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[Review] CHRISTIAN DIOR BOBBY & Embroidered Strap rom NON-TS KELLY

2020.10.24 02:11 mrscarr16 [Review] CHRISTIAN DIOR BOBBY & Embroidered Strap rom NON-TS KELLY

• Disclosure – I did not receive nor was I offered anything in exchange for this review • Non-TS Kelly • Whatsapp: +86 18100140127 $318 USD for Bag + 95 USD for strap = Rounded to $400 • Payment method: PayPal • DHL Shipping included in price • 1st Contacted Kelly after seeing u/arianne535 post her QC of the same bag from Kelly: 9/21/2020, Factory photos and color options shown asap • Decided on Camel on with an embroidered strap as well and paid 9/21/2020 • *Noticed my price was a bit higher that u/arianne535’s and Kelly let me know it was due to having to source from a different factory, I found this satisfactory and slept easy • 9/25/2020 – Received PSPs • Reviewed over the weekend, noted some potential issues and wrote Kelly back, she responded quickly and was going to take another video for me and check on a different strap color I was finding more preferential • 10/6/2020 I messaged to ask for update and received immediately and GL’d the bag and strap (note: I believe this was around a holiday so there may have been some gaps/delays bc of this, I wasn’t worried though) • 10/12/2020 I received DHL tracking • 10/19/2020 I received both bag and strap in same box • CCW away – I sure as heck am!
• [My photos]( My Bobby) • [PSP]( PSPs) • [Factory pictures](I only saw a photo of two different colors and I don’t have it now. • [Authentic]( The Auth's I dug Up Around the 'Net) • Dior Link to Auth
Quality – Rating 9/10
Well ladies, I finally pulled the trigger (1st rep –woot woot) on a Christian Dior Bobby in Camel, I am calling it Camel! And I’ve got to say it’s been a small roller coaster of a ride! The ups, the downs, the thrills, the stomach drops… but finally I am able to post and contribute to this community that I adore so much, and for that it’s been worth it! Kelly, a non-TS, I found through u/arianne535, as mentioned above, was wonderful. I have been eyeing items on other TS’s moments and been passing on the photos hoping she can help me. I do think she is a touch pricier, but she is friendly, will discuss options at length, and generally left me feeling very at ease. Which is why any deductions I make, do pain me because the errors I’ve found certainly weren’t for lack of trying on Kelly’s part! Lets start with one of my big 3: the leather! I did have concerns about whether or not the leather looked dry possibly, or not as “coated” as the auth and in one respect I couldn’t have been more wrong and in the other, I was kinda right… The leather is SOFT, very soft, I love that it is so soft because it gives this bag a really luxurious feeling, it also makes me more cautious in handling it, which sadly I rarely am with my bags. I have burn marks on the bottom of Chanel shoppers, paint on a Celine luggage bag – my husband just shakes his head. This feeling of delicate leather I think will make me a more cognizant carrier. Now, I love that the leather is soft – however, I took myself on a little field trip to the Dior boutique yesterday and sadly, it is not in line with the Auth leather, which is much harder – if I tapped my nail on it I would hear a faint “tick”, I wouldn’t attempt that with my bag as I don’t want to damage it. So, I am taking a full point (-1) off for this, if you’ve held the auth, and then held my bag, you’d know… ya know? And while, I’ll address this further under accuracy, I think its worth noting that that harder shell on the auth makes it feel sturdier, and that is especially noticeable at the opening clasp. The next big one for me is glazing, it almost entirely eliminates me even toying with the idea of a Rep LV bc, I wouldn’t be able to handle the glazing being off. Well, on this bag – it’s a huge win! The glazing is GORGEOUS! It’s clean, matches the leather tone and is the approx. correct thickness of the auth. Next up is the hardware – The hardware, feels a bit light, not having the rep in hand to compare while in the boutique, I do believe there is a bit of a difference here. However, this bag feels sturdy, everything is attached with the most beautiful, clean stitching, that makes me very comfortable with its price tag. The dimensions, the suede interior which felt 99% like the auth – super soft and a concern for me during PSP stage- which turned out great – all lend themselves to the 9/10 rating I’m giving. This is solid bag, it will last, it’s beautiful and I am just hoping not too many of my inner circle pick one up so I can continue to carry it for a while! * I needed to edit to add this bag smells really good! Ive never smelled ‘fufu’... and can happily say I still haven’t!*
Accuracy – Rating 8.25/10
Accuracy: see “roller coaster” reference above. As I headed into the Dior boutique yesterday I was feeling ever so confident and truly felt I would go in and leave feeling very vindicated in my most recent purchase. The OPPOSITE happened. I am immediately greeted by an SA, who asks, “What bag are you interested in?” I say I would like to see the Bobby in medium and if he has it in Camel that would be great! This triggered a 5-minute conversation about “Camel” as he directs me to “one of the last CARAMEL” bags they have in. Words-schmerds, this wouldn’t concern me what they’re calling it as long as it was a fair resemblance to mine… however, it was NOT. The bag he showed me shows nearly identically to the deep, reddish brown photos we shared around and I even discussed with Kelly, worried that maybe the rep was too light. My heart sank. I inquired further, “do you have a lighter shade? This throws so much red, I was hoping for a more neutral tone?” “No,” he INSISTS this is the ONLY “caramel” the company has made– I try to correct to ‘camel’ and am cut off. Well, color me disappointed and walk my ass home…to where I begin a spiral search for every image I can get my hands on of an auth CD Bobby! And Ladies, I found a few… there is absolutely a Camel out there in the wild – and I am very concerned that the NYC boutique wouldn’t know this, but am quick to forgive because my blood pressure went back to normal...
Moving on from this, the measurements are a bit off, my bag measures 9” wide and ~7.25” tall. Auth is 22cm x 17cm ( 8.6” x 6.69”) (-.25) The interior stamp (‘Christian Dior, Paris’), suede, stitching and pocket shape and position are all correct or close enough for me. The date stamp looks good enough, its super hard to see non the less get a pic of, so either way, I’m good with it. The ‘Montaigne’ stamp in back looks properly placed and is dense enough for my liking. The stitching, strap length (regardless that its not correctly made) all look good. My next real issue with the accuracy is the tone of the hardware. Mine looks too rosy. And again, on Dior’s website, it looks to me like they are offering rose gold hardware, well, low and behold after my field trip, I found, in fact they are not. All of the Bobby’s I saw in store yesterday and the auth’s I’ve seen on line are yellow gold. My embroidered strap hardware is yellow gold and I see a tonal difference between the two. My husband claims its slight, but I think if I saw this, I would question it (in my mind of course, I’m not a crazy person, regardless of what the length of this review is currently pointing to!). For this I am taking off .5 for this. The leather as I mentioned in quality, while nice leather, isn’t close enough to the auth, or really within that margin of error I was hoping for. I am taking a full point (-1) off for this. I will say, fortunately, the leather is buttery and therefor does throw off sheen, which, if no one touched my bag, at a glance wouldn’t necessarily be able to tell the difference. I ordered leather honey and haven’t even applied yet, because I am that happy with the feel of the leather. It’s just the hardness that is off.
Satisfaction – Rating 9/10
With all of this being said, I will be wearing this bag, maybe not out with my auth-loving girlfriends or to the boutique, but it deserves love, regardless of its “flaws”. I also am a true believer, once a bag shows a little “love”, you’d have a hard time calling out a rep from an auth, so maybe some slight wear and tear will make me feel even more confident in wearing the bag. With the strap being wrong, and I being tall, I could have really used that strap, so that is a bummer. (for anyone who missed this- I didn’t know the strap was made correctly until after I posted!) All else stated, I loved working with Kelly; I do LOVE the style of the bag and am a happy customer. Ohh, I didn’t even mention that the boxes and packaging were such a nice touch. If the address didn’t show China, I think my husband would not have been convinced I didn’t order straight from the Dior boutique. The dust bags aren’t exact, but I don’t care and would certainly not take that into consideration with my ratings.
Seller Communication and Service - Rating 10/10
Kelly responds so quickly! She answers what I ask; she’s either a native English speaker or has been speaking it long enough that her conversational English is superb and really pleasant. I had asked about a potential stain I was seeing in the PSPs and she was happy to confirm the bag was in fact not damaged. I also ended up switching out my strap at the last minute and she was very accommodating. She was open about the increase cost in my bag and has since been helpful with other potential future purchases. What more do you want out of a seller?
QUICK Review of Embroidered Strap:
9.5/10 for Accuracy/Quality 10/10 for Satisfaction
Auth Link: Dior Link Mine: My Strap
I won’t fully review this, as I didn’t handle the auth in the store. The color variation of the linen side makes judging whether mine is too gray or not… I’m going to blissfully believe it is! I did measure and it is accurate to the auth. The leather, and hardware are STURDY, lovely and I am very happy with them. My view of the colors on line vs. mine looks within the realm of correct. My embroidery looks accurate. I eyed a book tote at the Dior boutique and their lettering is SHARP – looks so good, mine is likely a little less so, -25. The ends of my strap are pilling, I do think this will stop, but I do not think this would happen with the auth, I keep pulling the little cotton bits away but they keep forming, hoping this stops. I maaay try clear nail polish to seal the ends…(-.25) The metal appliques are firmly attached to the strap and from what I can tell in the right places – yay! I have used this strap already once and its firm and sturdy and ooooh so stylish.
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2020.10.23 01:23 hypel0rd How do we get a TopGoyard seller?

Hey repfam, hope all is good. I was wondering if there is anything that we can do to find/request/create a top Goyard seller. I don’t know if that makes sense, but hear me out. We have sellers that have mastered Louis, Gucci, Chanel, and others to a point of them being nearly identical. Of course there are minor differences here and there, but these are minor imperfections with the interior stamp or date code, aesthetically it looks about identical to the authentic counterpart. How can have this for Goyard? Do we just ask a seller to find a factory and prove that there is demand for Goyard? I know Pink has some solid Goyard stuff, but I just spent 2 weeks QC’ing 2 Goyard wallets and ended up just going for the last ones she gave me, even though majority of the Y’s weren’t touching and overlapping and the stamping was not clealight like on an authentic. Same goes for the Boeing duffle, the handles and shape don’t come close to the authentic. How cool would it be to also have them make Goyard watch boxes, cigar holders, all that good stuff? I know I’m getting carried away lol, so let’s start with getting the canvas right. What do you guys think?
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2020.10.22 22:48 jimbobfender [FS][UK] REP Chanel Triple White Runners UK9, Saint Laurent Dino Jumper, Saint Laurent Stripe Jumper, RETAIL Alexander McQueen Denim and Leather jacket

Tagged, Timestamped and dated photo:
CHANEL WHITE RUNNERS [UK Sz 9] - £80 inc UK PostageI bought these m2m about 2 days ago after them being my grail sneaker for a good while. Sadly ya boi was a little overzealous on thinking he could fit into a size 9 and not wanting to end up like Jen in the IT Crowd I'm going to have to send these fire sneakers off to greener and more size niner pastures. To put sizing into context I'm usually between a 9 and a 10 for most sneakers and these were just a little bit too snug a 9 for me. They look absolutely incredible and were brand new from the user I bought them from. I wore them this evening for one walk around London (hence the bottoms are used) and just couldn't live with the slight tightness. I paid £90 posted but seeing as I've worn them I've knocked off £10. Grab some heat because of my mistake boys
SAINT LAURENT DINO JUMPER [OVERSIZED SMALL OR DECENT MEDIUM] - £45 inc UK PostageOnce again another beautiful piece that was a grail of mine but turned out to be too small for me. This jumper is mis-labelled an XL but god damn, it's probably a medium. I was sold it on m2m again as a large but unless you like that tight SLP fit I'd recommend being a medium. Not worn and absolutely beautiful!
SAINT LAURENT STRIPED JUMPER [MEDIUM] - £35 inc UK PostageI bought this one from Peltiano and it's gorgeously soft. I've worn it quite a bit so there's some bobbling, hence the price. It's still got a huge amount of life in it and perfect for winter
RETAIL - ALEXANDER MCQUEEN DENIM JACKET [MEDIUM] - £150 inc UK PostageI bought this one in-store a long time ago and it's only really been worn a handful of times sadly. It's got a great cropped fit and looks so god damn good with the leather sections on it. It's got a really nice solidness to the denim and if I remember correctly the RRP was around £600 so grab yourself a bargain at my expense!
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2020.10.22 19:17 aaammp [FS][US] 187 Chanel CF + CD Factory Chanel CF

Hi, I'm back again to sell my unused Chanel bags. Lately, I like H bags more *cries* but I'm keeping my Chanel Gabriella bag so it's not like I have no CC left in my life.
Shipping from Boston, MA. I ship via UPS standard and it comes with tracking. If you're in NYC, it will only take 1 day to reach you.

187 Factory King Chanel CF 18cm, Black, Lambskin

[SOLD] CD Factory Chanel CF 20cm, Light Gray, Lambskin

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2020.10.22 10:32 greentealatte93 Somewhat stupid questions hahaha

Okay so... i havent owned any designer handbags, i kinda contemplate on getting 1 that is not chanel price (lol) simply just to reward myself. Now,
  1. is this a stupid decision? I don't really go clubbing/meet clients. I'm a teacher (lmao) so i don't think i'll ever carry it to work. My routine is simply just work and home. I do go on dates, sometimes catch up with my friends (rarely).
  2. For those of u who had bought your first handbag, do u remember what was it like going to a store, i'm quite shy and i can feel intimidated. Do the SAs look down on you if you are not carrying a branded handbag? What was the experience like across brands? (For example; is 1 brand more well known for having not so friendly SAs?)
  3. Is it okay to just window shop and not buy anything at these stores or will the SAs give u stink eye hahaha
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2020.10.21 19:40 2ndSeasonHousewife The perfumes of the Ladies of London

As Ladies of London is my favorite Bravo show I felt I had to pay homage these fascinating Housewife adjacent characters from across the pond. This cast is so unlike our normal Housewives because we are dealing with an iconic high-fashion muse, aristocracy, royalty, London IT girls and American ex-pats all running in this shared societal circle. The show itself evokes so much scent for me and takes me back to my years of studying and working in London. London gets a bad rap for being quite dreary, but there is the ever present scent of wet earth and stone that in perfumery we describe as, petrichor. From ancient Greek the word quite literally translates to petri-stone and chor- the fluid that runs through the veins of the Gods. In my mind I smell the wet stone of London every time I watch this show. We also see outdoor food and flower markets, open bakeries and patisseries scattered throughout the imagery of London. The smell of cream tea is so comforting and London is a butter shortbread, unlike the crunchy sharpness of a Parisian baguette. We are blessed to also see the ladies celebrating Christmas. Their decor, dresses and parties make Dorinda’s celebrations look like a TJ Maxx clearance aisle. Their homes are festooned in fresh pine garlands, cinnamon sticks and bundles of pinecones. Big bowls of paper whites overflow amongst their crystal laden parties and you can smell the wealth seeping through the screen. This is not your average Bath & Body Works Christmas aroma. Throughout their homes we see Cire Trudon candles littering their vanities and living rooms. Cire Trudon, founded 1643, is the oldest wax producer in France. They add sumptuous high end fragrances into their handcrafted glass vessels. Alas, you have home fragrance fit for the cast of Ladies of London. Now that I’ve painted a bit of picture for their stage, let’s delve into my favorite Bravo cast.
Annabelle Neilsen- Our dearly departed Annabelle Neilsen lived a life so big and so dramatic that she sounds like a modern day fairytale. Born into aristocracy, Annabelle escaped the clutches of formal society delving into modeling, fashion and a high life which led to her being the muse for Alexander McQueen. She was a natural beauty that commanded huge attention in her lifetime. Images of her, Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell are common throughout the show, as if to remind us that she is so unlike the rest of the cast. Likewise, in an interview she stated that she wore Daphne by Daphne Guinness for Commes Des Garcon. Daphne Guinness was the persona that Catherine O’Hara based Moira Rose upon for anyone looking to deep dive into this wonderful woman’s existence. Daphne is enchanting and out of this world. This is first time we are seeing this niche, avant garde perfume house amongst the Housewives. Daphne is since discontinued but it wows upon first scent. Its a huge outstanding tuberose scent, but unlike Fracas it is warmed and bedded by resinous amber, incense and oud. It’s lifted only by a small citrus note. This scent is bizarre and blankets the wearer for days. Its richness is both unique and yet compelling. I imagine that Annabelle was drawn to the feminine formality of the tuberose juxtaposed by such deep incense laden base. In addition to Daphne, Annabelle was known for wearing Alexander McQueen’s Kingdom, which is since discontinued. This perfume like Daphne is dark, brooding and strange. It was intended to express the hidden world of a woman, but many people swear this smells of a woman’s private parts due to the bizarre cumin opening. It’s spicy, floral, ambery and green. This scent smells like nothing I’ve ever smelled before and I can see how it was too strange at the time of its release to find success. Its rarity leads to its heightened cult status within the perfume world. I am happy to think of Annabelle inspiring this bizarrely enchanting scent and wearing it in her lifetime. An iconic scent for an iconic woman.
Caroline Stanbury- Caroline is so bold and bitchy as the queen bee amongst this crowd that I truly did not know what to expect from her fragrance wardrobe. Part of Caroline’s personality is that she adores Americanness, flashing money and being extremely loud mouthed. In suit, her signature scent Rose Alexandrie by Georgio Armani is such perfect all bouncy blonde bergamot rose scent. This is a bright citrus rose that can disappear in an office and also shine at an al fresco rosé drenched afternoon. There is a touch orange blossom in this that evokes the St Tropez sunshine of Caroline’s summers. Much like Caroline herself, it’s adored by the masses and once people fall for it they never turn back. I simply cannot get enough of this type of fresh floral. It just never goes stale and always enchants.
Caroline Fleming- Remember when I referred to the wearer of Fracas by Robert Piguet as the lady who owns her own yacht and needn’t borrow one, unlike our dear Luann? Imagine my surprise when I was corrected that in fact the wearer of Fracas more likely owns an entire castle, like Ms Fleming herself. Fracas stands as one of the most elegant, humongous floral signature scents. The tuberose in this fragrance is heady, wet and hypnotic. When you plant your face into a bundle of tuberoses you feel you could almost eat the spongey white petals. This is how Fracas feels. The femininity is unbridled and yet refined enough to be one of the most famous floral fragrances of the past century. Baroness Fleming additionally has a very successful lifestyle range of homeware, cookbooks, hosiery and naturally perfumes. Her first scent is titled Eau de Vie by Caroline Fleming. It is a very wearable day scent of citrus warmed with smokey-green vetiver, cedar wood and Ambergris. Caroline’s second perfume was inspired by her only daughter, Josephine and is named after her. This falls into suit with famous young, pink florals like Miss Dior and Coco Mademoiselle. Josephine is fun, flirty fruits and flowers enveloped in a musky patchouli base. This is a youthful delight that is very marketable.
Marissa Hermer- Marisa’s scents lean into her California cool-girl persona with that put-upon snobbishness that she so comfortably tosses around. Marissa herself states that her home away from home scents that remind her of California are Gardenia by Chanel and Kai. Many people find Gardenia by Chanel to be an incredibly lacking scent that does not live up to the house or the flower itself. I think because it was originally crafted in the 1920s it does come off as very bright, but dated. Gardenia scents in perfume now have a rounder, creamier quality more like the actual flower. This is greener and brighter than I would like for a solifore scent attempting to capture the intensity of the gardenia flower. Kai is a scent also worn by Denise Richards and is a perfectly beachy, big white floral California scent. Marisa also attended the release party for Hermes Sur la Toit and keeps it on her vanity. Sur la Toit is a very green, fresh garden after the rain blanketed in summer fruits. I smell a lot of apple and pear in this, and the signature Hermes magnolia that is often used to lift fruity florals. This is a beautiful scent for day to day that operates much like the ever-optimistic blonde that Marissa portrays.
Juliet Angus- Juliet is such a fashion victim and truly a travesty to watch on screen. She is so naturally beautiful and does everything she can to cover that up with trends and labels. Her screeching personality and dress sense is challenging to the eye. I cannot in all of the my love for this show even find one moment when she was not behaving like an absolute ass. Her incredible daughter is her saving grace in this cast. In saying that, I thought she could potentially redeem herself in this perfumery category. I was wrong. She has her blog that her three employees work tirelessly on her to use that platform essentially just promoting brands in exchange for discount codes and as sponsorships. In these partnerships she has promoted both Velvet Haze by Byredo and Nomade by Chloe. Velvet Haze is very polarizing and has a huge fanbase. The scent to me is like a warm sweater and a perfect fragrance for balancing the chill of a rainy London day. It’s a dry yet creamy, musky scent that is very hard to put your finger on. I find this shifts a lot though wear and becomes close to your skin scent as the day lingers. Others are very put off by the patchouli note in this, while it does not evoke the hippie patchouli scents of the 60s, it does wear sort of earthy on people. Nomade by Chloe is similar in that it ends with a musky, patchouli base. However, this starts off with a very sweet, fruity, citrus opening that feels much younger than Velvet Haze. Again, I’m not even sure that Juliet has ever worn these, as she simply hired an intern to write about them on her blog. So, what we know about Juliet is more of the same of what she showed on tv. She would do anything and everything to be aligned with high fashion.
Sophie Stanbury- How can we properly discuss Sophie Stanbury without mentioning her incredibly luscious brunette waves? This woman’s hair has led me down hours of research and failed attempts to mimic its movement and shape. Truly, if you are looking for hair perfection look no further than her YouTube tutorials. Later on her channel she says that her go to scent that she carries in her purse is Eau d’Hadrien by Annick Goutal. Both my mother and grandmother wore this gorgeous citrus scent and so I am particularly fond of it. It runs the gamut of a traditional citrus eau de toilette, yet there is a longevity and roundness to this fragrance that gets lost with many citrus scents. I believe the aldehydes and ylang-ylang are responsible for the rounded sweetness and extended brightness that this perfume leaves with the wearer throughout the day. This sort of casual, elegant and bright scent so perfectly suits Sophie as her namesake “mum-on the run.” It’s effortless and chic.
Sadly, I could not find any press or info on IG regarding Julie Montagu, Noelle Reno or Adela King and their perfume preferences. I refuse to acknowledge the existence of Caprice Bourret from the first season.
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2020.10.21 01:57 laurenodonnellf [SELL][USA] Take as many items as you want for $15 shipped!

Update: everything has been sold :) thank you so much everyone! I’ll definitely do another one of these again!
Hello everyone! I've been trying my best to declutter my collection. I really want these items gone, so I'm doing a sale where you can pick as many items as you want for $15! The only exception is if you pick a ton of palettes, I might need to charge a tiny bit more for shipping.
-PayPal G&S I pay fees
-Will move to NIL after no response for 1 hour
-Smoke-free home
-I have not come into contact with anyone with COVID and have not used most of these products since before the pandemic (I'll individually note which ones I have used during the pandemic)
-I will sanitize before sending out
-Can ship out tomorrow
-strikethrough means sold
Lip Crayon Type Products:
-Colourpop Just A Tint in Gimme S'more- used 1x during the pandemic, bought last week, still have the box if you want it
-NYX Jumbo Lip Pencil in Pink Nude- BN, the lid is cracked
-Clinique Chubby Stick in Mega Melon- used 1x
-Clinique Chubby Stick in Super Strawberry- used 1x
-Bite Matte Creme Lip Crayon in Glace- used 1x
-Nars Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Cruella- mini size used 5x
Liquid Lipstick and Lip Glosses:
-Colourpop Matte Liquid Lip in Extra Toppings- used 1x
-Colourpop Matte Liquid Lip in Tulle- swatched 1x
-ABH Liquid lip in Sarafine- used 3x
-Milani Matte Amore Metallic Lip Creme in Mattely in Love- used 5x PENDING
-Urban Decay HIFI Shine Ultra Cushion Lip Gloss in Fuel
-Estee Lauder Pure Color Envy Sculpting Lip Gloss in Seductive Honey- mini size BN PENDING
-Clinique Long Lasting Lipstick in Watermellon- used 1x
-Bite Amuse Bouche Lipstick in Chai- mini size swatched 1x
-Marc Jacobs Le Marc Kiss Kiss Bang Bang- mini size used 3x PENDING
-Too Faced Sex on the Peach- mini size BN
-Urban Decay Vice Lipstick in Venom- mini size used 3x
-Milani Coral Addict- used 2x PENDING
-Mac Powder Kiss in Scattered Petals- used 3x PENDING
Single Eyeshadow/Glitter:
-NYX Irises- used 5x, broken PENDING
-Stila Magnificent Metal Eyes in Kitten- used 1x
-NYX Foil Play in Digital Glitch- used 1x PENDING
-NYX Metallic Glitter in MGLI- BN still sealed PENDING
-CoverFX Shimmer Veil in Soleil- mini size BN
-Laura Geller Marble Matte Baked Shadow in Moonstone/Blue Haven -used 2x, past expiration date
-NYX Nude Matte Shadow in Stripped- used 5x PENDING
-Milani Eyeshadow in Girl Luv Pink- used 3x PENDING
-Lorac Eyeshadow in Silver Screen- BN PENDING
Eyeshadow Palettes:
-Lorac Silver Silk- used 2x, past expiration date PENDING
-Lorac Gold Satin- used 1x, past expiration date PENDING
-Lorac Plum Velvet- used 2x, past expiration date PENDING
-Mac x Patrick Star Play with Me- used 3x
-Makeup Forever Lustrous Shadow palette- used 3x
-Morphe 9C Jewel Crew- used 3x PENDING
-Mac Pro Longwear Nourishing Waterproof Foundation in NW15- BNIB
Face Palettes:
-Makeup Revolution Ultra Strobe Balm Palette- BN lid is cracked PENDING
-CoverFX Rose Gold Bar Highlight- used 5x
-Mac Hyper Real Glow in Flash and Awe- used 5x
-Alamar Cosmetics Blush Trio in Medium-Tan- swatched 1x, used 1x, used in pandemic
-Ofra All Glowed Up Palette- RIS, Used 1x by me, used in pandemic, may be subject to higher shipping b/c HEAVY
Bronzer, Highlight, and Face Powder:
-Pur Sculpt on the Go Contour palette- used 5x PENDING
-Too Faced Dew You in Translucent Radiant Pearl- used 10x
-Ofra Space Baby Highlight- RIS, used 1x by me, used in pandemic
-Wet n Wild x Bretman Rock Highlight, BN, still sealed PENDING
-Makeup Revolution Shimmer Brick, swatched 1x PENDING
-Pur Sculpt on the Go Highlighter palette- used 5x PENDING
-Essence Silky Touch Blush in Autumn Peach- used 2x
-NYX Blush in Pinched- used 2x, past expiration date PENDING
-NYX Blush in Summer Peach- BN still sealed
-NYX Blush in Peach- BN still sealed
-NYX baked blush in Chiffon- used 2x PENDING
-LA Girl Just Blushing in Just Glowing- used 5x PENDING
-Mac x Patrick Star Take Me Home -used 3x
-Milani American Beauty Rose -used 5x, past expiration date PENDING
-Tarte Majesty- mini size BN
Mascara Samples:
-Maybelline Lash Sensational- BN still sealed
-Maybelline Total Temptation- BN still sealed
-Lorac Cobra Mascara- BN PENDING
Perfume Samples:
-Calvin Klein Eternity for Men- BNIB
-Jennifer Lopez Promise- BNIB
-BLEU de Chanel- BNIB
-Mon Guerlain- BNIB
-Perfect Marc Jacobs- BNIB
-Daisy Marc Jacobs- BNIB
-Dolce and Gabbana the one- BNIB mini size
-Versace Eros- BNIB mini size
Thanks for looking!
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2020.10.20 17:36 AmySX0501 [FS][US] NEW *CHANEL* GST Tote Black

Selling because I never reached for this bag ever since purchasing it back in late 2018. I thought I would love it and use it everyday for work but I didn't. I hope that it can go to someone who will put it to better use.
Quality Assessment: This bag I believe is mid-high tier rep. The bag is a caviar leather and has a nice sheen. Its style is a little boxier than the original but not a big call-out. There are on average about 9 stitches per square. The chain straps to me feel a little lightweight but I have never held the authentic before so this is based on my feel of the bag. The stamping on the inside says made in France. Stamping wise it is nice and neat but I am not sure if this was produced in other countries or not. For those who want to also look at the date code, please see in my images. The interior looks fine as I can see nothing wrong with it. Overall I give this bag a 9/10.
My Pictures
This is a final sale item. Please take note that I am not a Chanel expert so I provided more than enough pictures for your QC. If more is needed please feel free to contact me as I am very responsive to all messages.
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2020.10.19 21:20 yaaaayeeeet I smelled 20 colognes with my untrained, and very biased nose. Here are my thoughts on some popular colognes.

Aventus: Starting a bit controversial... I didn’t like it and I didn’t hate it. I really wish the pineapple note would stick around longer because that pineapple mixed with Smokey scent would be a 9/10. But after a few minutes the smokiness is all can pick up and it becomes like a 6/10
Silver Mountain Water: This smelled weirdly floral to me for some reason, which normally I hate. Not nearly as much as reflection man but we will get to that. Honestly, I think I would like the scent on a girl but i probably won’t be wearing it. 6/10
Bois Du Portugal: this one surprised me. I LOVED it. The slight booziness mixed with the hint of sweetness really did it for me. Unfortunately, I think I may be too young to pull this one off so I’ll be giving it to my dad to check out soon. Still though, 9/10
Royal Oud: one word: cinnamon. Woody too. I liked it. Probably wouldn’t rush to wear it or spend 300 bucks on it though. 8/10
Original santal: Very interesting smell. I definitely liked it and would probably wear it. I really like how the spicy ness kinda tingles your nose hairs. It’s sweetish citrusy but also fresh. 8/10
Virgin island water: SHIT that blast of coconut is heavenly. The dry down literally smells like candy, and yet it’s not too sweet for me. After a few minutes there’s that blast of citrus and the coconut is still there. I have no clue when I’d want to wear this or if I could even pull it off but still. It’s a 10/10 but I wouldn’t pay 300 for it.
Green Irish tweed: super weird smelling to me in all honesty. It’s not offensive or anything but I just don’t really like it that much. Opening is like a freshly mowed lawn (why would you wanna smell like that) and it’s got an “aquaticy?” Aftertaste that I’m not a fan of. Also kinda smells like my uncle. 5/10
Jpg ultra male: Very VERY sweet. Almost sickeningly. I don’t think I would ever wear it but I just really like how it smelled. I sprayed it on my wrist and I was sniffing it nonstop for the whole day. I think I would like it on a girl. So... 7/10?
Reflection man: I don’t like floral scents at all so unfortunately I hated this one. Don’t get me wrong It does smell nice, like a flower garden does, I just wouldn’t want to smell it on a human. 3/10
Mmm by the fire place: holy shit did this blow me away. It was like I was straight up next to a camp fire. I can not wait to wear this on a movie night cuddly date. I might actually spend the 130 on a full bottle of this stuff. 10/10
Dandg the one: had super high expectation which might be why I was disappointed. Smelled fine and I really liked the grapefruit. 8/10
Dandg light blue: really hard for me to put into words what I’m smelling. An unripe lemon? Mixed with some shampoo. Definitely fresh, definitely some citrus. Don’t hate it don’t like it. 6/10
Bleu de chanel edp: another high expectations cologne I was disappointed by. Again it’s not a bad scent at all and I love that blast of grapefruit. It’s just not good enough to make me want to buy a bottle. 8/10
Aqua di gio profumo: this one surprised me. But in a bad way. I had heard it was such a crowd pleaser. The opening is fine kind of fresh and balsamicy. But the “afterscent”? is aquaticy and woody, which I really don’t like. Reminds me of a swamp. 5/10
Dior savage edp: I can definitely see why it’s a crowd pleaser. I don’t think I realize how many times I’ve smelled this out in public until I got a whiff of it on my skin. Fresh and spicy that’s pretty much it. 8/10
Versace Eros: straight up singed my nose hairs smelling it right after spraying it on my wrist. Dry down was nice though and not overly sweet like I thought it might be. Didn’t really stand out to me though. 7/10
Invictus: honestly just kinda boring. And synthetic smelling. Kinda smells like my old spice body wash... so it’s good I guess? 7/10
YSL La nuit: Quite like this one actually. Best way to describe it is spicy, but somehow also smooth. It comes off a little floral to me, which I normally hate, but for some reason it works on this one. Only bad thing I can say about it is it smells a little feminine to me. 8/10
Sean John unforgivable: smells like la nuit? Could be going crazy but it’s got that smooth floral scent. It’s not as good tho 7/10
Spicebomb extreme: Not bad it kinda smells like I poured pepper into my milkshake. Not smelling the tobacco at all which was kind of disappointing. Great scent though 8/10
Here’s what I learned: I like sweet scents, just not too sweet. Also I like more natural smelling scents.
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2020.10.18 21:00 cgb_fr [Review] Céline Black Medium box from TS (Alisa Angel Factory)

Hello! This is my first review as I am a newbie but not my last as I think I am getting really addicted.
This is the first rep bag I buy. I was looking for something low key and thought that black was the only color that is not calloutable so I chose this beautiful Céline Blax Box. First, I wanted to try Marble Factory but I read somewhere that Angel Factory was better so I decided to take part to the Alisa group buy.
Seller: TS Alisa
Price: ¥2690 , paid via Transferwise plus about for ¥245 shipping.
Shipping Method: EMS
9/18/2020: Inquired about the bag.
9/10: Paid for the bag using transferwise.
9/25: Got the PSP and created a QC post on RepLadies because I was worried about the stamp accuracy. Thanks a lot to those who kindly reassured me !
9/26: Asked for photos from the inside of the bag.
9/30: Got the photo of the EMS label for the package.
9/12: Package arrives. My first bag made it through the customs !
Mine (The bag as already been worn)
Factory photos
Quality: 9/10
I almost can't find anything to fault in the quality of this bag.
The leather is beautiful and a bit shinny, maybe a little stiff but as I never touched an auth I cannot really compare. I will definitely try to condition it. The inside leather is buttery soft. Stitching is OK. No loose stitch. Glazing is OK too. The hardware is beautiful and doesn't feel cheap or lightweight.
The scent wasn't heavenly at all !! Fufu smell that faded a bit but is still here. I was very disappointed as for me fufu smell = very low tier rep...(-1)
Accuracy: 9.75/10
I could only find small details to deduct points on. Someone with experience of the authentic might find inaccuracies in the feel of the leather or the hardware color.
The "CELINE" stamp is really perfect and well centered (sorry I think the photo is a bit blurry). The "Made in Italy" is great and in the right place !
The size is 18x8x24 cm. According to Céline, it should be 18x7x24 cm. But as I am currently using it and it is a bit stuffed so I think this is OK (-0.25, just in case)..
The glazing is similar to the auth, neither matte nor shiny
The inside pockets are the same as the auth and like the authentic, this bag has a date stamp in the zipper pocket.
The hardware is really similar to the auth. Color, shine and "CELINE PARIS" engravement are exactly the same.
Seller communication & service: 9.75/10.
Alisa was really sweet. She answered all my questions very quickly and her PSP were OK. This bag came with no branded box, as I asked, and was shipped in a black dustbag but very well stuffed so it hasn't been squashed. I didn't get the group buy Chanel cardholder (-0.25) but will definitely order from her again.
Satisfaction: 9,5/10
I really like this bag. I think it is a super rep but I can't get over the fufu smell...
I am really happy with this bag but I am not sure I should have spent so much on a black box. Maybe I could have been as happy with the quality of a cheaper factory as black is not a risky color.
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2020.10.16 23:29 PastelSprite [US][Sale/Swap]Hourglass,MAC(Aaliyah+Selena),Armani,ABH,Tarte,It,Erborian,Lipstick Queen,NARS,UD,Colourpop,Lancome,Milk Makeup,Fenty,Smashbox,Purlisse,Estee Lauder,YSL,Stila,Laura Mercier,Benefit,Pacifica,Kevyn Aucoin,Too Faced,skincare,Sol de Janeiro,drugstore,Ipsy,freebies,wishlist for swaps

Feel free to make reasonable offers--would like to let this stuff go, so reasonable offers are completely encouraged :D Swap list at bottom--mainly* looking to sell or for items on my list. *Newly added items are mostly name your own price- send me a reasonable offer :)**
Item Shade Usage Price
Makeup:Face: - - -
Lock Color Good Foundation BB Foundation mini 5 Medium Buff used 2x name your price
MAC Studio Waterweight NC25 About 1/4 remaining name your price
Giorgio Armani Power Fabric Foundation 4.5 Light Golden About 3/4 left $44 obo
Anastasia Beverly Hills Luminous Foundation 332C used 2x $20
Maybelline Fit Me Dewy 228 Soft Tan used 2x name your price
Tarte Rainforest of the Sea mini 27s Light-medium sand used 1x name your price
Tarte Foundcealer Mini Medium Sand used 2x name your price
It CC Cream mini Medium NIB name your price
Erborian BB Cream mini Clair Used 1-2x name your price
Erborian BB Cream mini Dore Used 2x name your price
Purlisse Youth Glow Vitamin C CC Cream mini Mediumm swatched name your price
Fenty Beauty Pro Filt'r Soft Matte Longwear Foundation 145 Used a few x, about 2/3 full $20
Nars Sheer Glow Fiji Used a few x,approx. 2/3 full $20
Mac Pro Longwear Nourishing Waterproof Foundation NC25 3x, 3/4 left $10
It Cosmetics CC Cream FS Medium about 1/2 left $15
Nars Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturizer St. Moritz used 2x,near full $30
Smashbox Studio Skin 15 hr. Hyrdrating Foundation 3.02 2x $25
Revlon Age Defying w/ DNA Advantage 10 Bare Buff Swatched free w/purchase or just pay shipping
Clarria Tinted Primer Light Swatched $1 or FWP
Maybelline Fit Me Matte 118 about 1/2 $2
Rimmel Stay Matte Foundation 103 True Ivory 1x $FWP or just pay shipping
Loreal True Match Lumi N1-2 Soft Ivory Close to 1/2 left $2
Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream 27 2x $4
Maybelline Fit Me Matte 238 Rich Tan 1-2x $3
Maybelline Dream Radiant Liquid Hydrating Foundation 80 Cashew Swatched $3
Item Shade Usage Price
Lipsticks: - - -
SOLD 10/17/20MAC Selena La Reina Collection Selena Vive swatched give me an offer :)
MAC x Aaliyah 1 in a million swatched give me an offer :)
Bellapierre lipstick Ruby swatched name your price
Lipstick Queen mini Highway 66 used 2x name your price
Nars Velvet Lip Pencil Dirty Mind shown $12 OBO
SOLD 10/17/20Urban Decay Vice Lipstick Oblivion shown name your price
MAC Lipglass mini Lovechild swatched name your price
SOLD 10/17/20Tarte H20 Gloss Below Deck used 1x name your price
Melt Cosmetics Dark Room shown name your price
Estee Edit Wrapped shown free w/purchase
Urban Decay Lipgloss Big Bang 2x name your price
K Voss lipgloss mini strawberry peppermint 3x free w/ purchase
Colourpop Lippie Stix Aquarius shown name your price
Maelle Clearly Brilliant Tinted Lip Nude new name your price
SOLD 10/17/20Maybelline 450 Romantic Rose shown name your price
Maybelline 696 Burgundy Blush shown name your price
Maybelline 725 Lilac Flush shown name your price
SOLD 10/17/20NYX Whipped Caviar shown name your price/free w/purchase
Colourpop x Hello Kitty Ultra Matte Lip Ribbon 2x make an offer
Covergirl Katy Kat Lip Gloss Wine Feline 2x name your price
SOLD 10/17/20Bare Minerals Mineralist mini Honesty swatched $2
Sephora Rouge Matte mini Rebel Chic Swatched,but continuously falls out of tube.This has caused it to be shorter and nicked $0.50
Urban Decay Vice Lipstick Firebird Usage shown(about 3x) $6
Urban Decay Comfort Matte Menace Usage shown $7
Urban Decay Vice Lipstick Mini Big Bang 1-2x $3
Fenty Beauty Mattemoiselle Plush Matte PMS 2x $10
YSL Volupte Tint In Oil mini #5 Cherry my Cherrie 1x $3
Sephora Cream Lip Stain 45 Chai Latte 1x $1
SOLD 10/17/20Tarte Tarteist Glossy Slay 5x $8
Stila Matte LL Aria 2x $9
Maybelline Vivid Matte LL 45 Vivid Violet 1x $2
Ipsy x Tetris Glip Gloss Tetrimono NIB $5
Perfect Tone Matte Lip Creme 5409 Black Radiance(dark purple) 1x $FWP or just pay shipping
Vintage Beauty? Pink Sequin 3x $free
Loreal Infallible Matte LL 844 Sweet Tooth 4x $2
Elf Lipgloss Nude Pink usage shown $free
Wet n Wild Liquid Catsuit 924B Rebel Rose 1x $2
Wet N Wild Liquid Catswuit Coral Corruption 2x $2
Wet N Wild 403C Will You Be With Me shown $free
Covergirl Smoochies Alter Ego shown $free
Maybelline Matte 835 Sapphire Siren shown $2
Adesse NY unsure, cool pink shown $1
Item Shade Usage Price
Eyeshadow, Eyeliner, Mascara, & Brows: - - -
Laura Mercier Caviar Volume Mascara mini black 1x name your price
Lancome Cils Booster XL Enhancing Base Mascara mini - new name your price
Estee Lauder Sumptuous Extreme Mascara mini black 2-3x name your price
Sephora Lash Craft mini black 2x name your price
Urban Decay Glide on eyeliner Uzi shown name your price
Ulta Classic Brush tip Liner black new name your price
Benefit Gimme Brow Mini 3 2x free w/purchase
Benefit 24 hr Brow Setter mini - new name your price
Colourpop Brow Boss Dark Brown 1x name your price
Space Case Eyeshadow Single Gold Base swatched name your price
Revlon ColorStay Eyeshadow Single Hazelnut shown free
Space Case Cosmetics Quad Eyeshadows Not Rocket Science,Unicorn Horn, Ghost Entered the Host,Bella Trix new Name your price
Urban Decay Roller Girl Palette LE - Usage shown, hardly used $8-lowered
Urban Decay Naked Basics - shown $8
Nars Duo Marie Galante - shown-the packaging is a little sticky, as per Nars :(
Wet n Wild Downtown Browns Palette - 2-3x $4
Wet N Wild Trio 334 I'm Getting Sunburned Lid-3-4x, brow 2-3x, crease-swatched $3
Meech and Mia Single FS Taupe swatched $2
Ulta Eyeshadow Single Mint 3x $2
NYX Prismatic Eyeshadow Single Diamond Lust 1x $1
Benefit They're Real Mascara mini Black NIB $4
Benefit Bad Gal Bang Mascara DS Black BN $4
Elf eyebrow pomade Brown shown $1
SOLD 10/17/20Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Pomade Dark Brown Shown $5
Betty Boop x Ipsy Blink and Wink Mascara DS Black BN $4 OBO
Lancome Cils Booster XL Vitamin-Infused Mascara Primer DS x BN $7
(Milk mascara cheek bundle below)
Item Shade Usage Price
Blush,Contour,Highlight: - - -
Pacifica Desert Sunset Blush & Bronze Palette Sunset matte, desert matte very lightly swatched name your price
Kevyn Aucoin Celestial Powder from duo Candlelight used about 4-5x, a ton left name your price
Colourpop Super Shock Cheek Aphrodisiac shown name your price
Milani Powder Blush 05 Coral Cove hardly used, but cracked :’( name your price
Luna by Luna Baked Highlighter Calypso shown name your price
Bellapierre Banana Setting Powder - used 2x name your price
Lancome Blush Subtil 385 Shimmer Plum Affaire swatched a few x name your price
Lancome Blush Subtil 375 Shimmer Lilac Love swatched a few x name your price
Nars LE Foreplay Palette - used orgasm 2-3x, others 1-2x name your price
Milk Makeup Sephora Bday set black mascara, hydro grip primer, mini lip + cheek swatched name your price
Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush Dollface shown-scraped a little product off the top b/c accidentally transferred foundation $5
Too Faced Chocolate Soleil Bronzer Mini Medium\Deep a few x $2
Wet n Wild Color Icon Ombre Blush In a Purple Haze 2x $2
NYX Blush Taupe Hardly used, but has small crack in upper corner(pictured) $2
Space Case Cosmetics Highlighter Seen From Space 1E-light shimmery mauve $3
Hourglass Ambient Bronzer mini Luminous Bronze Light Used about 4x name your price
Loreal True Match Super Blendable Powder W7 caramel beige used 2x for bronzer name your price
Nars Bronzer Mini Laguna 2-3x name your price
Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Powder Fawn used 3-4x name your price
Item Usage Price
Skincare:Face, Body, Hair, Misc: - -
Benefit Professional Hydrate Primer mini new name your price
Lorac Behind the Scenes Eyeshadow Primer mini about 1/3 remaining name your price
Laura Mercier Foundation Primer Radiance mini new name your price
Glamglow Glowstarted Illuminating Moisturizer mini new name your price
Tarte Timeless Smoothing Primer mini swatched 1x name your price
PUR 4 in 1 Cloud Cream 0.5 oz new name your price
Purlisse Matcha Green Tea Antioxidant Priming Moisturizer 1.7 fl oz new name your price
Balance Me Congested skin serum new name your price
Context Vitamin C All Day Eye Cream new name your price
Sarah McNamara Miracle Skin Transformer Vanish Instant Imperfection Corrector mini 1x name your price/free w/purchase
Tonymoly I’m Cherry Blossom Hand Cream swatched a smol dab name your price
Sol De Janerio Brazilian Bum Bum Cream mini new name your price
Alterna Caviar Anti-Aging Smoothing Anti-frizz Blowout Butter new name your price
Verb Shape + Define Defrizz + Repair Curl Cream new name your price
Urban Therapy Twisted Sista Curl Activator new name your price
Pur~lisse Blue Lotus Pur Delicate Gentle Soy Milk Cleanser Used a few x, lots left, packaging a little beat from storage $10
Peter Thomas Roth Water Drench Mini New $3
Formula 10.0.6 Thirst No More Moisturizer 1 fl oz 1x,packaging has small mark from storage $3
Loshi Horse Oil Moist Face Foam Cleanser Used 2x, almost full $5
Miracle Pore minimizing serum mini New name your price
Valmont Prime Renewing Pack 1x $5
Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel Mini swatched $3
It Confidence in a Gel Lotion mini new $3
Pyunkang Yul Essence Toner 30ml sample 1x,got this off ABE $4
The Ordinary AHA BHA Peeling Solution 1x, note:please research this before use, use as directed/with caution. My skin's very dry and it made it worse $4
Murad Renewing Eye Cream FS NIB $60(retail:$82)
Thank Me Later face primer swatched $2
Too Faced Hangover Primer mini NIB $4
Rest Recipe Peach Mask - $3
St.Tropez Self Tan Classic 2x, about 3/4 full $15 obo, this is pink because it leaked during shipment
Tonymoly banana hand cream 4x name your price
DpHUE ACV Hair Rinse new $3
Loreal Sublime Bronze minis x 6 new, some caps have come off $3 for all 6
Vita Liberata Body blur used 1x $1
Hum Daily Cleanse new $3
Kenra Blow Dry Spray about 1/3 left $name your price
Item Usage Price
Makeup Bags/all new and unused: - -
Ipsy March 2017 pink new, just stored in a drawer $1
SOLD 10/17/20Ipsy August 2020 holographic new $1
Ipsy September 2020 bugundy/gold new $1
Aerie flower makeup bag never used $1
Benefit Shiny Pink makeup bag never used $2
Ipsy June 2020 new $1
Geometric Print bags new $1
Ipsy November 2019(leopard) new $1
Ipsy May 2019(pink sparkle) new $1
Ipsy March 2020(teal) new $1
Ipsy unknown date??Fuzzy red/pink bag new $1
Item Shade Usage
Freebies: - -
Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue Natural 05, Tan 07, Chestnut 09 new
Nars Soft Matte Complete Concealer Caramel med/dark 2, Hazelnut med/dark 4 new
Lancome Teint Idole Ultra Wear 460 Suede W, 500 Suede W, 540 Suede W, 560 Suede C new
Urban Decay Naked Skin 8.0 new
Drybar Liquid Glass Shampoo + Conditioner duo - new
Living Proof Nourishing Styling Cream - new
Lime Crime Unicorn Hair Bunny new
Briogeo Blossom & Bloom Ginseng + Biotin Volumizing Shampoo - new
Mac Lipstick Samples(can separate or send whole cards) Ruby Woo x3, Velvet Teddy x1, Diva x2 new
Stila Color Balm Lipstick Samples Aubrey, jessie, Elyssa new
Urban Decay Foil Sample Big Bang new
Clinique Take The Day Off Sample - new
Bobbi Brown Skin Long-Wear Fluid Powder Foundation samples Sand N-032, Warm Beige W-046, Cool Natural C-056,Honey W-064, Golden W-074, Neutral Walnut N-090 new
Paula’s Choice Smooth Finish Conditioner - new
Clinique Stay Matte Makeup sample 9 neutral (MF-N) new
Clinique Foaming Sonic Facial Soap - new
Kiehl’s Iris Extract Activating Treatment Essence - new
VDL Skin P+R=O Mild Peeling Gel - new
Cosrx Galactomyces 95 Whitening Power Essence - new
Kiehl’s Calendula Herbal Extract Toner - new
Kopari Coconut Face Cream - new
Hello Ganic Lime Brightening mask - new
It Confidence in a cleanser sample - new
Benefit Professional sample - new
Tonymoly Intense Dual Effect Sleeping pack - new
It confidence in a Gel Lotion sample - new
Philosophy Purity made Simple sample - new
Philosophy Renewed Hope in a Jar Eye - new
Charlotte Tilbury Light Wonder Sample 3 fair new
Touch in Sol No Pore Blem Primer sample - new
Hello Ganic Hydrating Sheet mask - new
L’homme Prada Sample vial - new
Prada Candy Night sample - New in pack
Carolina Herrera Good Girl vial - new
Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy vial - new
Givenchy Dahlia Divin vial - new
Dolce & Gabbana The Only One vial - new
Chanel Gabrielle Sample vial - 1x
Versace Bright Crystal vial - new
Giorgio Armani Power Fabric sample 3.5, 13 new
Nars Sheer Glow Samples Syracuse, New Caledonia new
Hair Rituel Shampoo - new
----Wishlist for SWAPS ONLY please----   Please, only looking for authentic items(so purchased directly from a manufacturer or retailer other than: Amazon(unless AB items),ebay,or Wish). If you have Hourglass, DOC, Colourpop, ABH, J*, Lime Crime, etc. items, please send detailed picture verification(out of tube, any writing, bottom, wands, box if you have it).
Anastasia Beverly Hills:Soft Glam palette, Luminous Foundation in 330W
Belif: Moisturizing Eye Bomb, Aqua Bomb Jelly Cleanser
Chanel: try me on anything
Charlotte Tilbury: Light Wonder 6
Colourpop:Stranger Than Diction kit, or anything from the kit! (lips):November,Alyssa,Lovebug (eyes)Amaze, I like You
Dose of Colors: Campfire lipstick or shade dupes in non-matte lipstick, Angelic lipstick, Cinnamon Swirl
Essie: Claim to Flame, Soles on Fire, Get A Psy-kik Out of It
Etude House: Moistful Collagen Cream Moisturizer
Farmacy: Eye Dew Total Eye Cream with Echinacea GreenEnvy, Honey Drop Lightweight moisturizer
Fenty: Hydrating Foundation in 290 or 310, (Lip)Shawty,Up 2 No Good,Saw-C,Pumpkin Rose (cheek/face): Match Stix in Amber,Maple, Sun Snatched, Bronze Duo in Shadybiz & Sinamon, (eyes): Flyliner, try me on other products!
Giorgio Armani:** Luminous Silk shade 7.8**, maybe 6.5, Giorgio Armani Black Ecstasy Mascara, try me on glosses
Glossier: Cloud Paint in Dusk, Generation G lipstick in Leo or Cake, Milky Jelly Cleanser, Futuredew
Hada Labo: sunscreen,Gokujyun Hyaluronic Cream-may consider Alpha cream
Hourglass:,(lips):I'll Never Stop lipstick, I've never lipstick, Girl Lip Stylos in:Futurist,Believer, Peacemaker,Influencer. Child lipgloss(eyes):Modernist Eyeshadow palette in Color Field (olive), Dim Light powder
Korres: Greek Yoghurt Smoothie Priming Moisturizer
Laneige:balancing emulsion
Lime Crime: Venus 1, Plushies lipsticks, lip glosses, brow pen and brow gel in the dark brown shades
MAC: Wild Extract, CB96, A Girl's Got Needs, Flamingo, Paramount, Marrakesh, Razzle Dazzler,The Right Note,Prep + Prime(radiant, preferably), NC40-42 foundations or samples
Makeup Forever: Forever Lustrous Palette, Ultra HD Foundation in Y373 or Y383
Makeup Geek: Saucy lipstick
Mario Badescu: Glycolic Eye Cream, neck cream (neither from Amazon,please,I've had bad luck buying MB there)
Milk Makeup: Watermelon Mask, Wavy lipstick, rave eye pigment, try me on their other items!
NARS: Narsissist Loaded Eyeshadow Palette, Cassiopeia eyeshadow,Phoebe eyeshadow, Elsa eyeshadow duo, Natural Radiant Longwear Foundation or Sheer Glow in Stromboli or Messine, Paris Follies lipstick, Jeanne lipstick, Slow Ride lipstick Afterglow Lip balm in Laguna (Highlight): Forte De France
NYX: Daydream Reverie, Buenos Aires, Kim, (eyes):Iced Mocha, Black Bean
Origins: Eye cream
Pur: Mystic lipstick
Shiseido: Ultimate Sun Protection Lotion Broad Spectrum SPF 50+ WetForce for Sensitive Skin and Children
Smashbox: Photofinish Primer Oil (lips): Out Loud, also looking for Studio Skin hydrating foundation in a close color value to 3.20, but less warm, maybe yellow? I find 3.20 too orangey.
Sol de Janeiro:Panama Sunset Glow Oil-prefer translucent,
Stila: Sogno, Bellissima, Rubino, Angelo lipsticks, mini liquid liner in black
Tarte: Manbun lipstick, Brazilliance, BB Cream(not the matte one) in light,Rainforest After Dark palette, Amazonian Clay Foundation in Medium Tan Sand or Tan Golden
Tonymoly: Panda's Dream Rose Hyaluronic Face Cream
Too Faced: Clover makeup bag, Papa Don't Peach blush, Peach palette,Gold Soliel Bronzer, Pretty Puppy palette
Urban Decay: Black coal eyeliner, Naked Palettes(any except Basics 1), Conspiracy lipstick, Heat lipstick, Sin Highlighter, FS or DS
Viseart: Petit Pro 1
Wella: Brilliance Leave In Balm
YSL: ,lipsticks, Touche Éclat Lumiere Divine Highlighting Finishing Powder Palette, try me on lipsticks
submitted by PastelSprite to makeupexchange [link] [comments]

2020.10.16 08:54 teacherjul [Review] Pink Chanel Mini Square from TS Alisa Yoyo Factory

Backstory: I own a mini rectangle flap from CD Factory which I love, treasure and spend many hours weekly staring at. I was planning on buying from them again but Aadi said they didn’t have the colour I wanted. So I messaged Alisa thinking she would go with a 187 bag, but she said Yoyo has a similar colour right now. My bank account sighed in relief when I decided to buy, which I did mostly because I have no patience and wanted it immediately. Also, I figured that since I’m not Barbie I probably wouldn’t be using a hot pink bag much, so it really didn’t need to be top tier quality.
Source: TS Alisa
Price: 780 cny, EMS shipping 137 cny (Alisa told me this bag was on sale) total came out to $190 AUD
Payment Method: Paypal friends and family
Timeline: Inquired and paid 23/9, received PSPs 25/9, shipped 26/9, arrived 16/10 after MANY trips back and forth from Guangzhou export office (I thought it got seized, still unsure what happened, but she is now safe in my home so all is well and that trauma is behind us).
Factory Photos
Auth (This is in Chevron and mine is quilted, I've searched many corners and can't find this exact shade in quilted even though I know it exists. The one in this video looks similar.)
Quality: 9/10 This bag looks gorgeous! It’s nice and puffy and so soft. It doesn’t look dry at all but I lathered it up with some leather conditioner just to cover my bases. This bag LOOKS beautiful, but it doesn’t have that heavy lux feel. The strap is MUCH lighter than my CD Factory mini’s strap and the overall bag can feel just a little bit flimsy. But this bag was less than half the price of CD factory so that is understandable and not calloutable IMO, just something to note (-1).
Accuracy: 8/10 I think the shaping and strap length is accurate. The interior and branding all looks correct (to my untrained, Chanel virgin eyes). An issue I’ve noticed is the silver hardware doesn’t have the shine of regular Chanel SHW. This can be noticed in my comparison picture with the CD Factory Mini (-1). (Is there a fix to this? I know there has to be some genius replady out there who has discovered one...) Again, the weight of this bag definitely lowers the accuracy rating. My partner said it felt like a toy bag compared to the CD Factory bag that feels more expensive and luxurious. (-1). I’m not one to notice every detail of stitching or alignment so that looks good to me. The colour is beautiful and as far as I know Chanel has made a quilted square mini in this colour, It’s just difficult to find.
Satisfaction: 9/10. For the price, this is a fantastic bag. It really does look gorgeous and the colour is so bright and beautiful. I immediately sprayed it with some Carbon Pro to avoid colour transfer since I really want to preserve the pink! It’s easy for me to notice a difference in quality from my CD Factory bag but again, it was $190 AUD while my CD Factory bag was $460 AUD sooo I really can’t complain. This is the perfect bag for date nights and summer. Overall, I’m happy with my purchase and my bank account is even happier!
Seller Communication: 10/10 Alisa was lovely to work with. She eased my nerves about the odd shipping patterns when I was positive it was seized. She sent PSPs in a few days and responded super quick! She sent factory pictures while I inquired about what bags she had. And she sends cute little emojis with every message. I will definitely work with her again. :)
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2020.10.14 07:03 K3nright Is Allure Homme Sport still worth buying?

Im almost out of my Eau Extreme, and I would love to repurchase, but the performance is so lacking for me. I keep hearing the original is much better for performance, and even fresher.
I mean, with other things out there in the same genre that are newer, and with the Eau Extreme still as an option, do you feel the original Chanel Allure Homme Sport is still worth purchasing today?
Some people say it’s boring, generic, and even ‘dated’. How do you feel about it? Is there something else in the same vain that would be better?
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2020.10.14 04:36 adorn93 100 K Giveaway - Disney Villain Takes a Selfie

Mood Board
The villain walks effortlessly in her menacingly high, claw-like armadillo stilettos to the powder room. Glimpses of her sequinned dress sparkle through the openings of her Valentino cape reflecting light around the walls. Her date Stephen notices that the Lalique glass of burgundy in front of her empty chair remains untouched.
Orange blossoms and fresh plumerias waft through the air in the softly lit powder room. She pulls her lipstick from her WOC and as she paints her lips a matte red, the vial drops to the floor. The thick red product splattering on the white hand-tied silk tufenkian rug foreshadowing what’s to come.
It is time.
A steady diet of the freshly beating hearts of young men is required in order to look 27 when you’re over 800 years old. The lace gloves barely concealing that her hands are beginning to look more like driftwood than skin. Tonight her date Stephen will be her Ponce de Leon, his heart, her fountain of youth.
She takes a selfie and posts it to her IG account. She briefly wonders if her stepdaughter would have had as many followers but the notification sounds from her phone drown out her negative thoughts and reassure her via likes and comments that she is still the fairest. She closes her eyes and basks in validation.
Caption: about to steal his heart.
Armadillo boots - Alexander McQueen Snake print sequinned dress - Roberto Cavalli Cape blazer - Valentino WOC - Chanel
Mini Review
The woc is very versatile and compliments pretty much any outfit from jeans to an evening dress. It’ll take an “I’ll have a vodka soda” look to, “I’ll have a mezcal Negroni”. Unfortunately I’ve only gotten to wear it twice because I tend to bring about three or four woc sized pouches in my every day purse.
Hannibal lector could probably tell the leather is not up to snuff and call me a rube especially if I’m wearing my AE Rothy dupes with the purse. Thankfully people with the QC skills of Dr Lector are rare where I live.
I love that I got a beautiful bag for a fraction of the price! TS Oli was quick and efficient and I would definitely buy from Oli again.
Thank you mods and members of the community. I love reading your reviews and posts. Good luck to everyone on this amazing and generous contest!
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2020.10.13 15:20 Lindts [Review] Chanel iPhone & Card Holder Comparison

Disclosure: I was not offered anything to write up this review. There was no incentive to write this review.
Seller: TS Aadi
Price: 585 CNY (650 * 10% discount) = around $83 USD. This was shipped with another bag. Shipping for both was 290 CNY.
Payment Method: PayPal F&F
Delivery Method: DHL
Order Timeline:
My photos
Factory Photos
Official site with LGHW
Different color
Different color, shows up close where the serial sticker is
Quality: 8.65/10.0
Accuracy: 7.75/10.0
Satisfaction: 6/10
I mean, given the price point, it’s fine. However, I’d rather go authentic for this piece just because of the price point, I don’t think many factories will put much effort into it. I do find that for SLG’s, less effort is given to quality of materials, quality control, etc. The messy stitching was honestly a dealbreaker.
Seller Communication: 8.5/10.0
Just going to copy and paste what I wrote for my other review since it’s the same package/transaction.
Aadi is a pretty patient seller. I stalled a LONG time before I decided to take the plunge and get this. She remained patient even as I asked about other bags (that I ended up not getting). One thing that rubbed me the wrong way was when I asked her if she knew the tracking number. She sent me a close-up of the waybill when I asked when she had just sent the entire waybill picture. I felt that she thought I was dumb. Honestly, it was probably just a communication barrier, as I had TS Anna teach me how to convert waybills myself so that I don’t bother other sellers. Other than that small mishap, I thoroughly enjoyed buying from her and would again. She offers tons of PSP’s (and they’re good), and I personally like sellers that are patient and willing to answer questions. Also, she’s VERY responsive. Most responses are under 30 minutes when you first reach out and less than 10 minutes if you’re already talking to her.
In addition, I wasn't very happy with the messy stitching. I feel like this was very obvious on Aadi's end, but I do take responsibility for not QC'ing better.
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2020.10.13 02:29 kyngggg 100k giveaway - Le Vagin is not male! As inspired by Emily in Paris 🇫🇷

“Why is the vagina masculine?”… “Maybe it’s because it’s something a woman owns an a man possesses.”


My moodboard is inspired by the new Netflix show Emily in Paris. When Emily posted “the vagina is not male!” as a marketing tagline, I knew I was hooked! (Referencing how the vagina is a male pronoun in French). While it’s mostly tongue in cheek humour, I feel it sends a stronger message. Society may still be defined by some chauvinistic ideas, but it should not hold us back from unapologetically being ourselves. The subtle undertone of the show exuded girl power, with many alpha roles dominated by women. And obviously, if you haven’t watched the show, the fashion is reason enough! My moodpboard is inspired by outfits from the show, being just a little bit of extra, with colours, textures and prints.

I love how Emily always dressed as she wanted, borrowing elements from Parisian fashion, and never letting people tell her how to dress. It kinda hit home, when I was younger my mother would always yell at my sister and I for dressing over the top, telling us that we’ll look like clowns and men will laugh at us for dressing as such, we’ll never find husbands blah blah blah. Thank god it never stuck, and we still dress the way we love today. My sister has a coat in the exact same hot pink shade that Emily wore in the show (no surprise, mama hates that coat!) and of course, it has to be featured in this mood board.

I tried to make this moodboard as “shoppable” as possible, and the clothes in the moodboard are the actual clothes from the taobao listings, and at pocket friendly prices because I’m a slut for cheap TB stuff, plus bonus mod shots of some of the items which I’ve bought before! I didn’t link some items as I’m sure these are easily sourced from your favourite TS for bags/shoes/earrings.


Item - Chanel WOC in Burgundy Caviar with LGHW
Seller - TS Redden
Factory - CC/CD Factory
Price - About 110 USD

My Pictures Modshots
I love this bag so much! I’ve always been a small bag girl, I realise I always subconsciously reach for the bags which are small and handsfree, where it’s so light I forget I’m wearing the bag. I’ve learnt to downsize my life, and generally all I carry in this bag is some cash, keys, ID, tissues and occasionally a phone power bank.

What I Like: Initially I bought a WOC because I felt I just needed one in my collection, it was on sale and at that price point, it was a steal. It’s a beautiful colour, and dark enough to easily match with most colours. Stye wise, it's actually a lot more versatile than I thought, it can be worn crossbody, or the chain can be doubled up for a shorter drop, or to give it more detail to the bag (first photo in the album of my pics), and it can be hand carried or used as a clutch!

What I Don't Like: When the bag first came the chains were squeaky AF! Not so much a factory/rep problem, as it happens in auth a lot too. However, in my experience, CC/CD’s bags generally come with squeaky chains. Two easy fixes I’ve personally tried and have worked are leather conditioner, and baby powder. The only thing that is slightly annoying with this bag would be the button closure, the magnetic one would definitely be more convenient.

Would I recommend?: If you like to pack your kitchen sink every time you step out of the house, then this is not the bag for you. Otherwise, if you're a small bag girl, yes, definitely!


👟OUTFIT I: Lazy errand days
• Tye dye pastel sweater W2C
• Basic pastel spag straps crop top W2C Bonus mod shot in green
Size M fits me well (I’m UK6-8), it’s stretchy and super easy to match!
• Pink coat W2C A different coat in red for something (slightly) less loud!
• Lululemon align tights W2C
Personally I haven't bought this, but my friends who have say it's about 80-90% on par with the auths
• GGDB sneakers Auth
• Chanel WOC Auth (in SHW)
• Celine knot earrings Auth W2C (Style R)

☕️ OUTFIT II: Brunch date
• Tweed blazer + shorts combo W2C
• Silk camisole W2C
I don't have modshots for this but they're comfy and cheap!
• Dior mesh slingbacks Auth
• Constance H18 in Craie RGHW Auth
• Dior TDJ twilly Auth
• Chanel double C stud Earrings Auth

👗OUTFIT III: Art gallery chic
• Crocodile embossed blazer W2C
• Ganni Pleated Georgette dress W2C Bonus 1: Modshots Bonus 2: Maxi version Auth
This is my favourite recent purchase! I didn't even know it was a dupe/rep when I bought it. I've never heard of this brand before, but there was an outfit on the show from this brand, and when I checked it out I was pleasantly surprised I actually had a rep already 😂
• Both White Boots W2C Auth
• Dior Mini Book Tote in Grey Oblique Auth
• Celine Earrings W2C: First link, pricier version Auth

💎 OUTFIT IV: Charity gala dinner
• "High fashion" flower dress W2C
• Amina Muaddi Slingbacks Auth
• Edie Parker Acrylic Clutch Auth Similar clutch here
• Clash de cartier bracelet Auth
• VCA Perlee ring Auth
• Messika Earrings Auth

Thanks for reading!
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2020.10.13 00:43 uhhabi I need help ASAP with finding the right word!!

So I’m writing a paper for one of my classes that was due YESTERDAY but I forgot all about it because I work and go to school for like 40 hours just over the period of Friday-Sunday. It’s about a book called Know My Name, written by Chanel Miller about her experience with the trial, etc after she was r*ped by Brock Turner.
I’m trying to find a word for “a horrible situation that absolutely should not have happened” and fit it into the sentence “Miller, throughout the process of convicting Turner, endured so many _____”. I don’t want to use the word “hardships” because what she went through was a flaw in the system, not an unfortunate event. For those unfamiliar, after she was assaulted she was left completely in the dark about what happened, had her trial date pushed back several times so that it took YEARS before Turner was convicted, and had basically had her entire life ruined because she was not offered adequate support. My paper is about how we need more support for victims in the American criminal justice system.
If I need to rearrange or reword the sentence so the word fits or it flows better that’s fine, I just don’t want to have anything that’s too wordy.
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2020.10.12 21:33 Thechampainoffears My cabinet full of smells....

Me: I never knew that there existed a "fragrance community." Now that I found it, it's interesting to me. I've always enjoyed "smelling good" and in champagned fueled poking around reddit, I found this sub. So, I thought you guys might be interested in my thoughts on some of the fragrances I've accumulated over the years, essentially immune from an internet community that I really didn't know existed. A little bit about me, if you're interested. I'm 44, male and am "in finance." I am at a point in my life where I am divorced, financially independent, and dating women across an age range from 24-50. I mention this only because it seems like a lot of the fragrance discipline seems to be oriented around what the opposite sex seems to find attractive. Sure, all that is fun but mainly, I enjoy the ideas of scent memories and the stories that are in the smells I wear. Probably unnecessarily romantic but in the long run, we're all dead so..who cares? May as well have a blast while we're here..
Anyway, here is a quick look at my "scent wardrobe," I think you guys call it? And my thoughts about some of them.
Adidas: Sport Fever I bought this probably 15 years ago at a drug store because once upon a time, I enjoyed a Hugo Boss fragrance which came in a round ball and smelled like oranges and coriander. This had orange on the label and seemed "sporty." It smells approximately like Creed Aventus (more on that later) because it has a lot of fruit and mint business going on. It doesn't smell anything at all like the Hugo Boss that inspired its purchase. It's just ok. It smells like a drugstore cologne that cost $5. It's not terrible but don't buy it. There's nothing exciting going on, here. If you want to toss this on after a shave, no problem but don't expect to smell amazing. Also, though, you won't smell bad. Next.
Aqua Velva: Musk This stuff.... It's another $6 drug store smell but it smells like getting deals done in New York City in 1986. It's too strong and it smells artificial but it somehow smells like business. I feel like this is what men think men should smell like to get the secretaries excited in the movie "Big." There is a woman out there who will follow you anywhere because you wore this but you better want her because all the others will think that you smell like Harvey Keitel in "Bad Lieutenant" but maybe you A, don't care and B, want to smell exactly like that. You should own this.
Aqua Velva: Aqua Velva Ice Blue This will make you smell like you just got back from a submarine assignment in WW2. It's great to throw on liberally after a shave. Least of all because it burns like a mother fucker and will mix with your coffee and morning cigarette to wake you up. I used to wear this all the time because my cheating ex wife liked it. Probably because it reminded her of her grandfather. Even at the time, I thought, "This appeals to women who have daddy issues." It probably still does but for probably obvious reasons, I don't wear it anymore.
Ariana Grande: Cloud I bought this because a really cute sales 20 something year old sales girl at Ulta told me that it smelled exactly like a much more expensive perfume while I was there buying nail polish with my kid. To be honest, I didn't give a crap what it smelled like. I was hitting on the 20 something year old Ulta girl. It smells like dessert. I'll wear it sometimes but not when I expect to be taken seriously. This is actually a fun fragrance and not offensive. If I'm "jeans and a sweater" and picking apples or something, I'll wear this. It's like an actually reasonably well made version of what I think I remember the freshman girls in college wearing (which was probably Charlie or Teen Spirit deodorant or something.) I should probably throw this out or give it to my kid. The 20 something and I went out a few times for drinks but I think she needs surgery to remove her cell phone from her hand and an intervention on her social media addiction.
Bath and Body Works: Bourbon I go to Bath and Body works because they sell Proraso shave cream, which you can really only get in Italy, under the name of "Bigelow." They also have fragrances which I will occasionally sniff when I go in to buy shave cream. This one was one of those. I have a thing for stuff that smells ambery and churchy and this one gets there. This has that "new perfume" smell. I don't know, is that "ambroxyn?" who knows. But once it mellows down, it's really rich and smooth. Very woody and masculine. It's probably a little "young" for me but it's pretty generic and just smells like "fall." That said, I haven't worn it this fall, yet. It's strongish and I've had people either tell me that it smells "nice" or not comment on it at all which is potentially a worse indictment since they definitely smell it.
Bath and Body Works: Dark Amber This shit smells delicious. It smells like powder and amber. Period. I like the smell of amber way more than powder but this is really nice and cold weather feeling. I think that this is might be a shittily created scent because Bath and Body works, right? But it consistently gets me told that I smell good. This seems inoffensive, generally pleasing and I like the way that it smells, even though it isn't really that complex. You can buy this pretty worry free. Could also easily be worn by a woman.
Bigelow: Lemon 1999 This is, to my mind, just great. It smells like lemons and salt water and once you spray it on your skin, it almost disappears unless someone is right on top of you. There's very little complexity here but the lemon smell is so pure and clean. I cook a lot so I really appreciate pure smells like garlic, lemon and strawberries. This doesn't smell "like" lemon. It smells lemon. It smells like you just walked by a lemon tree in Sicily. I don't wear this because I want to smell good to anyone but me. It stays tight and really close to you. You're not going to leave a lemon cloud behind yourself. This one, impossibly, came also from Bath and Body Works. If it were $200 at Bloomingdales, I would have bought it. I think it cost me $30. This is great. Next time you're in Bath and Body Works getting cookie scented hand sanitizer, buy this.
Burberry: London This smells like the drawing room at Christmas from the Nutcracker. It's fucking brilliant. I'll wear this in the middle of the summer when I want to smell like Santa Claus is coming. It hits all the spots. It's clean but heavy. It just smells like home and comfort. If you want to feel at peace while things are seemingly out of control, wear this. I don't remember why or when I bought this but it smells like comfort. Buy this.
Burberry: Touch People have commented that this smells great on me. I think it smells like shit. It smells like a baby powder bomb. I really only wear it very occasionally because it apparently smells much better on my skin than I think it does. Don't buy this. I don't trust people who say that this smells good. Too heavy, too sneezy and too much powder. No go.
Burberry: Brit for Him This is ok but only smells "sophisticated" if you don't know what Guerlain fragrances smell like. I honestly think that there are $5 CVS fragrances that smell better than this. It's really thick and has a fake rosy smell to it. I smells like they tried hard to make it smell good but focused mostly on making it smell "strong." I don't love this one but will very occasionally wear it to convince myself to not wear it next time.
Burberry: Brit Rhythm This smells better than the Brit. But is also probably too "young" for me. It's got a nice vegetal flavor going on and smells like it wants to smell like basil and patchouli but it also smells very grating and aggressive (while still not offensive.) I could wear this but I'd vaguely smell like everyone else in my firm. Pass on this one. It's ok but not great. It's pretty generic and smells at the same time like everything else but just enough different from everything else that it's not quite the same.
Cartier: Pasha de Cartier Now, we're starting to get into serious business. This smells like money and also, vaguely, my pediatrician in 1979. Pasha just smells aggressive. I'm pretty sure it will fill a room with a strong but tolerable smell. It smells uniquely like Pasha de Cartier. You know it immediately, when you smell it. It smells like you paid an interior designer to tell you to have no furniture except for Relling chairs in your office. It smells like you own a 911 turbo which you've never taken above 80 mph. It smells like you could fuck the wife of the guy you're talking to but you'd probably chicken out if it came down to it. I love Pasha de Cartier.
Cartier: Declaration This shit stinks. I love it but it stinks. When you put it on, you think, "Do I smell like cumin seed? Will people think I stink?" The answer is "Yes." I wish I were brave enough to wear this more often. It is an absolutely fascinating smell. But the only one who will find it "fascinating" is you. Do NOT wear this in public. But DO buy it. I dare you.
Creed: Aventus I paid way too much for this because I was in Bloomingdales and was looking to spend "stupid money" for no reason whatsoever and the shopper girl told me that this was the next hot thing. It seems like this is highly regarded in the fragrance reddits but I don't think that it's worth the price. It's funny because somehow, in the store, it seemed a little steep but not wholly unreasonable. So I bought it. But I have worn this very infrequently. I can't put my finger on it but it's simultaneously strong but weak. Sweet but not. Cloying yet subtle. I originally thought that it smelled good but I don't anymore. When I put this on, it somehow convinces me that it smells great and will smell even better but it never makes good on that promise. It's weird. I don't hate it but it aggravates me that I paid so much for it, to smell essentially like fruit cocktail. It's just ok. I feel like maybe Guerlain and Penhaligons have spoiled me and I would have enjoyed this more if it had been way less money.
Davidoff: Cool Water Coral Reef This one, I like. It seems like "dirty" Cool Water to me. I like cool water just fine but this is a little bit more (or less.) There's nothing ground breaking, here. It smells like the sea, sans fish and stink. When I'm on a boat, I will wear this. I don't know how to be more plain. It seems like there's a minty bit in there that pushes it a little beyond the saltiness of Cool Water. I think Cool Water is really a classic and this is a good if slight improvement on it. You can't go wrong with this one but it's also not going to knock anyone's socks off.
Dior: Sauvage This is garbage. Plain and simple. I bought this because I was talking to another guy in my office about fragrance and he told me all about how Sauvage was that best thing that had been released in the past hundred years. So, I went to see my guy at Bloomingdales and got a bottle. This shit stinks. It smells like Axe body wash. There's something in it that makes me think of the "too much cologne" guy. I don't even care about the stuff that's under that. The primary smell is the "too much cologne guy." I was honestly shocked. I didn't figure that Dior would release something so brutal and blunt. Maybe this is just too "young" for me but I think that it's unnecessarily heavy and falsely deep. Not impressed. I like Dolce and Gabbana Light Blue Sun for women WAY better. More on that later. Regardless, Sauvage is a no go. Do not buy this.
Dolce and Gabbana: Light Blue Sun This is a women's fragrance. I don't care. It smells amazing. It's not unisex. If you're a man and you wear this, you're going to smell like a chick. But a really sophisticated chick with her shit entirely together. This smells like the beach and salt water and the sun and coppertone. It smells like a day that you wished you'd known was going to be as perfect as it turned out to be so that you could have paid attention better. This smells like a sexy librarian with a trust fund who you think, "She has no idea how hot she is." You're wrong. She knows exactly how hot she is and she wrecks men like you. I love this and wear it regularly during the summer. When told that this smells good, I always think, "Of course you think it smells good. I smell like the woman with the story you'd like to be yours."
Dunhill: Edition Do you want to smell like Magnum PI? For an hour? Buy Edition. Edition is magical. For a very short time. If you want to smell like James Bond, killing people after you just met a smoking hot spy at some roulette table, you need Edition. I don't know what this smells like. But it doesn't last long. It just smells like British. I don't know what more to say about that. It smells like green plants and assertiveness and a Jaguar XK150. You'll think you smell good and you'll be right but nobody else will be able to smell you after you leave the house. Edition smells absolutely amazing but you better do whatever you're up to quickly because it will leave you just as quickly as you put it on. This is like a less aggressive de Pasha. Buy it and then, be annoyed that it lasts for shit. Come to think of it, James Bond movies are only 2 hours long so maybe it lasts exactly as long as it needs to.
Dunhill: Fresh Do NOT buy this. Because it smells amazing and like very few other fragrances and it is my secret. This is very near all the other "sea" fragrances but goes further, somehow. This smells like the movie Dirty Rotten Scoundrels in the best way possible. This smells like Nice in August. The sea is there, the flowers are there, the food is there. This smells like that linen shirt that you almost don't put on because you think, "This makes me look like P. Diddy...I probably shouldn't wear this." But, yes, you should and who cares? Dunhill Fresh is so slick and subtle but also different. Nobody will tell you that you smell great because you just will and it smells like you're expecting to smell great and it's not a big deal. I've worn this on the Mediterranean and it was exactly perfect. It doesn't need to be warm and sunny to wear this. But it will definitely remind you of the days of summer.
Guerlain: Habit Rouge I bought this because my grandfather always had it. This smells like your grandmother's ass and lipstick when you first spray it on. But....wait. It turns into something amazing. I don't know how but it does. Habit Rouge starts out smelling like fake roses and playdoh. And then, it somehow morphs into something that can't be described. It smells like meritocracy and maturity and magic and the drawer of a dresser that has smelled exactly the same in one of the houses on Bellevue Avenue in Newport for 100 years. Be clear. You will not like or "get" Habit Rouge the first time you wear it. You will think that it smells like an old lady. You will think that it's a lot of things but none of them, "male." Stop. Let it sink in. Let it sit. Habit Rouge is so good it should be illegal. You need to have balls the size of Godzilla to wear Habit Rouge. Or, wear Habit Rouge and you will end up with Godzilla sized balls. I don't want to be crass but, there are two fragrances (both Guerlain) that have elicited the statement, "You smell fucking amazing" in bed. The first is Habit Rouge. Once you get Habit Rouge on your skin it's nearly impossible to understand why other fragrances exist at all. Habit Rouge mixed with light body odor and the smell of having been outdoors is so good it should be a federal offense.
Guerlain: Heritage This is what Chanel Egoiste would smell like if they took the "bug spray" smell out. Again, almost impossible to describe. It's got that "Dead Poets Society" smell but deeper and more serious. It's got a warmer, velvety feel to it. There's a leather background to it and something that just makes you want to keep smelling it. How Guerlains are around $100 a bottle, I have no idea whatsoever. Heritage isn't my "signature" scent but it could be. It could be anyone's. I'm probably wrong but if you're a young guy who has been told to get Sauvage...ignore that and get Heritage. They don't smell the same but trust me that you'll realize that this was a great idea much later.
Guerlain: L'Instant I'm going to keep this short and tell you two things, here. 1. L'Instant smells like chocolate covered orange peel, incense, vanilla and the heavy red velvet curtains in a French whore house and will change but lasts almost 24 hours. 2. L'Instant WILL get you laid. Guaranteed. By women or men who know exactly what they're doing and are unnaturally talented at fucking. I'm sorry to be coarse but some things need to be stated exactly as they are. L'Instant goes great with my Ferragamo loafers. L'Instant smells like you've never made a bad decision because even your bad decisions turn out brilliantly. L'Instant smells like the integrity of Abraham Lincoln crossed with the filth of a really artfully shot porn film. If all Guerlain made was this, they could consider themselves "done." This stuff is in an entirely other league. This is the other Guerlain that has elicited the contextual comment referenced in the Habit Rouge summary. The things that you will do and the situations that you will find yourself in while wearing L'Instant will ruin your life and you'll love every minute. Please, don't buy this. I'm warning you. You'll accidentally buy a boat. You'll have a soundtrack that only you can hear. You'll feel bad for Chris Isaak and Helena Christensen that they were so prudish and awkward in that Wicked Game video in comparison to you.
Guerlain: Vetiver I read somewhere that JFK used to wear this. I can see that. If you want to smell like Don Draper, wear this. It's pretty straight forward and smells like Vetiver. How do I know that? Because I have Royall Vetiver and the smell is almost identical. You can tell that this is well made and classic but it might not be the smell for you. I think that maybe, once upon a time, vetiver was a man's smell. But I think that enough time has passed that nobody remembers when men smelled like this. You'll have to decide how you play that. If you want to know what vetiver smells like, get this. If you want to smell like vetiver, get this. I haven't given this one a fair shot but I want to. It's very even toned and reasonable. It smells like it could be worn by someone dangerous but probably wouldn't be.
Lacoste: Pour Homme This is a great middle of the road smell. This is suit but with no tie. It's citrusy but also smells a little like burning leaves. I had a friend in high school who wore United Colors of Benneton and this reminds me of that. I don't think that they smell the same but I get the same, fun, innocent feeling from those days when I smell this. I think this would smell great on a man or a woman. I wear this now and then when I think, "Oh, I like that one. I haven't worn it in a while. I think I'll wear it today. This smells like a really solid concierge at the Hilton. He'll get you whatever you want and make you feel like a million bucks. No reason not to have this one.
Lacoste: Essential I like this Lacoste, too. It's very simple and very fresh. It smells like a fancy tennis game in 1983. Another high school memory, here. When I was in high school, I spent my summers working at the pool restaurant at the country club. This smells like that. It smells like sporty money but nothing too obnoxious or simplistic. It's exactly what it needs to be. This is a good fragrance for a steak dinner at one of those places where everything is a la carte. If you're wearing a polo shirt with an alligator on it, you should wear this because you'll smell exactly right and it's what everyone is imagining you probably smell like, anyway. Give the people what they want. I don't remember where or when I bought this but I feel like it's probably too cheap to not get. Again, if you're a young guy and someone told you to buy Dior Sauvage buy this instead. I say that because demographic-wise, this skews towards the younger women I've dated. 25 year old women with their first "real job in the city" seem to like this scent.
Lalique: Encre Noir I bought this at Neiman Marcus. I think that I'd be blown away by this if I hadn't smelled anything from Guerlain. This is heavy and smells like Dracula in a mossy forest. This might be one of my favorites if I could stop wearing L'Instant. This is very dark and thick. It's almost choking and intoxicating. It smells like new money. It smells like someone who knows that class and manners are important and is trying their best to be appropriate but didn't stop to consider whether smelling like forest Dracula is necessarily appropriate in all instances. This smells great and is very forgiving despite its heft. I wouldn't let my daughter date a guy who smelled like this but I would appreciate the hell out of his effort. On the right woman, this would smell incredible and dangerous. Buy it but don't wear it all the time.
Lalique: Encre Noir Extreme I also bought this at Neiman Marcus at the same time as the other one. Everything I said about the first one stands but this one somehow has a more citrusy furniture addition and the smell of incense inside a confessional. It's hard to decide which of these is better because they're simultaneously very close but also very different. Another solid one. I'm not as convinced that this one would be good "on the right woman" it might be good on the "wrong woman." If you smell her, let me know. I bought this once and would again.
Lalique: Bentley Intense Ok, in defense of "Sauvage guy" in my office, he also recommended this and he was right. I wasn't keen on the idea of a car fragrance. It seemed tacky to me. Is that the second place prize? "I can't afford a Bentley but I smell like their perfume?" But I must admit that this stuff smells great. Super easy to wear with a suit and tie or open collar and jeans. It's very rummy and a little bit leathery and has a smell of iced tea. Maybe it doesn't and I just get confused because it's the color of iced tea. This could almost be a Guerlain scent if Guerlain didn't insist on making everything smell like it came out of a steam powered time machine. It's modern enough to be modern but classic enough to be classic. This smells like a solid upstanding family man who was a little wild in his younger days but has toned it down and has settled into his adult life but still probably shouldn't be allowed to go to a bachelor party.
Michael Kors: Extreme Sky I feel like I shouldn't like this but I do. To me, Michael Kors is synonymous with people buying a Michael Kors bag when they really want a Vuitton but don't have the coin and convince themselves that Michael Kors is just as good. But this stuff smells like lightning and rain. I don't know another way to describe it. It's fresh and windy and feels like what the Sharper Image should smell like back when Sharper Image was cool and not just more expensive Spencers Gifts. (Are these references contemporary? Do those places still exist?) This smells like chrome and glass and track lighting. This smells like the guy at the BMW dealer who's the best salesman there and is somehow making 6 figures selling cars and has no idea that he could triple his income doing exactly what he's doing but selling something other than cars. I don't wear this often but I will miss it when it's gone because by that time, you won't be able to get it anymore. I probably shouldn't like this one but I do.
Penhaligons: Bayolea Do you want to spend an insane amount of money to smell like a barber shop in 1952? Then, this is for you. This stuff smells like a pirate ship if pirates weren't filthy and showered. This is like the best Bay Rhum that you will ever inhale. It smells like someone else's signature smell that they found ages ago for next to no money in some little shop in the Virgin Islands but which you will never be able to get. It smells like it should be cheap but the quality is just beyond next level. This is classic. They say that vetiver is the classic male scent but I think, really, it's this one. This smells like the guy with the 150' sail boat who used to sail his own boat but then hired a captain to sail it for him but then decided that he was going to go back to sailing his own boat again.
Penhaligons: Endymion This stuff is unbelievable. It reminds me of a very British Guerlain. This is up there with L'Instant and is somehow similar but with the addition of espresso. Very sophisticated. You might want to take up pipe smoking if you want to wear this. Or, at least, increase the number of leather bound first editions that you own. This is what Winston Churchill would smell like if he looked like George Clooney. I don't think that a younger guy could wear this. It doesn't smell like an old man but just like you need to mature into your first Kiton shirt, you need to be ready to step into this one. This smells like an F-50 CEO who somehow never has to do any work. No problem whatsoever with a woman wearing this one. I have one in particular who always uses a bit when she leaves.
Penhaligons: Juniper Sling. Gin martini. That's it. This smells like a gin martini without the alcoholic stink. People will ask you if they're correct that you smell like a martini. They will be. This one is fun to wear and I feel like it's a companion to Bayolea. To be fair to this one it only really smells like a martini for the first hour and then it turns into something that smells like the flowery freshness of a garden on a not too humid day. This reminds me of the 100 year old tile bathroom on the first floor of the NYAC. It smelled that way 100 years ago and will still smell the same 100 years from now, long after you're dead. This just smells like class in a bottle. If you actually want to embrace smelling like Gordon Gekko with absolutely no apologies, you should buy this. I don't think women like the way this smells. I don't think that the men wearing it particularly care.
Pinaud: Clubman Classic Vanilla This is in a plastic bottle and costs $6 at your local Walgreens. Penhaligons could easily take this and just dump it into fancier glass bottles and sell it for $150. I think that they've been making this the same way for decades and it is such a sleeper that I almost hesitate to mention it. This has so much going on and is spicy without being too spicy, only faintly vanilla-y and is an all around great scent. I'll go through phases where this is my go-to for a month at a time. This smells the way Mrs. Robinson from the Graduate wanted her men to smell. Benjamin didn't smell that way because I'm sure he wore Old Spice but she let it slide. You're a fool if you don't buy this the next time you have to refill your tooth paste supply.
Royall: Vetiver I find this one interchangeable (more or less) with Guerlain Vetiver. It's a little bit citrusy and very thickly vetiver. I read somewhere that the origin of vetiver was from the fact that they used vetiver oil to ship very expensive men's clothing and keep bugs away from it but that the Vetiver smell never really went away. That seems to make sense to me on this one. This is exactly what I imagine a very nice suit would smell like if it were shipped to me in 1870. It smells classic and grassy and seems like it wants to be cloying but never really gets there. I think that for a while Royall stuff was cheap and then expensive and then cheap again. I bought all my Royalls ages ago at Brooks Bros so I'm sure I paid way, way too much for them. But whatever they cost, it's worth it just for the cool bottles with the crown caps.
Royall: Spyce This Smells like super fantastic Old Spice. It smells like a super deep version of your grandfather after he just got back from playing golf in a nice cashmere v neck sweater. If you want to smell like old spice but better, this is a very refined way to go. It really does smell like allspice, cinnamon, cloves and cardamom but it never ventures into cookie territory. It's very warm and fairly heavy. I think that Royall, being Bermuda based, thinks that it has mostly warm-weather type scents. I'd be careful with this in warm weather. It's not unwearable in the warm but I'd go light on it.
Royall: Muske Musky and powdery. This is like a warm manly blanket. If you want to smell like you're very clearly in charge and nobody needs to worry anymore because you've shown up...this is the one. Mrs Robinson wanted her men to smell like Clubman Classic Vanilla but when they smelled like Royall Muske, she was immediately made weak in the knees. This is another one that could almost be in the Guerlain / Penhaligons mix but isn't subtle enough. And it's not apologetic about it's unsubtlety. It's very refined but still rough around the edges. This is what Ernest Hemmingway should have smelled like if he had gotten his shit together, grown up and conquered his alcoholism. Easy buy.
Viktor and Rolf: Spicebomb Fresh I bought this accidentally because I thought that it was Spicebomb. This is nice and easy to wear. It's got a little bit of smokiness, somehow and a lot of citrus. I don't detect much spice there but who knows. I've been told more than once that this smells good on me. It's easy when I'm not in the mood to think too hard about what I want to wear or be bothered to "pick one." Middle of the road, probably could be worn pretty easily by women.
So there you go. Going back and reading this, I'm realizing that I likely have Peter Pan syndrome but also want to smell like something from 200 years ago. But the stories are fun. I look forward to continuing to read all about everyone else's excitement about fragrances. It's a real kick.
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2020.10.12 20:26 ChanelBoy 100K Giveaway - 21st Century Coco

The 21st Century Coco Chanel; a dash of girl boss, a dash of socialite and zero ounces of Nazi spy
Item List:
Item - Chanel Belt Bag
Seller - TS Oli
I have no idea which factory this is from - sorry!!
Price - 550 Yuan + 170 shipping ($103) - On Sale
I LOVE THIS BAG! I wear it almost everyday whether going for coffee, a dinner date or a club. The quality isn't amazing but this bag has certainly been put through its paces and is still holding up. If you're looking for a belt bag but want something that will withstand trends this is the one for you!
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2020.10.12 11:57 bluecoke6112 100K Giveaway – Out of comfort zone in an alternate universe: Animal Crossing ver.

Alternate Universe Mood Board

This mood board is inspired by the official collaborations between u/animalcrossingfashionarchive (on Instagram) and designer brands. I came across this Vogue article featuring a virtual fashion show on ACNH, with pieces from various designers like Loewe, Dior, among others. I checked out the organiser’s Instagram, and well, as expected, there were quite a few designs that are way out of my comfort zone. This mood board revolves around pieces from Valentino, MM6 Maison Margiela and MCM that were converted into fashion pieces in the game.
In an alternate universe (aka ACNH), I’m my avatar is totally comfortable wearing neon green (dress, makeup, the full set), a nude bodysuit or full-blown monogram outfits out planting money trees on my island. Nothing against these, I do appreciate their aesthetics. But not when I’m wearing them. So here’s a moodboard for when I’m in yet another alternate universe, where I actually wear them out in real life.
*Avatar pictures taken from u/animalcrossingfashionarchive
*Pieces from the ACNH collaborations are italicized, reps that I am reviewing are bolded

- Dior 30 Montaigne in teal/calfskin
- Seller – TS Oli
- Marble Factory
- Originally 1580 CNY, after groupbuy disount = 1380 CNY
- My pictures!
- I’m planning to write a 1-year wear and tear review for this, but here’s a mini summary:

- By Far Sofia boots in white (size 38)
- Seller – Taobao (WTC)
- Not sure which factory this is, cause Taobao
- 288 CNY
- Pictures
- Review summary:


Thank you for reading!
*Bonus: I saw this piece during the virtual fashion show, thought it’d look cute in real life, but it was not as I expected...
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2020.10.12 08:15 basiclilpsl 100K Giveaway -- California Love ft. Tupac

MOOD BOARD ☀️🌴🏖️🍷⛰️
Let’s just say 2020 has been whyyyyallld. But one silver lining is that it has taught me to be appreciative of what I have. In particular, my home state of California. From being one of the hotspots of Covid to having months of devastating wildfires to everyone saying we’re due for another major earthquake, California has been through a lot but is resilient AF. I took it for granted pre-covid and was always looking to escape, but these past few months have pushed me to social-distantly explore my home (interspersed with a few weekends of reality TV binges).
So, this 4-part mood board is dedicated to the many sides of California!
As for style, I love matchy-matchy sets, dark colors, and a fun bag! Obviously also had to add some Tupac-headband-inspo in honor of him and his banging California Love song.
  1. Napa - I am all about dressing up and pretending I know the difference in grape varietals and what a vintage is. But really, I’m just here to get drunk and feel bougie while doing it. For this board, I’m going to choose to remember better times for Napa, pre-wildfires. I love this solid jumpsuit with wedges, perfect to transition from champagne tasting all day to fancy dinner at night
    1. Reformation Grazia Two Piece
    2. Aquazzura Minimalist Sandal Wedge
    3. Dior Revolution ring
    4. Dogeared elephant bracelet
    5. Louis Vuitton Petite Boite Chapeau (review below)
  2. Santa Barbara and the beaches: I love water activities - swimming, surfing, paddleboarding, or just crashing your friend’s cousin’s boyfriend’s sister’s rented boat bash. Who doesn’t want to be sailing over the water feeling the spirit of Moana and singing her fight song? I too would like to be a teen girl saving my entire island while maintaining killer hair.
    1. Cult Gaia Gemma Cutout Swimsuit
    2. Kaja Gruettner Surf Apparel Black Swimsuit
    3. Ray Ban 3447 Sunglasses
    4. Gucci Marmont Espadrille Sandals
    5. Dogeared Seashell Charm bracelet
  3. Yosemite: Ok this is not a real hiking outfit. These shoes would disintegrate at the first touch of a rock. The backpack would fit a snack bar. This outfit here is just for the ‘gram - here I am doing nature and outdoor stuff!
    1. Rocket Dog Bristel Hiking Boots
    2. Patagonia Recycled High Pile Fleece Down Jacket
    3. Bombinatewear Long Sleeve Sportswear Set
    4. YSL New Wave sunglasses
    5. Nike pink headband
    6. Forever 21 bear ankle socks
    7. Goyard Alpin MM Backpack
  4. LA: This outfit is for the girl who is finally doing date night with her sexy firefighting boyfriend and ready for some action! It’s my turn now. Put out my fire! Sorry back to the outfit(s), love a slinky silk dress, stilettos, and lots of sparkle.
    1. Forever 21 Black satin crop cami
    2. Miss Selfridges Black satin skirt
    3. Zimmerman Blue Silk Wrap Dress
    4. Tiffany HardWear Ball Hook Earrings
    5. Cartier Love with Diamonds
    6. Chanel East West Sequin Flap Bag
    7. YSL Opyum Heels (review below)
**2 Mini-Reviews**
Louis Vuitton Petite Boite Chapeau

YSL Opyum Black Heels 110cm
Woo! That took a few days, but so much fun!💃Thanks mods for putting together this awesome contest and for getting all our creative juices flowing. Definitely needed this (+ the excuse to drink wine the entire time).
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2020.10.10 09:26 NajsBejbe 100K Giveaway - [Old Money Style When Money Speaks For Itself]

Old Money Mood Board

[Mood Board]
Dear Ladies,
It's autumn time. I enjoy myself with a cup of hot chai latte that fills the apartment with warm aroma of cinnamon, ginger, cardamom and honey. It made me thinking, first leaves are falling- I need to adjust my style. What comes to mind is wool, cardigans, cashmere and tweed. That means- Old Money Style. British country, equestrian sports, royalty, old Ralph Lauren campaigns, timeless pieces. Fashion that is quiet, durable, high quality and comfortable. Just perfect for current season- of the year and as well in fashion.
I want you to enjoy these inspirations under the blanket. Dim your lights, burn scented candles, get some warm beverage play the tune.
Now, this is how it all started: Paris Hilton documentary was recently released, Rebel Wilson started dating Jacob Busch and I got lost in my new book "Pretty Things" by J. Brown. As you might know Paris and her sister Nicky come from Hilton Hotels money, however Nicky herself married creme de la creme of the Old Money- James Rothschild. Jacob Busch on the other hand comes from the Budweiser founder's family. If this is not old money, then what is? Sum up all of these names, add to it current trends and vintage vibes and what you get is my Old Money inspired mood board. Combination of current trends such as quilting, oversized shirts, leather boots, **oversized vests.**Main focus is the spirit of autumn in the British countryside. No logos, no visible branding, just timeless quite style. Where you can enjoy preppy pearl earrings with classic blue cotton shirt and leather loafers.

*** Shop the style ***

Gucci Loafers Brown alternative
Burberry Brown Quilted Fitted Jacket
Ralph Lauren Cashmere Sweater
Dubarry Leather Outdoor Boots
Ralph Lauren Shirt
Ralph Lauren White Wide Pants
Alexander McQueen Double Belt

** BONUS**

These items you can find at our TS (Anna, Linda, Fisherman, Tong), you just need to ask. In my opinion these still match the style from my mood board so enjoy!
Gucci Loafers
Burberry Trench Coat The Kensington
Burberry Black Short Quilted Jacket
MaxMara Bondone (both TS Linda and Anna have these)
Gucci Cardigan
Chanel 2.55 bag
Cartier Panthere Gold Watch
Burberry Wide Quilted Jacket (brown)
Chanel Ballerinas
Ray-Ban Clubmaster Sunglasses
Balmain Blazer
Ralph Lauren Buttoned Pullover (Taobao)
RL Polo T-shirt (Taobao)
RL Oversized Retro shirt (Taobao)


Gucci Loafers - Jordaan Horsebit
Seller - TS Linda
Price - 650 RMB
Although I live in China I still have to wait for them so unfortunatelly I cannot include the review. Instead I will review my new sunglasses that perfectly fit the Old Money look. They cover half of your face and make you look mysterious. Their minimalistic branding fit the silent "rich" style.
Introducing "Anoushka" Sunglasses by TOM FORD.
Price: 480 RMB
Seller: Mei wechat: L13170969654 She was recommended to me by one of our TS.
Sunglasses came pretty fast. She said that they have UV protection but I haven't checked. They seem heavy and lux. Definitely beautiful- especially because they have two-tonned glass which give "expensive" vibe. Minus: They are falling of my face. I have pretty small face and very narrow nose. Because the model is so big and they are so heavy they are sliding off my face. I need to figure out what to do with that because I definitely what to wear them in the future. The box as you can see on the photos has scratched the logo but it doesn't bother me. Surely they are not packed 1:1.
In order to full fill the mood to the top I also suggest these videos, books, and movies:
This is Paris
Crazy Rich Asians (Try the book first)
Rothchild Family Documentary
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