the most Wanted Spanish Drug Traffickers
Bulgarian man wins one of the largest world competitions for underwater photography
Gallup: Less young people want to emigrate
For the First time, Bulgarian Became the World Vice Champion in the Biathlon
Bulgarian school students win a prestigious NASA competition
Bulgarian team wins the CS:GO tournament at the prestigious World Electronics Sports Games
Bulgarian students in collaboration with scientists from the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences have created a new battery that can revolutionize energy storage
Bulgarian actress Martina Apostolova wins the Film Festival Award in Hong Kong for best performing actress
Italian magazine 'Vogue' praises young Bulgarian fashion designer whose clothes have been selected in the 'London Fashion Week' and used by famous actors and models
Bulgarian mathematicians win 22 gold, 7 silver and 3 bronze medals in the Math Olympiad in Taiwan
Bulgarian technology used to measure space radiation
Standards of living in Bulgaria keep rising
Foreign tourists in Sofia have increased with 82% for the last 10 years
Bulgarian man is part of the team that created the fastest and most expensive model of the McLaren
Bulgarian professor awarded with a prestigious award for his contributions to the study of human sight
Almost 40% increase in the number of foreign students in Bulgaria. They are primarily from Greece and UK
Bulgarian school students win the informatics Olympiad by inventing a 'code editor'
Bulgarian student becomes the best young car mechanic in Europe
Bulgarian students create a unique electric vehicle
Sofia is chosen as one of the 7 centers in Europe for the location of the new EU supercomputer
Bulgarian authorities have thwarted a planned terrorist bomb attack in the city of Plovdiv
Bulgaria Breaks up illegal Immigrant Smuggling Gang
9 year old Bulgarian girl wins Miss Mini Planet
Scientists from the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences make a revolutionary discovery about food bacteria
Bulgarian students have created one of world's most economical vehicles
Bulgarian woman wins an American film festival award for best experimental movie
Bulgarian woman enters the Guinness world records for having one of the most powerful voices on the planet
Bulgarian doctors successfully remove a brain tumor in patient who was told to wait 1 year for an appointment in an English hospital
Bulgarian Model Wins Man of the World Title
Bulgaria is ranked as the 13th best wine destination in the world
Bulgarian firm Walltopia builds world’s largest artificial cave attraction
Bulgarian firm turns the Caterham Seven into an electric car
Bulgaria is on its way to becoming a leading fintech technology hub in southeast Europe
Bulgaria is among the First Countries in the World to Switch to 5G
Bulgarian book will be flown in space
Bulgarian scientists make a revolutionary discovery in the fight against measles
Bulgarian architect wins the European property award for interior design
If only 1/10th of all the positive things happening in Bulgaria got reported by the English Media Machine, our international image would've been so much different.
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2019.10.19 00:20 Karl_Magnus_Verum Hunde-godteri i Norge advares mot

Hunde-eiere i Norge har fått smake den sure enden etter hunder har blitt sjuke av Tyggeben.
En lokal (Gudene tillate at de går konkurs snart) internasjonal importør har solgt hundeknask i flere år, og har fått flere tilbakemeldinger i det siste at godteriet inneholder plastikk.
Plastikken benyttes for å forme knasket under fabrikasjon, og skal (pr. rapport) fjernes etter pressing.
-Dette har selvfølgelig ikke skjedd.
Hunder har derfor spist plasten, og havnet hos veterinæren.
Den lokale kjeden (Europris) har nå som konsekvens fjernet produktet fra sine hyller for godt.
Vet ikke om produktet er tilgjengelig ellers i Norden, men varsku er på sin plass.
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2019.10.08 23:07 pothkan Megawątek przedwyborczy

W związku z odbywającymi się w najbliższą niedzielę (13 października) wyborami parlamentarnymi przygotowaliśmy temat, który - mamy nadzieję - będzie dla was w tym dniu pomocnym.
Temat ma charakter roboczy, więc wszelkie uwagi mile widziane - w miarę potrzeby będzie edytowany. Powisi do soboty.
Do głosowania uprawniony jest każdy obywatel RP (który ukończył 18 lat nie później niż w dniu wyborów). Głosujemy w komisji przypisanej do naszego miejsca zameldowania (najczęściej jest to pobliska szkoła - jeśli nie macie pewności, sprawdźcie tutaj), chyba że zadbaliśmy wcześniej o dopisanie się do spisu, lub zaświadczenie pozwalające na głosowanie zamiejscowe. Ws. głosowania zagranicą zapraszam do tego tematu. Musimy z sobą zabrać dowód tożsamości, czyli dowód osobisty lub paszport. Ważne, głosować można od 7 rano do 21 wieczorem!
Jak działa system wyborczy
Nasz parlament składa się z dwóch izb, wybieranych jednocześnie, ale wg różnych systemów.
Mandaty w Sejmie są dzielone pomiędzy wszystkie komitety, które przekroczą próg wyborczy. Im więcej głosów zostanie "utraconych", tym większa jest tzw. premia d'Hondta dla ugrupowania zwycięskiego (lub zwycięskich, w przypadku niewielkiej granicy). Z progu wyborczego wyłączone są mniejszości narodowe, więc możemy się spodziewać że już tradycyjnie 1 mandat (w opolskiem) uzyskają Niemcy. Po ustaleniu liczby mandatów dla poszczególnych list, są one dzielone pomiędzy okręgi - ten etap jest najbardziej skomplikowany. Następnie (to już proste i klarowne) mandaty w okręgach są przydzielane konkretnym kandydatom, uszeregowanym wg liczby głosów na danej liście (nie numeru na niej!).
Praktycznie - musimy postawić dwa "krzyżyki", jeden przy wybranym kandydacie do Sejmu, a drugi - do Senatu.
W związku z tym, że opozycja zawarła tzw. pakt senacki (dzieląc między siebie okręgi), wybór w tym wypadku sprowadza się do zerojedynkowego - albo kandydat PiS, albo opozycji. Wszystkie pozostałe opcje (jest kilku kandydatów "dywersyjnych", szkodzących tej czy drugiej stronie) są bez szans.
Warto wyjaśnić, że Senat ma ograniczone uprawnienia - nie może zablokować większości sejmowej, może jednak skłonić ją do bardziej kompromisowej postawy. Senat może zatrzymać każdą ustawę na okres do 30 dni dla dokonania poprawek (ale Sejm może je potem odrzucić zwykłą większością), co w teorii służy jakości prawa i uniemożliwia "24-godzinne ustawodawstwo". Senat ma także pewien wpływ na obsadę stanowisk powoływanych przez parlament. Szerzej tutaj.
Natomiast do Sejmu mamy do wyboru pięć ogólnokrajowych komitetów wyborczych. Oprócz tego w niektórych okręgach są komitety lokalne, te jednak (poza ww. mniejszością niemiecką) mają zerowe szanse na wejście.
Nr listy i nazwa Gł. partie członkowskie Pozycje polityczne Liderzy % & liczba posłów w wyborach 2015 Ostatnie sondaże
1. Koalicja Polska (PSL) PSL, Kukiz 15 centroprawica (umiarkowany konserwatyzm, chadecja, demokracja bezpośrednia) Władysław Kosiniak-Kamysz, Paweł Kukiz 13.9 (58) 4-9%
2. Prawo i Sprawiedliwość PiS, SP, Porozumienie prawica (narodowy konserwatyzm, populizm socjalny, centralizacja, interwencjonizm) Jarosław Kaczyński, Mateusz Morawiecki - premier 37.6 (235) 40-48%
3. Lewica SLD, Razem, Wiosna lewica (socjaldemokracja, progresywizm, silnie pro-UE) Włodzimierz Czarzasty, Adrian Zandberg, Robert Biedroń 11.2 (-) 11-14%
4. Konfederacja KORWiN, RN & 4 mniejsze prawica & skrajna prawica (konserwatywny libertarianizm, nacjonalizm, leseferyzm, antysocjalizm, silny eurosceptycyzm) Janusz Korwin-Mikke, Robert Winnicki 4.8 (-) 3-8%
5. Koalicja Obywatelska PO, .Nowoczesna, Zieloni szerokie centrum (demokracja liberalna, decentralizacja, silnie pro-UE, umiarkowany liberalizm i konserwatyzm) Grzegorz Schetyna, Małgorzata Kidawa-Błońska - kandydatka na premiera, Katarzyna Lubnauer 31.7 (166) 23-31%
Z sondaży wynika, że PiS, KO i Lewica na pewno przekroczą próg wyborczy, PSL raczej go przekroczy, zaś Konfederacja ma na to szanse.
Na kogo mam oddać głos?
Na to pytanie wam oczywiście nie odpowiemy, musicie zadecydować sami. Możemy jednak odesłać do kilku miejsc ułatwiających wybór:
Kilkoro użytkowników obiecało swoje analizy programów, jeśli takowe się pojawią - dodamy link tutaj.
Po wyborze listy pozostaje nam wybór konkretnego kandydata (kandydatki). Jeśli nikogo pozytywnie nie kojarzymy na pierwszy rzut oka, albo nie znaleźliśmy odpowiedzi na MPW, najlepiej choćby poszukać wywiadów i wypowiedzi w mediach, oraz przejrzeć media społecznościowe (choćby w kontekście aktywności podczas kampanii) - FB, Instagram, Twitter.
Pamiętajmy, że nie musimy oddawać głosu na "jedynkę" - czasem warto wesprzeć kogoś z dalszego miejsca na liście.
PS. Zapraszamy także do subowej zabawy w przewidywanie frekwencji.
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2019.05.09 03:20 SPECTR_Eternal An Attempt At Educating People About BMP-Series vehicles

Well, hello there. Let's start from the beginning.

In a Monthly Recap dated January 2019, we got promised an introduction to a series of Russian Infantry Fighting Vehicles, namely, BMPs of different models.

So, what the fuck are those? Let's dive in.

So the biggest feature that I personally hope the BMP-2M will introduce, is the automatic 30mm grenade launcher, (Mk19 say hello!) and the Kornet-M ATGMs. Kornet-M ATGM, according to the feature list, has an automatic target-tracker, guiding the missile after launch by itself and a salvo-launch feature if multiple launchers are present on the vehicle (hello, Spandrel BRDM-2 salvo-launch bug!)
Three weeks are lasting too long, guys... :C
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2017.10.30 02:01 RAKtheUndead M60 Patton & BMP-2 - do these statistics look right?

I'm planning on running a modern military game some time in the future and have been planning ahead with the equipment that the PCs would be expected to see. One thing that I've found particularly difficult to work with is statting out vehicles in the absence of a full vehicle creation system optimised for Fourth Edition. As a result, I've worked based on what I could determine from the descriptions (on which mine below are heavily based) and stat lines given for various vehicles in GURPS High-Tech, but I'm not sure if I've quite got things right. In particular, I'm more concerned about the optics and radio systems than I am the armour values, but there may be some other details that need tweaking.
General Dynamics M60A3 Patton (USA, 1978-1987)
The M60A3 Patton was introduced in 1978 as an incremental upgrade of the design that had served as the main battle tank of the United States Army since 1960. Introduced two years before the M1 Abrams, it served in coordination with the M1 for several years before being resigned to a reserve role with the National Guard. The M60 was phased out of US service in 2005, but remains in a front-line role with several other nations today.
The M60A3 Patton is markedly inferior to modern MBTs, with substantially thinner armour, a less powerful weapon, obsolete night-fighting equipment and a high profile. However, it can hold its own against most of its contemporaries and remains an affordable and powerful weapon system against less heavily-armed opposition.
The gunner and loader are positioned in the main turret along with the tank's main armament: a 105mm M68 tank gun (see stats for Royal Ordnance L7) with 63 rounds (30 APFSDS, 20 HEAT, 13 mixed HEP and smoke), with 13 stored for ready use in the turret. An FN M240 machine gun (HT p.134) with 5,950 rounds is mounted coaxially, with two six-shot smoke dischargers facing the turret front (two reloads). The gunner has an 8x day sight (+3 Acc), a 4,900 yard laser rangefinder (+3 Acc) and a targeting computer (+1 Gunner). At night, the gunner uses a passive 8x image-intensifying sight (+3 Acc and Night Vision 7). Turret rotation takes three Ready manoeuvres per facing.
The commander is also positioned in the turret. He fires a General Electric M85 machine gun (see Browning M2HB, HT p.133) with 900 rounds which is positioned in an external mount on the turret roof. Inside the turret, he has an 8x passive image-intensifier sight (+3 Vision and Night Vision 7) for observation and operates an AN/VRC-12 radio (25-mile range).
The driver sits in the body. He has a passive image-intensifier sight for night-time driving. He can generate a smokescreen using the engine’s exhaust.
Back armour is DR 110, top armour is DR 100, underside armour is DR 50. The turret has DR 715 on the front, DR 385 on the sides, DR 155 on the back and DR 70 on the top.
TL: 7 ST/HP: 183 Hnd/SR: -3/5 HT: 10x Move: 2/15 LWt.: 52 Load: 3.7 SM: +5 Occ.: 4S DR: 720/205 Range: 300 Locations: 2CTX [1]
[1] Higher DR is for body front; lower DR is for body sides
Royal Ordnance L7, 105x607mmR (based on stats in GURPS Vehicles Lite for Third Edition)
TL: 7 Acc: 5+3 Range: 3,300/36,000 EWt: 2,820/40 RoF: 1 Shots: 1(6) ST: 72M Bulk: -15 Rcl: 10 LC: 1
Fires APFSDS (6dx24(2) pi++), HEAT (6dx6(10) cr ex with 6dx4 cr ex linked), HESH (6dx16(0.5) pi++ with 6dx6 cr ex)
Kurganmashzavod BMP-2 (Russia, 1980-present)
The BMP-2 was introduced in 1980 in response to various flaws found in its revolutionary predecessor, the BMP-1. The low-pressure 73mm gun of the BMP-1 was replaced by a 30mm autocannon, while the 9M14 Malyusha anti-tank guided missile was replaced with a launcher for either the 9M111 Fagot or 9M113 Konkurs missiles. The BMP-2 was heavily produced not only in the Soviet Union, but also in India and the former Czechoslovakia. It was also exported widely throughout the world.
The BMP-2, while an aging weapons platform, remains one of the most numerous and effective IFVs in service. Its autocannon provides powerful support for the infantry squad that it carries, while the anti-tank missile provides some form of protection against more heavily armoured vehicles.
The gunner is positioned in the main turret and fires a 30mm Tulamash 2A42 autocannon with 500 rounds (340 HEI, 160 APDS). A KMZ PKT (use stats for KMZ PK, HT p.134) with 2,000 rounds is mounted coaxially, with two three-shot smoke dischargers facing the turret front (two reloads). The gunner has a 4.75x day sight (+2 Acc). At night, the gunner uses a 5x image-intensifying sight (+2 Acc and Night Vision 7) with an IR searchlight (0.2 mile range). Turret rotation takes two Ready manoeuvres per facing.
The commander also rides in the turret. He has a 4.75x day sight (+2 Vision) for observation, along with a high-angle 1.2x/4x sight for observing aerial targets (+2 Vision), while at night, he uses a 4x image-intensifying sight (+2 Acc and Night Vision 7) with an IR searchlight (0.5 mile range). He operates a scrambled radio (12-mile range). A launcher for the 9M111 Fagot or 9M113 Konkurs anti-tank guided missile is mounted on the turret roof between the gunner's and commander's hatches on an external mount.
The driver sits in the body. For night-time driving, one of the day periscopes can be replaced with an active/passive night-vision scope with an IR headlight (70-yard range). A smokescreen can be generated by either injecting fuel into the exhaust manifold or using the six grenade projectors mounted on the turret.
Up to seven passengers may also sit in the body behind the turret. They may fire their personal weapons through firing ports on the side and rear of the vehicle: three on either side of the hull and one on the left door.
Top and underside armour is DR 17. The turret has DR 85 on the front, DR 65 on the sides, DR 42 on the back and DR 17 on the top.
TL: 8 ST/HP: 123 Hnd: -3/5 HT: 12f Move: 2/20 LWt: 15.2 Load: 2 SM: +4 Occ.: 3+7S DR: 95/50 Range: 370 Locations: 2CtX [1]
[1] Higher DR is for body front; lower DR is for body sides
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2017.08.14 17:36 BotSpeaks Indian Army and Anti-Tank Guided Missiles

A shorter version (reduced by 97.0%) can be found on IndiaSpeaks.
This is an extended summary, original article can be found here

Extended Summary:

Indian Army and Anti-Tank Guided Missiles.
India has selected the Israeli made 3rd generation, Fire and Forget (F&F) Spike-MR anti-tank guided missile for equipping its infantry.
The $1 billion deal covers purchase of 321 missile launchers, 8,456 missiles and 15 training simulators.
In fact, if news reports are to be believed, final integration of missile produced by Kalyani Rafael Advanced Systems (KRAL) will be done by Bharat Dynamics Limited.
These are: Indian Army till a decade back had dedicated ATGM Battalions.
A 2012 report in Indian Express by noted defense analysts Mandeep Singh Bajwa, gives the following details about this battalion: The 17 Guards, popularly known as the Tankbusters, was raised as an ATGM (anti-tank guided missile) battalion and leaders in the induction of new technology and weaponry, something which the top brass was at that time loath to initiate with regard to the Poor Bloody Infantry (PBI).
These were effectively used for bunker-bursting, providing much-needed fire support capacity to the battalions they were embedded with.
Missiles operated by each of the above platforms is as under: Milan-2 is a French 2nd-generation (SACLOS - Semi-automatic command-to-line-of-sight) man-portable ATGM which is produced in India by Bharat Dynamics Limited (BDL).
Initially, Milan-1 was the mainstay ATGM of the infantry.
General Staff Qualitative Requirement (GSQR) for Milan-2T was issued in 2003 and after some drama symptomatic of working of Defense Public Sector Undertakings (DPSU), order was placed for 4,100 missiles in 2008.
Instead of two shaped charged warheads back-to-back, it has a small sharped charge at end of the probe (in addition to main sharped charge warhead) to improve armor penetration.
1 kg while the French made tripod with guidance unit weighs about 14 Kg.
More on it later.
The report also speak of 1 x long range and 1 x short range ATGM launchers for battalions in mountain warfare role.
So, an infantry battalion in plains has 8 x 6 = 48 missiles in its inventory.
The Konkur-M missiles are discussed in subsequent section.
Fourth and fight picture show Milan missile mounted on FLAME launcher.
Konkur-M (NATO reporting name - AT-5b Spandrel) which is the current ATGM on BMP-2 is further development of AT-4 and utilizes a similar tripod launcher.
(b) FLAME-V: Mounted version which can fire both Milan-2 and Konkur-M/AT-5B missile and which can also be used in dismounted role.
The Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI) in it arms trade register documents a 2003 deal for supply of 250 launchers and 3,000 Kornet-E missiles.
A missile like Kornet with heavy cum specialized warhead (thermobaric) will be able to take out the kind of fortified structures encountered during Kargil War.
It is not clear at present which arm - infantry or mechanized infantry - employs this potent missile.
1) Missile details 9M113 Kornet (NATO reporting name: AT-14 Spriggan) is a heavy laser-beam riding ATGM which is meant to destroy the most well armoured tanks.
The missile system consists of 9P163-1 portable launcher with 1P45-1 Sight Tracker, mechanical drives to steer the missile and 1PN79-1 Thermal Imager..
The missile weighs 29 kg with tube and the whole launcher with missile weights in excess of 50 Kg.
Kornet-E is not exactly a man-portable system it can be carried short-distance by a 2-man crew but needs a vehicle for longer range movement.
(source: internet) It represents a very potent missile against any armor BMP-2 has a single ATGM launcher mounted on the roof between the commander and gunners hatch.
The missile launchefiring post is capable of 360 degree rotation and -5 to +15 degree elevation.
Though, missile reload requires gunnecommander to expose himself.
The main difference between the two missiles is presence a probe in front of the missile and tandem High Explosive Anti-Tank (HEAT) warheads.
The presence of probe and tandem warhead helps to defeat the Explosive Reactive Armor (ERA) on modern tank and improve armor penetration.
The probe is extended and missile is ejected.
As per a report by Stockholm International Peace Research Institutes (SIPRI) arms transfer database, Russia had supplied 7,000 missiles by 2015.
Each RAPID had 1 x Armored Brigade+ 2 x Infantry Brigades.
There were initially four RAPID (14, 18, 24 and 36 RAPID) but the same number now stands at 6 with 4 and 12 infantry divisions having converted to RAPID.
R&S battalions come in two variants which I think is driven by terrain and operational requirements.
This is the same battalion which converted from pure ATGM role to R&S role.
be/G4otByrUW_s The T-90 'Bhishma' tank of the Indian Army has the capability to fire an anti-tank missile through its main gun..
This missile is called as Invar (NATO reporting name: AT-11B 'Sniper'.
Details about the missile from fofanov.
ua: "The 9K119M Refleks-M (AT-11 SNIPER-B) is a guided weapons system launched from the 2A46M main gun of T-80 and T-90 MBTs.
The 9K119M uses the 9M119M missile.
Due to high cost of the system, usually only elite regiments shall have the missiles in a loadout.
Of these, 10,000 missiles were to come from Russia while BDL is to manufacture balance 15,000 missiles.
Another squadron is likely to be raised soon under Eastern Command followed by third under Northern Command.
It should enter service in few years and IA seems to be looking for 114 machines.
However, the final development phase of HELINA seems to be taking longer than expected.
But there seems to be no movement on this purchase request at the moment.
If this induction happens, it will bring with it another type of air-launched ATGM, the famous Hellfire missile.
It is a 3rd Generation, Fire-and-Forget missile, top-attack missile which uses Imaging Infrared (IIR) seeker.
It has no prior equivalence in the Indian Army and when inducted, it will represent addition of new anti-tank capability.
Further, the missile is top-attack which means it attacks the top section of a tanks turret, a place with weakest armour ensuring effective kill.
The Recce & Support (R&S) battalions of the army are likely to be the first candidate for these missiles.
It is being developed for use abroad the WSI-Dhruv/Rudra and Light Combat Helicopter.
As the missile gets closer to the target area, the missile seeker pics up the target(s).
Post this, the gunner can either guide the missile himself to the target or missile does so autonomously.
In June 2014, the missile was fired from Rudra helicopter and achieved 7 km range from airborne platform.
Instead, the exhaust will now pass through the body of the missile and exit from the rear..
Canon-Launched Guided Missile.
The kill mechanism with CLGM is tandem high explosive anti-tank warhead.
Missile caliber is 120mm and guidance is laser-beam riding SACLOS.
While a lighter 14.
5 kg).
There is no further news about the missile.
There is no further news about the missile.
During the year, design configuration has been finalized and reviewed.
On 29th August 2015, Bharat Dynamics Limited (BDL) and Defence Research and Development Organization (DRDO) have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for Joint Development of 3rd Generation Man-Portable Anti Tank Guided Missiles (MPATGM) leading to its subsequent production for the Indian Army.
The laser it receives is gathered at the rear part of the missile.
This gives good shoot-and-scoot opportunity to the missile fire unit.
In pure number terms, the total requirement is in excess of 85,000 missiles of different types.
CLGM mentioned above has the attributes to be this replacement.
Considering that Konkur-M are going strong, I think domestic R&D establishment still has some time on their hand to offer a credible solution for this requirement.
But even this seems absurd.
Between infantry's long range ATGM requirement and BMP-2 upgrade, CLGM/CLGM derived missile has the potential to tap the biggest segment of ATGM in the army.
And it seems the T-72 main gun (2A46M) is also likely to be updated with T-90 main gun (2A46-M5).
It remains to be see whether DRDO bites the bullet and delivers a new missile for T-90/T-72 fleet or India goes for missile from abroad.
The missile is capable of defeating any present or future tank which is likely to see service on western or eastern borders.
The Army Aviation Corp (AAC) is slated for massive expansion, especially in the attack helicopter domain.
And for the Indian Army to ensure good does not become the enemy of the best and that it works closely with the R&D establishment to work on this road-map..

Stats For Nerds:

Original Length 25741
Summary Length 8697
Summary Ratio: 66.21
If I am not working properly, please contact Blackbird-007 or send a message to moderators of /IndiaSpeaks.
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2016.10.30 08:19 gijose41 A Theoretical Ukrainian Nation

I know you guys don't like the "Wouldn't it be cool if we had this nation!", so I went ahead and put some actual thought into this post and a lot of time. here it is:

TLDR: Old Russia Recycled, lots of cool tanks and IFVs with a decent mix of Soviet vintage with modernized cool shit. Terrible airforce and weak recon section.

and maybe some nazis...
It's fall break, I'm bored. Here is something similar to what the Ukrainian military would look like as a nation in wargame. In order to give a frame of reference, i'll be mentioning units in the current wargame that give a similar role to these proposed Ukrainian units. So here we go.
  • Command Vehicles:
    • I haven't been able to find much information on command cars, but i assume they would have a generic UAZ command car that would fill the role of a 100 point cheap command unit
    • BTR-4KSH: 140 point command armored, wheeled, amphibious command unit. Based off of the domesitically designed and produced BTR-4 chassis. This is inline with the ASLAV and other similar command units, probably 2 front and side armor with a .50 cal KT-12,7 (ukraininan NSV)
    • BTR-60R: 130-125 point armored, wheeled, amphibious command unit. this could be any of half a dozen or so command vehicles based on the BTR-60 chassis. Basically the same vehicle as the SPW-60(S) in the E-german deck. 1 armor all around, 14.5mm KVPT or unarmed depending on the variant
    • AT105C 120 point armored, wheeled command unit. From what I could find, the Ukrainians are using the Saxon APCs they received are currently being used as command post vehicles. 1 armor all around, .50 cal or KT-12,7
    • BMP-1K: 130 point armored, tracked, amphibious command unit. Same as BMP-1K found in game, GROM and Maltyuka or unarmed, as it seems like the BMP-1K is supposed to be unarmed as well...
    • T-64BVK: 170-180 points, heavily armored command tank. This would have ~17 frontal armor, standard gun and maybe missiles.
    • T-80UDK: 200 point, extremely heavily armored prototype command tank. 20 front armor like the T-80UK, much better autonomy due to having a diesel engine instead of turbine
    • you could also probably put in the BMD-1K or BMD-2K, BMP-2K but those would be kind of redundant. Other potential command tanks include the T-64AK, T-80AK or the T-80UK. Sources aren't very clear if the Ukraine has those or not, but they most likely do.
  • Logistics Units
    • FOB: what deck would be complete without one? a tactical one...
    • MTP-LB: 10 point armored, amphibious, tracked supply unit. Ukraine has thousands of these things and they are probably used in the supply role like in the russian deck.
    • KrAZ 5233BE: Basic 20 point wheeled supply unit, they could also get the basic soviet URAL set, but this adds a bit more flavor to the faction.
    • KrAZ 6322: 30-40 point heavy wheeled supply unit, similar to the Tatra 815 in role.
    • MI-8: Basic 35 point heli supply unit
    • MI-26: 110 point Heavy supply helo, could go either way as i'm not sure any of these are actually flying anymore
  • Anti-Aircraft
    • Strela-3: 10 points. same as russian Strela-3, if we're going for the extended timeline, probably wouldn't be in service, AK-47 as other weapon
    • Igla-2M: 20 points. Wikipedia calls this the Igla-2, but from what i could uncover, it's a ukrainian upgrade of the igla. Increased range over the Igla-1N but decreased HE. AK-74
    • Stinger F: top of the line MANPAD, probably 25-30 points. Based off of the refusal to sell MANPADs to ukraine, if this deal would have gone through, Ukraine would probably have the newest model of Stinger in their inventory. AK-74
  • Anti-Tank
    • Corsar: Domestic Ukrainian replacement of the 9K11 Fagot. 20 points, 2 man team, SACLOS, 2,450 m range, 20 AP power, 55% accuracy. Also armed with AK-74s +
    • Skif: domestic replacement of the konkurs, can either be equipped with a 130mm missile or a 152mm missile. As there don't seem to be any other 152mm missiles given to infantry (that would mean TOW infantry), i'll assume the 130mm missile. 25 points 5 man team, SACLOS, 55% accuracy, 2625 m range, 23 AP, AK-74s
  • Commando
    • Spetznaz: Standard spetznaz of most former SSRs, Elite training, 10 size. Armed with the Fort 221 (IWI Tavor clone), RPG-29 (as on the VDV '90) or RPG-26 (as on the czech recon special forces '90) and the Fort 401 (IWI negev version)
  • Fire Support
    • CorsaSKIF FS: Both the Corsar and the SKIF have HE warheads available, so it'd be up to eugen to choose if one gets put to FS. 20 points, 5 man team, SACLOS, 55% accuracy, 2275m range, ~10 AP, 2-3 HE depending on if thermobaric or not, AK-74s.
    • UAG-40: Ukrainian AGL unit, AGS-17 that uses NATO grenades basically. clone of Czech and Isreali AGL units stat wise. AK-74s or potentially Fort-221
  • Light Infantry
    • i don't really have anything for the light infantry. You could have the Azov Battalion here, but their current role is more recon based.
    • Another option is the Ukrainian Mountain Infantry (aka Gornostrelki). based off of the 10th Mountain Assault Brigade, this would be a shock unit based off of their higher pay and "Assault" monicore. 10 man, AKS-74U, Corsar (as it's also a replacement for the Metis-M) or SPG-9, RPK-74 or PKM as KM-7.62. Not too sure on pricing, this unit could be shock and just have SPG-9 at 20 points or regular and have Corsar at 30 points
  • Reserve
    • NGU Basic Militia infantry. National Guardsmen and militias of the Ukrainian ministry of internal affairs. Armed with AKM, RPG-7 and no MG. 5 point cost and comes in either MT-LB, BTR-60 or Ural Truck
  • Rifle
    • Mekhanizovani: Everyone's favorite bog standard mechanized/motorized infantry. 10 points. AK-74, RPG-7 (with improved warheads), KM-7.62 (PKM). Lots of interesting transports to be covered later
    • Tankovi: Guards armored shock troops. Dedicated mechanized force of the Ukrainian army. These units would come in mostly tracked IFVs to keep up with the tanks. Shock and 10 man, armed with AK-74s, RPG-18 or 26 and RPK-74
    • VDV: otherwise known in the Ukraine as Airmobile Brigades. Shock and 10 man. Armed with AKS-74, RPG-26, and RPKS-74. Transports include BMD-1s, BMD-2s (with Barrier ATGM), BTR-80, various MI-8s, and a PT-76 that has a ZSU-23-2 attatched to it
    • Naval Infantry: Ukrainian Marines, similar to the Russian Marines, the Ukrainian units are made of volunteers. Shock and 15 man crew. Comes in Helicopters, IFVs, and APCs. 25 points and armed with AK-74, RPG-7VR, RPK-74
  • Air Defense: Gun:
    • ZSU-23-4, no idea which version. Russian and not export , potentially upgraded
    • ZSU-23-2, probably on either a URAL truck or a KrAZ
    • Tunguska M1: Everyone's favorite apache killer. same as soviet Tunguska M1
  • Air Defense: Missile:
    • Buk M1: same as soviet. extra accuracy against airliners /s
    • BRDM-2 Strela-1: same as russian
    • MT-LB Strela-10M: Same as russian, potentially upgraded with the Igla-2m from earlier allowing a greater range and higher accuracy
    • 9k33 OSA-AKM: i'm beggining to see a pattern...
    • 9k330 TOR: Same as russian, fun
    • Kvadrat-2D: Upgraded Ukrainian KUB variant
  • Artillery: MLRS:
    • Short Range Ballistic Missiles: a few options here in the interest of flavor, Saspan, Korshun-2, OTR-21 Tochka, and Luna-M. wouldn't be added unless russia proper gets them
    • BM-30 Smerch: Said to be the Ukraine's best defense against the russians, same as russian counterpart
    • BM-27 Urugan: same deal as smerch
    • BM-21K/U: BM-21 on a new KrAZ chassis. Potentially increased accuracy due to inclusion of GPS for use in navigation and targeting.
    • BM-21M: BM-21 on a new extended chassis with an on board reload of rockets, similar to RM-70. also found it called the Bastion-2
  • Artillery: Howitzer:
    • 2S19 Msta-s: same as russian
    • 2S3 Akatsiya: same as russian
    • 2S1 Gvozdika: Same as russian
    • Otaman SPG: new development a 6x6 wheeled armored chassis with the 122 gun from the Gvozdika. 65-70 points
    • 2S7 Pion: same as russian, currently used for artillery support while remaining outside the borders of the Minsk Agreement.
  • Artillery: Mortar:
    • 2S9 Nona: same as russian
    • BTR-3M2: BTR-3 with a 120mm mortar
    • Otaman 8x8 mortar: link 8x8 version of the Otaman with a 120mm mortar
    • MT-LB Podnos: same as russian, Ukraine has so many i'd be suprised if they didn't have this
    • MT-LB Vasilek: Not sure if the ukrainians have this specifically, but they have the Vasilek and tons of MT-LBs
  • T-64 Line:
    • T-64B: same as russian
    • T-64BV: Same as russian
    • T-64BV1: same as russian
    • T-64E: Link Upgraded T-64BV. Has increased composite armor aswell as Duplet ERA. Can also be fitted with Varta (Ukrainian version of Shtora) and Zaslon Active protection sytems. Interestingly, this tank can come with a GSH-23L aircraft cannon in a turret or a 12.7mm MG and 40mm GL. new engine, but not as powerful as later upgrades
    • T-64B1M : Link upgraded T-64B1. same armor as T-64BM but with a much worse FCS and inability to launch missiles
    • T-64BM2: not much info outside of wiki, more powerful engine, new fire control, new autoloader and can use ATGMs. Protected by Kontakt-5
    • T-64U: again, not much info, new fire control as found on T-84/T-80U. better optics, Kontakt-5
    • T-64BM: Link T-64B brought up to T-84 standard with the addition of Nozh Reactive armor, a more powerful engine, optics, and the T-84s FCS. can fire KOMBAT ATGM, which is like the Kobra or Svir ATGM of russian origin but with increased range and accuracy.
    • T-64 Unmanned(?): link don't know the real designation of this or if its even real, but this is a t-64 with an unmanned turret and the crew moved into the hull, could be modeled as increased strength as well as armor. Probably has Oplot-M FCS if not better and increased armor. However this is most likely a mixture of Photoshop and some strong hallucinogens
  • T-72 line:
    • T-72B1: same as russian
    • T-72UA1: link has Kontakt-1 on the hull and Nozh on the turret and a new engine. No gun launched missile. low accuracy and stabalizers due to lack of updated FCS
  • T-80/T-84 line
    • T-80U: Same as russian
    • T-80UD: Link basically a T-80U with longer range, could be used in place of T-80U
    • T-84: Link T-80 with many of the features of the T-90. Increased armor, Shtora (or Ukrainian Varta) and a better engine then the T-80U/UD. The T-84 has a really high HP/ton ratio, so high offroad speed.
    • T-84U: Increased armor again with the addition of Kontakt-5 instead of Kontakt-1 armor on the T-84. Increased side armor due to side skirts. increased accuracy and stabilizers due to addition of muzzle reference system
    • T-84 Oplot: link different turret then previous T-84, represented by increased armor. Uses Ukrainian KOMBAT gun launched ATGM, probable FCS improvements. There is also a new autoloader (bustle mounted) which can be represented as increased ROF
    • T-84 Oplot-M: Link Top of the line Ukrainian Tank. Nozh-2/Duplet ERA, Zalson APS, Varta, 300 extra horsepower in the engine and an increase in optics.
  • Vehicles:
    • recon vehicles are usually hard to research as they aren't as glamorous. Here's what i can find.
    • BRM-4K: recon variant of the BTR-4, seems to have a bmp-2 turret. Very good optics
    • BRM-1K: standard russian affair.
    • BRDM-2: standard russian
    • BRDM-2DI "Khazar": Improved optics (very good-excellent) and engine
    • BTR-94: link an upgrade to the btr-80 with a battlefield radar and a 23x2mm cannon on top. Excellent optics and increased armor
    • BMP-1 Recon: Excellent optics as it has an artillery radar, otherwise same as russian
    • BMP-2K
    • AN/TPQ-48: Humvee mounted artillery finding radar, excellent optics
  • Helicopters:
    • Mi-2MSB-V: new engines with better efficiency (longer range) and slightly more power. Very good optics, armed with a 40mm grenade launcher and 12x 80mm rockets along with a 7.62 mg. has an IR spoofer image source
    • Mi-8MTV-1 modernization: sketchy info at best, Very-good to excellent optics and improved armor. Has IR spoofers
    • H125: unarmed light recon heli seen in several current wargame nations
  • Infantry:
    • Azov Battalion: everyone's favorite maybe neo-nazis. Shock or Elite, potential of giving them the MZ-15 as a bit of flavor
    • DPSU: Ukrainian border guards, 5 man, very good, regular training, AKM or AK-74
    • you could also have some spetznaz units, but kind of redundant
  • I guess i'll put transports in here, as i don't know what else to put...
  • IFVs:
    • BMP-1: surpise, same as russian
    • BMP-1U: has new turret with a 30mm cannon, grenade launcher, and twin Barrier atgms
    • BMP-2: lots of possible variants, little info though.
    • BMP-2I: link Ukrainian upgrade of India's BMP-2s. Increased engine power, new turret as found on BMP-1U (i think).
    • BMD-1: same as russian
    • BMD-2: same as russian.
    • BTR-60PB: same as russian..
    • Otaman 6x6: Ukrainian IFV of modern style, no real information on armament other then that an IFV and APC version are available in addition to the 122mm armed one shown earlier in the artillery branch. the Otaman 6x6 is on a new chassis and can be fitted with stanag level 4 protection, while the 8x8 version that is based on the BTR-60 cannot take the extra weight source. I put the 6x6 as an IFV here as it would be able to be more heavily armed and armored
    • BTR-70: same as russian...
    • BTR-80: same as russian.... used by marine units
    • BTR-3U: link upgrade of BTR-80. Shkval turret as found on BMP-1U, amphibious
    • BTR-4: link Newly designed (but taking many queues from soviet designs) IFV/APC of the Ukrainian Military. Base version is armed with a single 7.62mm machine gun and would have the equivelent of 1 armor all around. Amphibious
    • BTR-4MV Shkval: the BTR-4 is a very modular design, so this variant would be one with extra cage armor and mounting the Shkval turret as found on the BMP-1U. 2 side armor but 1 front.
    • BTR-4E Grom: BTR-4 armed with a 30mm cannon, grenade launcher, and 4 Barrier ATGMs. Increased frontal armor. 3 front armor, 1 sides and rear. Amphibious but slower
    • VARAN-30: Another ifv Generic configuration. 30mm gun, 2 ATGMs. Not much info other then this link
  • APCs
    • MT-LB: same as russian, they have thousands of these. Potential upgrades, but no conclusive info
    • BTR-D: Same as russian, used in airborne forces in limited quantity
    • KrAZ Spartan: MRAP type wheeled APC. 12.7mm
    • KhMDB Dozor-B: Another wheeled APC, canceled due to cost overruns and delays
    • Otaman 8x8: Modernized BTR-60 into a 8x8 apc of a modern configuration, no real information on armor or armament, but i'd assume a 12.7mm machine gun and light armor
  • Heavy IFVs
    • The Ukrainian Defense Industry has had some interesting developments in this area, mostly to attract export sales but also some for domestic use
    • BMP-64: link Heavy Infantry Fighting Vehicle based off of the T-64 chassis. protection against 105mm shells from the front and armed with a 30mm cannon, grenade launcher, and twin ATGMs. For game balance, you could probably remove the grenade launcher and potentially replace it with a GSH-23L aircraft cannon.
    • BMPV-64: link Similar to the BMP-64, the BMPV has Nozh ERA and can ether be fitted with a single 30mm cannon or a single 12.7mm MG. Less armor then the BMP-64
    • BMP-K-64: This vehicle is really interesting. It's a T-64 hull put on the chassis of a btr-80 creating a heavily armored, wheeled IFV. Armed with a 12.7mm MG but can probably be fitted with one of the many turrets that Ukraine produces.
    • BMT-72: Troop carrying modernization of the T-72 with a better engine, Nozh ERA and Vatra. Apparently it also has the turret of the T-80UD...
    • BTMP-84: Troop carrying variant of the T-84 Oplot. Very heavily protected and heavily armed
  • Tank Destroyers:
    • BRDM-2 Konkurs: could be equipped with Barrier ATGM, otherwise similar to the old russian vehicle
    • KrAZ Spartan TD: Armored Ford F-550 with a RWS equipped with 4 Korsar ATGMs. Could be replaced in the transport section by the KrAZ Kuguar
  • Mi-8 transport of some variant, i haven't been able to find much info. Probably also have Mi-17
  • MI-24G: AKA the Super-Hind mk.4. The Super Hind was developed by Denel Aviation and apparently with assistance from the "Konotop-based Aviation Repair “Aviakon” works facility".
  • MI-24PU-1: Another Ukrainian modernization of the Hind-P with improved engines increasing speed, Improved avionics and targetting system, and a IR jamming system. The PU-1 (ha) is equipped with a 30mm cannon, the AR-8L 80mm guided rocket, and the either Stugna-P missile or the Barrier-V
  • MI-8MSB-W: upgraded engines for increased range and speed, improved countermeasures and armor. 12.7mm nose machine gun, 80 mm rockets, Barrier-V Missile. Also has the potential to mount Igla missiles or grenade launching pods
  • VV-2: An extremely small and light helo that probably can't take much of an armament. This could also go in the recon section. Suggested armament: Cannon pod and either some AA missiles or the Stugna-p, or even the AR-8L guided rocket.
Air Force
hahaha what airforce?
  • Su-24M: potential SEAD or ATGM aircraft, though the current ukrainian airforce seems to lack the munitions
  • Su-25M1: SU-25 with minor avionics upgrades
  • Su-27: apparently 4 variants to choose from, although i have no idea what they do... UB1M, UP1M, S1M and P1M.
  • Su-30MK: this is probably the biggest stretch on the entire list. Several Ukrainian factories apparently worked on the avionics for the SU-30MK and that arms exporter i linked earlier has overhaul and modernization plans for the SU-30MK, so the potential for Ukrainian AF SU-30MKs are there, just extremely slim...
  • Mig-29: Mig-29MU1 upgrade with improved radar (ASF), they also have A, S, and UB models.
  • L-39M1: L-39 with improved eingines
  • they also have a variety of new munitions as found in this link from a Ukrainian Arms exporter
Welp, that took forever to research and write up. Let me know if i missed anything and let me know what you think of this style of post. Should I continue to do this in the future?
Also, shoutout to the mods Wargame: Crimean Escalation and Wargame: Ashes and Shadows (sadly defunct for the time being) for giving me the inspiration for writing this up.
submitted by gijose41 to wargame [link] [comments]

2016.08.17 10:52 HateSimon Konkurs - Burning Images [VV003]

Konkurs - Burning Images [VV003] submitted by HateSimon to Techno [link] [comments]

2016.06.28 01:29 kingabdullah Rebels post images of spoils taken from Regime forces during the battles in Latakia, includes Konkurs ATGM and AGS-179

Rebels post images of spoils taken from Regime forces during the battles in Latakia, includes Konkurs ATGM and AGS-179 submitted by kingabdullah to syriancivilwar [link] [comments]

2016.05.03 15:40 ShutUpWoodsie Official Aleppo Thread

OK, a lot is going on in Aleppo. Reports claim that in the past hour that fighting has resumed in the West of the city. Jaysh al Tahrir, Faylaq al-Sham, Jaysh al Mujahideen, and Jaysh al-Nasr have launched an offensive called " معركة الثأر لشهداء حلب" or "Revenge for Aleppo's Martyr's". A lot is still unconfirmed. This thread will be updated over the next few days. Clashes with IS in the Northern countryside are will be added when time allows. Right now the focus is on the breakdown of the ceasefire. This post will not be comprehensive by any means, as you will see, there is an inherent selection bias for groups with active media arms.
Update: Prior assertions appear to be incorrect. Faylaq al-Sham/Sham Legion are participating in the fighting.
Jaysh al-Sunnah, Jabhat al-Nusra, Turkestan Islamic Party, Jund al-Aqsa, Ajnad al-Sham have launched an offensive against Khan Nouman and the surrounding villages just Southwest of Aleppo. While fighting has been going on here since the end of the official Russian combat operations, this is a major push seemingly to take advantage of the SAA's over-extended supply lines and troops in the governate. HeresWatReallyHappnd is covering that aspect of the fight in this thread
May 3rd. The initial offensive:
(Press Release) Médecins Sans Frontières claims regime forces are targeting hospitals
(Video) Reports of shelling in East Aleppo
(Tweet) Reports of barrel bombs being dropped on East Aleppo neigborhood of Dahret Awwad
(Tweet) Rebels launch offensive in al-Zahara district, set off tunnel bomb on Air Force Intelligence building.
(Map) Location of Air Force Intelligence building in al-Zaharra district: here
(Video Press Release) Jabhat al-Shamiyah (not Sham Front) uses TOW on government fortifications in Aleppo
(Video Press Release) Jaysh al-Tahrir uses TOW on government fortification
(Tweet) Claims Brigadier General Hekmat killed in al-Zahara district clashes in west of city
(Tweet) Claims T-55 destroyed by TOW missile in Haleb/New Aleppo district
(Tweet) Reports of Rebels launching tank assault
(Video Press Release) NDF video of skirmishes today in West Aleppo
(Video Press Release) Levant Front deploys tanks to al-Zahara clashes
(Picture) Students seeking shelter at University of Aleppo
(Map) Location of University of Aleppo: here
(Video Press Release) Harakat Nur al-Deen al-Zenki fire ZU-23 technical at government positions
(Press Release) Jaysh al-Nasr fighters prepping for offensive
(Press Release 2) Jaysh al-Nasr fighters prepping for offensive
(Video Press Release) Harakat Nur al-Deen al-Zenki fire rockets at government positions in Halab/New Aleppo district
(Press Release) Faylaq al-Sham BMPS, technicals and infantry taking part in offensive
(Video Press Release) Faylaq al-Sham fires rockets as part of offensive
(Video Press Release) Faylaq al-Sham fires ZU-23 at government positions in al-Zahara district
(Press Release) Liwa Suqor infantry at amusement park
(Map Press Release) Harakat Nur al-Deen al-Zenki release a map claiming to show frontline
(Video Press Release) Faylaq al-Sham's second video of ZU-23s firing on government positions
(Video Press Release) Harakat Nur al-Deen al-Zenki release video of the assault on 'Family House' amusement park. BMPS and infantry
(Video Press Release) Liwa Suqor release GoPro footage from fighting
(Video Press Release) Liwa Suqor release second GoPro video from fighting
(Press Release) Liwa al-Quds, a pro-government Syrian-Palestinian faction is taking part in the fighting
(Tweet) Claims Shiite militas are moving in to reinforce government positions in Western Aleppo
(Press Release) Harakat Nur al-Deen al-Zenki release photo of T-55 tank involved in fighting
(Video Press Release) Harakat Nur al-Deen al-Zenki release footage of T-55 tank in Western Aleppo
(Video Press Release) Harakat Nur al-Deen al-Zenki show footage of their mortar operations during the offensive
(Tweet) FSA TOW/Konkurs team operating in Aleppo today
May 5th. Two days into the offensive:
(Tweet) Nur al-Deen al-Zenki fire IRAMs in West Aleppo
(Video Press Release) Nur al-Deen al-Zenki firing on government troops in the amusement park
(Video Press Release) Jaysh al-Nasr firing Hell Cannons at government positions
(Video Press Release) Jaysh al-Nasr firing mortars at nighttime
(Video Press Release) Jaysh al-Nasr firing ZU-23 mounted on technical from inside a parking garage
(Video Press Release) Jabhat al-Shamiyah fighting alongside al-Nasr Army. Same ZU-23 mounted technical visible
Related Developments
(Press Release) Jaysh al-Fateh coalition releases their own banner image for a new offensive
(Tweet) Jaysh al-Fateh coalition is planning its own offensive in the coming days
(AFP) UK and France demand emergency session of UN Security Council on situation in Aleppo
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2015.02.04 17:31 scamcop [Money] GreenRazerGamer - 76561198169394427

[Money] PayPal scam or scam attempt

Accused Scammer:
steamname: Mr.Green-Razer Gaming
steam3ID: [U:1:209128699]
steamID32: STEAM_0:1:104564349
Scam Reporter:
steamname: LoLPawlosek KONKURS
steam3ID: [U:1:86013285]
steamID32: STEAM_0:1:43006642
Details of Scam:
Mr.Green scammed me for Karambit Fade Factory New, which i unboxed today. He was nice, talked to me, he got ~4000$ of skins in his inventory, 60 level, i talked with him in steam chat. He offered me 1000$ for my knife, which is normal price for that rare pattern i have (5% gold/90% pink). When i send trade offer he disconnected and deleted me from friends
I would love to get my Karambit Fade back, unboxed it today on my stream, here i am attaching 4 screenshots of the chat and trade offers :<​
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2014.07.20 12:47 provocatio New Eastern Block helicopters

They revealed a couple of new helis yesterday...
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