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Quarantainment Suggestion: Movies that take place in Los Angeles

2020.04.03 20:12 Ex__ Quarantainment Suggestion: Movies that take place in Los Angeles

EDIT: If something is missing, check the edits first.
Hello all! I don't know about the rest of this town, but I sure do enjoy movies. In this post I'm going to share a list of movies that:
A.) Are watchable, possibly even entertaining.
B.) Take place in Los Angeles. Some may simply have just a scene or two in Los Angeles whereas others are fully written for a Los Angeles setting. Some may even be fictional locations that were neverless filmed in and highly resemble the Los Angeles area.
Most of these are mainstream movies so no real gems in this list, but I encourage others to contribute in the comments. I realize that not everyone has watched everything, so I'll provide insight that assumes you haven't seen the film yet.

Movies that take place in a non-fictional Los Angeles setting

Movies that partially take place in Los Angeles

Movies that take place in a fictionalized Los Angeles

Thats it for my list. Don't feel like proofreading it, so I apologize for any grammatical errors. Be aware that I can't think of or remember EVERYTHING. Also this isn't meant to be an encyclopedic list, so there are some films I left off intentionalyl ebcause I didn't feel they were what I considered watchable. That being said, I'll edit in any film that's commented below, but don't blame me if you watch it and it sucks ass.
Swimming With Sharks (1994) - Another one I forgot. Stars 90s Kevin Spacey and Brett from Pulp Fiction. Decent watch, if not a bit over the top with the ending.
Up in Smoke (1978) - The original stoner comedy. Stars the comedy duo Cheech and Chong. Excellent watch and they do a good performance of Earache My Eye. In fact, the entire soundtrack is dope. Definitely worth a watch.
Car Wash (1976) - Solid comedy, stars Richard Pryor, and spawned the song of the same titled that charted heavily in the 70s. Had a really stupid remake that I think Aftermath records produced named The Wash that is not at all worth mentioning further.
Set It Off (1996) - A bank heist film on the surface, but really the black woman's answer to Thelma and Louise. Stars Jada Pinkett-Smith, Vivica A. Fox, and Queen Latifah as a lesbian waaaaaaay before she officially came out.
u/Cribbit has further decreed that Bosch (Amazon Prime) and Barry (HBO) are further required watching for continued Los Angeles residency.
u/SoCaLABoy - L.A. Story (1991
u/south_butt - Chinatown (1974) - can't believe I forgot about this one
u/LaCienegaBoulevard - Drive (2011)
u/LaCienegaBoulevard - Encino Man (1992)
u/yungmisdreavus - The Falcon and the Snowman (1985)
u/illaparatzo - The Little Shop of Horrors (1960)
u/Omaro1 - 500 Days of Summer (2009)
u/Westcork1916 - Falling Down (1993)
u/Westcork1916 - Fight Club (1999)
u/Westcork1916 - Swordfish (2001)
u/Westcork1916 - The Fast and the Furious (2001)
u/the_boy_who_lied - Speed (1994)
u/ItsAaronYo - Lethal Weapon 1-4 (1987-1998)
u/can_non - The Big Lebowski (1998)
u/CPL593 - Short Cuts (1993)
u/CPL593 - Repo Man (1984)
u/CPL593 - To Live and Die in L.A. (1985)
u/CPL593 - Suburbia (1983)
u/CPL593 - The Killing of a Chinese Bookie (1976)
u/CPL593 - The Player (1992)
u/CPL593 - The Loved One (1965)
u/CPL593 - Body Double (1984)
u/CPL593 - Ed Wood (1994)
u/CPL593 - The Long Goodbye (1973)
u/CPL593 - Busting (1974)
u/CPL593 - Minnie and Moskowitz (1971)
u/CPL593 - Massacre Mafia Style (1974)
u/CPL593 - The Decline of Western Civilization (1981)
u/ZanderSchwab - Go (1999)
u/torpedobonzer - Blood In Blood Out (1993)
u/torpedobonzer - American Me (1992)
u/torpedobonzer - Real Women Have Curves (2002)
u/torpedobonzer - Born In East L.A. (1987)
u/torpedobonzer - My Family (1995)
u/mkgarcia - Magnolia (1999)
u/thatmattg - Under the Silver Lake (2019)
u/dookoo - Volcano (1997)
u/fujiiiiiiiiii - La La Land (2016)
u/aaf14 - Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1956)
u/evilr2 - Escape from LA (1996)
u/evilr2 - Tango & Cash (1989)
u/evilr2 - They Live (1988)
u/evilr2 - Last Action Hero (1993)
u/evilr2 - This is the End (2013)
u/Articulate_Silence - Collateral (2004)
u/Mattisthe1 - Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (2005)
u/eaglebtc - Stand and Deliver (1988)

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2015.08.01 21:48 sawalrath The Hip Hop 101 Film Discussion #3: "Menace II Society"

Welcome to the /hiphop101 film discussions!

I've been slacking lately, and haven't kept the film discussion going. Since it's the first of August, I figured we'd get this going again! This week's film: Menace II Society (thanks TJ902!)
Previous discussions: * Beats Rhymes & Life: The Travels of a Tribe Called Quest * Boyz N the Hood
  • Name: Menace II Society
  • Director: The Hughes Brothers
  • Release Date: 26 May 1993 (USA)
  • Running time: 97 minutes
  • Genre: Drama
  • Production company: New Line Cinema
Synopsis: "Menace II Society is a 1993 American hood drama film directed by Allen and Albert Hughes in their directorial debut, and starring Tyrin Turner, Jada Pinkett, Larenz Tate and Samuel L. Jackson. The film is set in South Central Los Angeles, California. The film follows the life of a hoodlum named Kaydee "Caine" Lawson and his close friends. It gained notoriety for its scenes of violence, profanity, and drug-related content. It was released in May 1993 to critical acclaim for its gritty portrayal of urban violence and its powerful underlying messages."
Where to watch Don't forget that your local library, or university/school library can more often than not get the film via interlibrary loan, for free.
As long as it relates to the film or the film's subject matter, nothing is off-topic. Discuss whatever you'd like, as long as it relates to the film. Off topic comments will be removed.
Some things to discuss could be:
  • An individual scene
  • An individual quote
  • Director's intent
  • Overall feelings regarding the work as a whole
  • Did you agree/disagree with the film's message?
  • Favorite part/scene?
  • Overarching themes?
  • Quality of acting (for non-documentary films)
  • Critical theory
  • General thoughts on the film
The next film for discussion: TBD

Late to the thread? Not a problem! Active discussion will take place throughout the month!

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