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King of the Desert 3 - RO64 Post Match Discussion

2020.09.21 12:51 skie1994 King of the Desert 3 - RO64 Post Match Discussion

Did not see any thread so creating a discussion post on this.
King of the desert 3 RO64 concluded after 4 days.
Streams :
Prizepool : $50,000
Sponsors : Pinztec, Microsoft
Format : Best of 3 Single elimination
Group A
Player Result Player
TheViper 2 - 0 komtan
Hoang 1 - 2 Lyx
Capoch 0 - 2 Zuppi
BacT 2 - 1 Vodka_L
TheMax 2 - 0 Valas
saymyname 0 - 2 RiuT
dogao 2 - 0 Fedex
st4rk 1 - 2 BruH

RO32 matches:
Viper vs lyx
Zuppi vs BacT
TheMax vs RiuT
dogao vs BruH

Group B
Player Result Player
Hera 2 - 0 repard
PROject_Belgium 2 - 1 BadBoy
Villese 2 - 0 Babaorum
Daniel 2 - 1 JorDan
TaToh 2 - 0 BadKoala
Barles 2 - 0 SongSong
vivi 2 - 0 K4SVA
Miguel 2 - 0 Running

RO32 matches:
Hera vs PROject_Belgium
Villese vs Daniel
TaToh vs Barles
vivi vs Miguel

Group C
Player Result Player
Liereyy 2 - 0 classicpro
CL_ 2 - 0 Cloud
Vinchester 2 - 0 Sobek
slam 2 - 0 jibatong
Nicov 2 - 0 Rise
Rex 0 - 2 DracKen
Daut 2 - 0 Heartt
Tim 1 - 2 Twigg

RO32 matches:
Liereyy vs CL_
Vinchester vs slam
Nicov vs DracKen
Daut vs Twigg

Group D
Player Result Player
Mr_Yo 2 - 0 Scotty
Modri 0 - 2 Sitaux
ACCM 2 - 0 Nili
F1re 0 - 2 Chart
Mbl 2 - 0 Sora Kuma
Rubenstock 0 - 2 Angelina Jolie
Laaaaan 1 - 2 Goku
StrayDog 2 - 0 Dark

RO32 matches:
Mr_Yo vs Sitaux
ACCM vs Chart
Mbl vs AngelinaJolie
Goku vs StrayDog

RO32 Dates - Sep 24th to Sep 27th, Best of 5 games
Future brackets with civ statistics -

Games are prerecorded and casted by MembTV. Cocasters like NovaAOE, Lidakor, Ornlu, Dave and T90 have joined for some of the games and it has been extremely fun. MembTV deserves loads of credits for making AoE2 great again!!

I didn't see all the game, but some plays which I saw were very interesting
What did everyone think of the games?
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2019.06.16 05:27 kjmichaels Climbing Mount Readmore: Reading Our Top Fantasy Novels Part 11 - Finishing the 95s and Beginning the 90s

Welcome to an endeavor that no matter how bad it is, will at least be marginally better than the final season of Game of Thrones. Each month I will be reading 5 books from our Top Novels of 2018 list until I have read the starting book from each series. When we last checked in, I covered 5 entries from the 95 tier. Now we finish the 95s and kick off the 90s [Smells Like Teen Spirit plays in the background]:
95. Traitor's Blade by Sebastien de Castell, Book 1 of the Greatcoats series
Falcio val Mond was once the First Cantor of the Greatcoats, magisters of justice who settled trials and dueled for the commonfolk in the name of the king. However the dukes of the realm hated how this organization undermined their autonomy and so they executed the king and disbanded the Greatcoats. Now, Falcio and his few remaining friends struggle to fulfill one final mission from their dead king even while the rest of the kingdom brands them Trattari (traitors) and tries to kill them at every step.
Oftentimes when you finish a good book, the first thing you think is something along the lines of "Wow, what a good book" but sometimes you wind up in an odd situation where your first thought is "Well that was good but why didn't I like it more?" That's kind of where I am with this book. There's a lot to recommend it, from themes of loyalty and persevering through hatred, to an order inspired by carrying out justice at all costs, to the modernized brutality that tests heroes like Falcio and forces them to truly evaluate their commitment to noble ideals, to the snappy writing, to the fact that I'm a sucker for Renaissance era fencing. On paper, I should love this book but I only like it. I know it seems like I'm focusing on the wrong thing (and maybe I am) but I think it speaks to some problem in the book that I can't quite put my finger on. Perhaps it speaks to some slightness of the story where many important things happen but they often seem to lack real weight or importance in the narrative. A good example of this is the spoiler at the end where Kest kills the Saint of Swords in single combat but it's neither shown nor explained how he did it. It's sort of like "oh, cool, that happened, now let's move on." That's not to say it's bad but more to say that big moments really lack the punch they should have because they happen so quickly and aren't dwelt upon.
Leaving aside that issue, there are still many enjoyable parts to this book that make it well worth a read. Falcio is a very traditional fantasy hero full of nobility and idealism but he's been placed in a fantasy world that is deliberately dark grey and where his idealism seldom pays off or works to his favor. He also has a fantastic character flaw of getting into fights over the honor of his defunct Greatcoats, a flaw that causes him to get into more trouble even when there are more important things he should be worrying about. That contrast between the idealistic hero with a chip on his shoulder and a more sinister world does lead to some great tension because it does seem like Falcio's idealism can't survive in this world and indeed, it is explicitly stated in the book that Falcio has a death wish because he has trouble dealing with how awful things are even though he wants to improve them. It's clear that de Castell knows how to complement story and character in a way that will test them and push them to their most extreme limits and because of that, I am intrigued to see how this story ends up. I give this book a solid recommend despite some reservations.
95. Dragons of Autumn Twilight by Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman, Book 1 of the Dragonlance series
A group of adventurers known as the Companions come together in a tavern to relive their glory days when they are attacked by Seekers, an order seeking to end all worship of the old gods, when they believe that the Companions might have a mysterious blue crystal staff. An unrelated adventurer in the tavern happens to actually have that staff and intervenes to save them before they all run off to escape. Thus sets in motion a quest to restore the old gods to some power by reintroducing their worship into a land that has forgotten them.
There's an argument that crops up here from time to time: when to give up on a novel? The general consensus tends to lean towards "whenever you want, why waste your time with a bad book?" which makes sense but I tend to disagree. Partly, I disagree on the philosophical grounds that most books will give you something by the end to have made the effort worth it even if it is ultimately a bad book and partly I disagree because many of my favorite books were books I was tempted to give up on initially. The First Law trilogy took my 3 tries before it finally clicked and Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell has a very lethargic first 250 pages but improves so much in the back 3/4s of the book that it became one of my all time favorite books in spite of that flaw. What I'm saying is that some of the best books require more of you at the start than others and by giving up easily, sometimes you'll miss out on something truly special if you tap out early. But what I'm also saying that a book has to be extremely bad, tedious to an extreme degree, and show no hope of any redeeming elements for me to give up on it.
I DNFed this book at page 229, the start of chapter 20, just over halfway through this book. Dragonlance was meant to be the backstory for a shared universe that would set the stage for computer and board games and, as cruel as this sounds to say, it shows. This was the hardest book to get through so far because the characters were flat to the point of being uninteresting (even halfway through the book I couldn't tell you anything about the characters besides what roles they filled in the party), the story was a convoluted series of minor quests that seemed to have nothing to do with the main plot, and exposition was rampant throughout the book. I struggled to find anything interesting about this book to hold my interest. Creatures pop up without much reason and are quickly defeated only for a new unrelated threat to pop up and also be quickly defeated. It may be the worst approach to tension and resolution I've ever read because the danger is quickly sucked out of the situation when enemy encounters become more routine than conversations and the lack of any forward momentum with all the unrelated encounters makes for abysmal pacing. I can see why this was done, it allows the writers to show off as many enemies as possible as if to say "look at all the cool monsters you can fight if you play our game!" which, is fair. The monsters are fairly cool and I bet it would be fun to fight them in a D&D style setting. But in a story setting, reading characters stop to fight every few pages just gets tedious especially since the action scenes aren't particularly well written or even particularly original. That's another big problem here: the cliches are unending. Right down to the heroes all meeting in a tavern and just coincidentally getting mistaken for the blue crystal staff holders while the actual crystal blue staff holder is feet away and can help them out once the fight breaks out. And then there's the horrific pacing. In one scene, not one chapter, just one scene, the characters get captured by a dragon-worshipping cult and their giant dragon only for one character to instantly realize the dragon is fake and being puppeteered by one of the other Companions, and then they escape quickly with his help. That whole ordeal could have been an entire book in better hands but here it's just a rushed and sloppy mess that takes about 4 pages.
This book was so bad it makes me actively want to apologize to the other books I gave negative reviews to in this series. I can't recommend it in any form and have no idea why people like it. The bar for bad in this series has been lowered substantially by the presence of this book and I'm not sure I can pan another book in good conscience coming on the heels of this. I can't imagine how this got even the meager 8 votes it needed to be on this list.
90. Dragon Wing by Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman, Book 1 of the Death Gate series
Hugh the Hand is an assassin who, facing wrongful execution for a murder he actually didn't commit, is set free by King Stephen on the condition that Hugh kill someone for him: his own son, Bane. As Hugh sets out on his mission, he learns that Bane is not really the son of Stephen, but a changeling sent by a mysteriarch (powerful sorcerer of the High Realm) to undermine Stephen's rule and who is both intelligent and cunning enough to see what the assassin has come to do.
Let's follow up that last Weis and Hickman novel with a little more Weis and Hickman, shall we? Clearly the theme of the day is dragons, dragons, dragons. As you can imagine, after DNFing a book for the first time in more years than I can remember, I wasn't particularly eager to read another book by the same author team but you know what? This one was substantially better in just about every way. I'm still not sure I'd call it a good book, but it was at least average or maybe even above average and I didn't struggle to stay awake while reading it like I did with Dragonlance. Low bar? Perhaps but when you walk into a story full of dread and walk away with mildly pleasant thoughts, that's a win. Characters here are discernible with clear motivations, the plot is established early and cleary, pacing is solid, the action only happens when it is well motivated rather than in constant waves, and the worldbuilding is quite good. In fact, the worldbuilding might be where I think this book truly shines. The three realms (High, Mid, and Low) are floating lands with varying distances to an unending maelstrom that can only be navigated by dragons or by flying ships that are made out of the bodies of dead dragons (Hugh has one such ship, called the Dragon Wing). Water is scarce throughout the lands with everyone resulting in their own approaches to surviving (Low Realm has a machine that makes water, Mid Realm uses piracy to steal water, High Realm has advanced magicks to make water though these techniques are not enough to sustain them). There is also plenty of conflict with elves who used to rule over the humans and of mysterious godlike beings created a city-sized machine that is the source of all water for the world that is manned by dwarves (called Gegs, for some reason). It's all good stuff that makes this book unlike many fantasy stories I've read.
There are still some clear weaknesses here. The prose is still mediocre and the character, while much more fleshed out than in Dragonlance, are still only 2-dimensional. They're not particularly complex despite some attempts at complexity but you know what? A good adventure story doesn't always need fully complex characters and I found that Hugh and Bane were welcome characters to spend a novel with. One thing the book did that kind of annoyed me was that there are plenty of fantasy terms that are introduced and then immediately footnoted with explanations even though it was clear what was meant from context. Early on, for instance, Stephen offers to pay Hugh several thousand barls and immediately the footnotes jump in to explain that barls are currency. I could have done with less of that. But, despite those problems and quibbles, I generally found this to be an interesting and fairly engaging read. It may not the best book I've read but I can see why people would like it and be entertained by it.
90. The Warded Man by Peter V Brett, Book 1 of the Demon Cycle
Demons. Demons everywhere. Demons at night, on fire, in the sky, in the water, attacking innocents relentlessly who have no hope of defending themselves except for flimsy defensive wards that are prone to failure. Arlen has always dreamed of fighting back against the demons but the wards of combat, the things that can actually hurt demons, have been long lost. When his mother finally dies from a demon attack while his father is too cowardly to save her, Arlen finally resolves to set out on a journey to become a warrior who can finally take the fight to the demons. Elsewhere, Leesha learns the art of Herb Gathering as a means of protecting and healing villagers. And in yet another location, the violinist Rojer learns that music has a strange power over the the demons.
This is a pretty standard if well done epic fantasy. It has all of the traditional weaknesses of the multi POV epic (slower start, not all POVs are as interesting as each other, the plot of the first book is mostly the process of stumbling upon what the plot of the whole series will be) but it does distinguish itself in a few key areas. For one, the world of the Demon Cycle is kind of fascinating. There are hints that this world might be a future version of earth from the fact that nearly every character has a bastardized version of a mundane name to the fact that technology like batteries and concrete exist though it's never confirmed outright. The near constant demon attacks make for unique societies and a low level hum of tension throughout the book since no one but the Warded Man character can kill demons in the book. Danger lurks around every corner but the actual fights are pretty sparse and used only when needed (a good contrast with Dragonlance where the danger is sparse but the fights are constant). The use of wards as a kind of magical defense that is prone to failure and only works as the thinnest line of defense is also interesting and Brett rightfully uses the moments of defenselessness within the story as a great point from which to explore what bravery really is when there's no hope of actually being able to defend yourself.
For some criticisms, Leesha and Arlen are the more interesting characters while Rojer I found to be pretty dull but luckily he also gets the least page time, often having only 1 chapter for every 3 of Leesha's or 5-6 of Arlen's. There are a few weird time skips that didn't always make sense to me though I'm not sure whether to criticize them or be thankful for them. For instance, Leesah is raped towards the end of the book and the book doesn't show it. On the one hand, that's not a scene I want to see so I'm glad it got skipped over but on the other hand sexual violence is a danger that's been stressed for her by many characters throughout the book and has been her personal biggest fear since we met her so it seems weird to have such an important moment happen off screen. It'd be kind of like if Boromir trying to steal the Ring of Power and the Fellowship breaking up all happened off screen when those are such important moments. It's an odd choice because the part of me that appreciates well-crafted narratives thinks it's a mistake to skip over something that's been so built up and foreshadowed but the part of me that's an empathetic person is thrilled to not have to sit through yet another rape scene. Though I don't feel like there's a lot to say about this book that I didn't cover in the first line, I would ultimately give this book a soft recommend because I enjoyed it.
90. Doomsday Book by Connie Willis, Book 1 of the Oxford Time Travel series
The the 2050s, time travel has become the common means by which historians learn about the past. Researchers are dropped into the specific points of history where they can research time periods up close but when a lab tech accidentally sends the researcher Kivrin to the wrong date, she winds up stuck in England during the height of the Black Death. Back in modern Oxford, the team's attempts to retrieve her are hampered by the outbreak of a pandemic of influenza.
This was a shockingly boring read. I've read Willis before and so I saved this one for last because I really liked other books of hers that I read but this one was a slog. The problem with this book is that while the premise is terrific (historians actually going into the past for research is a brilliant idea) the actual execution is middling. To start, this is very much a "find the plot" style of book where the actual plot doesn't become apparent until hundreds of pages have past in the book. When I say that Kivrin is stuck in the middle of the Black Plague, that's something you don't learn until page 400 or so. Until then, you have to slog through several characters knowing that something has gone wrong but not knowing what has gone wrong for pages and pages. Now, I'm never a fan of "find the plot" books because they're slow to get to the point but they can work if the characters are truly excellent and you love spending time with them. This is essentially what makes The Blade Itself by Joe Abercrombie a good read even though it is also very plotless for that first part of the trilogy. However this is the next big problem with the book, many of the characters are flat and uninteresting except for Kivrin and, eventually, the family she lives with the the 1300s. I couldn't tell any of the characters in the Oxford Medieval Research Department apart and the only one I could remember was Mr. Dunworthy because Kivrin keeps mentioning him and him alone. Even as the POV character in roughly half of the book, he did not stick out at all nor did any of his colleagues. This is the unforgivable failing point for me as the thing I liked best about the other Willis book I have read was that her character work was incredible so to come back to this earlier work and see her just fail at it almost completely was dispiriting.
Now, if you can get past the lack of plot and the mediocre characters, there are interesting things happening in this book. Willis has a great sense of humor that is unfortunately underutilized here (though I'm told the Oxford parts are supposed to be funny even though I found them boring) but there are a few good lines I chuckled at. She has also clearly done her research on England in the early to mid 1300s and there is a lot to learn about that era from her work. Lastly, the juxtaposition of plagues between the past and the future to remind us that we haven't come as far as we think we have is a great choice for a story even though I don't think it was executed as well as it could have been. Ultimately, I'd have to say this is a mediocre book with some good ideas that needed heavy editing and I'm shocked it won so many awards. I really don't see how people enjoyed it. If anyone is looking for a good Willis recommendation though, I really enjoyed her book Crosstalk.
And that's it for this month! Be sure to check back same time next month when we'll be finishing the 90s and starting the 84s. Once again, feel free to comment with your thoughts on any of these books and their respective series. Contrary opinions are especially welcome as I'd like to know what people saw in these series that I didn't.
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2018.07.19 12:23 DeafGirlJogging [MA] [UPDATE] Yeah, Whatever You Say, Crazy Cat Lady.

I'm back again, and hoping this is over. Before I get on to the meat of the situation, I figured I'd clarify a few things.
MSPCA - Massachusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals
BARL - Boston Animal Rescue League
ACO -Animal Control Officer of my city
PETA - People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals
DCF- Department of Children and Families, also known as CPS
APS - Adult Protective Services, which is known here as Elder Services, however I'm lazy and don't want to type that out.
F. was never formally evicted through the courts from her last apartment. She rented a room with a friend of hers from that friend's mother, and when her friend thought she heard F and Co. shitetalking her, her friend (from what I understand) went to F's room while F was at work, boxed up her stuff, and when F got home, told her she had to be out in three days. since F had paid her rent in cash, her friend told her that she was a squatter and there was no proof that she lived there. This I believe, having met F's friend (she came to a few house parties F and A threw, I found her wicked annoying.) and hearing the narrative, separately from others in that friend group who were there when it happened. That is why I had no problem renting to her, since I don't care if people talk shite about me to their friends to the point where I could evict someone because of it.
My windshield was still in an intact state, with many, many, long and deep cracks radiating, like a spiderweb, from a point over where our inspection stickers are located. The cracks reached to nearly over the drivers side, and when the Police Officer came by, he stated it was not drivable, as I would be driving over a bridge, and the force of a moderate wind could be the straw that broke the camel's back. There was a shattered martini glass resting in that crevice between the windshield and the top of the hood of the car (where the windshield wipers are) next to the centre of the hit. That is why I assumed the martini glass broke the windshield. I have no idea if it was the result of Thor having a martini while descending from the Bifrost. I doubt it, but my reasons contain spoilers for Ragnarok and Infinity Wars.
F and A moved out on 30th April. I have messages from F. stating "You fucking bitch, of course you're trying to get her in your name now that I'm trying to take her away from you. You won't get away with that." "I called animal control. Have fun. You will not keep her. That is a load of crap. Your neglect and abuse will be noted and I will make sure she is no longer in your "care." dated for then, and a voicemail from A, that looks like it concluded with "F. will kill herself before she lets you kill that cat." (The officer confirmed it said this, I'm glad to know the transcriber I have is pretty accurate.) I had slipped an invoice for utilities under their door on 28th April. I sent them the invoice via mail on 17 May, and messaged (via FaceBook) them about the utilities on 19 May, which is when they both refused to pay, since I "couldn't prove they lived there." "Was never told how much utilities were." (Jesus) and "stood there and pretended to love Kitty at the last minute while F cried." I sent the invoices certified as well, and those came back a couple of days ago. (I send and receive mail from a friend's house because mine kept getting stolen.) It was after that point that F insinuated she would call my landlord and have me evicted for subletting to her against the lease if I pursued the debt. I figured I would wait until I moved out, since the statute of limitations is less than six years, and I had ample proof they lived there, they were notified of the bills, and that I was being blackmailed from collecting the debt at any earlier point. Anyway.
The officers came by on Monday at 13:30. It was the ACO, Officer T. (who had been the one to stop by with APS.) and a Lieutenant. They basically where there to encourage me for thirty minutes to file a harassment prevention order and a restraining order. I showed them the messages from F. and they left. I declined to file the harassment prevention and the restraining order for the simple reason that F wasn't bothering me directly, she was bothering them. Filing a false Police/APS/DCF report is a crime, and they don't need me in order to hunt her down and fine her. They gave me a file folder with copies of some of the emails and the reports, and I was right - DCF was called several times. Apparently, I allow my two year old to wander about the streets of my city while drinking Four Loco. I'll credit her creativity.
I then went to my boyfriend's house. At about 21:00 that night, my downstairs neighbour texted me, as apparently an officer with PETA was trying to break down the building door, and was asking everyone who lived there. I called the station, and basically reiterated that I knew they were there, I was not in the city and would not be for the remainder of the evening, I was not consenting to them entering my bedroom, my apartment, or my building, the cat was fine, and referred them to Officer T. or the ACO Officer if they had any questions.
The next day, I had a voicemail from yet another officer, Officer P. He was asking if I had any information on F, like screen names or her phone number, since all of the reports had the phone numbers of the agencies they were reporting to, or 555-555-5555. I offered to run by the messages from F and the voicemail from A. (Because he didn't know about these) and any screen names I could find to the station. When I stopped by, I ended up having to wait because Officer P. had finally been able to get ahold of F. I scrolled through FaceBook as I waited, and ended up noticing that F. had unblocked me. I quickly blocked her, because fuck her mind games, and waited. When Officer P finally came out, he told me that while she was very nervous speaking to him, she hadn't admitted to anything. I gave him the copies of the messages, played him the voicemail, and went home.
I checked my phone when I got home and A had made a group chat with F, A, and even B and B's BF, who had lived with us during the last six months of our lease. According to A, her and F were being tracked down by the police for filing false reports using an email neither of them knew about, and someone from that email had even messaged F's boss trying to get her fired. I… I didn't call bullshite on it. I stated some of what had happened to me (MSPCA/BARL/ACO/PETA showing up and I said nothing, APS showing up and that's when I named F as a possible filer, my windshield getting smashed after I sent the invoice, etc.) I purposefully fucked up the timeline when relaying it to them to see if either F or A would call me out on it, but no dice. A called the officer back, and, to quote her, "f the emails stop, there not gunna go any further to figure it out. If they do continue then me and f[redacted] will be in trouble cause the guy basically flat out said that everyone thinks we did it and he doesn’t care about what I have to say" A's pissed, wants the IP Addresses traced, and has asked her parents (who live out of state) to call the Police Department, ask that the IP Addresses be traced, and will "personally criminally charge whoever did it." I neglected to mention that how isn't how laws work. I unblocked F. and she friended me, since apparently blocking someone doesn't prevent them from being in a group chat with you, and I'd rather keep an eye on her nonsense if I have the option to.
At this point, I'm going to wait until the end of the week, and then call Officer P back and see if there have been any emails. If so, I'm taking F and A to Civil Court for the $120, and hand the judge records of their subleases, the flatmate agreement, the utility agreements (I had them sign a paper saying they agreed to pay me for 1/5 of the Utilities after B's BF moved in, as an amendment to their sublease, and outright state that I believed the harassment was retaliation for mailing them an invoice. If there have been no more emails or fake reports, I'm going down to the station with thank you cards and a box of munchkins for Officers ACO, T, P, the one who came out to my car, and the LT for dealing with such Juvenile bullshite, and to apply for a carry permit now that stun guns have been legalised again.
If anyone has advice on how to get my $120 from F and A without taking them to court, I'll happily take it, but I fully realise that's more of a relationships problem.
IF anyone needs a refresh on all of this nonsense, my former username is u/deafgirlwalking , and here are all of the threads that involve my insane flatmate trying to steal my cat, or whatever her eventual goal was. To anyone that thinks I'm a troll: When this is FINALLY and DEFINITELY over, and if anyone is still interested, I'll happily anonymize all of the reports I have and post an imagur album just so people can see the scope of the nonsense, but please realise have neither the time, nor the creativity, to make this shite up.
Original Thread:
My "Flatmate":
Flatmate on BOLA:
Update I:
Update BOLA:
Update II:
Update II BOLA:
EDIT: Formatting is hard.
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2018.07.15 11:06 DeafGirlJogging MA: My Flatmate and The Cat, or Dear God, I thought this was over.

Hello! and thanks for your help in advance (again.) For the bot: I live in MA, or Boston.
I lost the login for deafgirlwalking when my computer crashed, so this is a continuation from two other posts of mine:
Of course, we can't forget my flatmate, "F"'s post:
I had posted an update where I stated I was waiting for Animal Control to show up. Not too long after that, the maintenance guy for my building knocked on our flat door in order to wake me up. Apparently, an Officer from the MSPCA had shown up and, unable to get in to the building, stuck her business cards everywhere with messages scribbled on the back asking that I call her office. Before she left, she called the maintenance guy, and asked if he knew about the cat. I decided to let him in, and when he saw that Kitty was fed, watered, and that the box was clean, he basically washed his hands (both literally and of the matter) and left. I played phone tag with the officer for a week, however a few days later, I received a phone call from our city's Animal Control Office. The officer (ACO from here on out) had been receiving reports about the neglect of Kitty. After playing phone tag with him as well, I finally set up a date with the ACO for him to come out and see Kitty and the apartment to ensure I wasn't starving her or not emptying the litter box. He came out on a Monday, and brought an officer from the Boston Animal Rescue League with him, as they were doing Kennel Inspections that day. Both of them saw the cat, saw the vet records, petted Kitty a bit, and left before Kitty decided to fall asleep in the BARL Officer's lap.
That Friday, I came home to a Police car on our street (not abnormal) and a Middle-Aged White Guy in a button sitting on the stairs to the building porch. (very abnormal, my flatmates and I are the only white people in the neighborhood.) It turned out that the middle aged white guy was a social worker from our local Adult/Elder Protective services, and he had received a report that I was holding an elderly woman hostage, forcing her to live in feces and withholding food. The woman's name? Kitty's, with my last name. According to the Officer later, the APS worker attempted to get in the building, and when they couldn't (because we lock our doors, and apparently this is a novel concept to all of these Civil Servants???) he called the police to see if he could validate who lived there. Kitty's name hadn't popped up in the RMV database, however of course mine did. They were just about to call the fire department to have them come break down the door when I had walked by, and the Police Officer recognised me from his computer. I allowed them up, they saw Kitty, and the Police Officer wrote me a report stating it was a spite call.
I thought it was over, however at the end of June, I found the windshield of my car shattered with a martini glass, and two days ago, I woke up to three calls from our city's Police Department: two from ACO, and one from a third Police Officer who I've never knowingly met. Apparently, F has been spamming ACO with emails, and when that didn't work, she had been "emailing everyone but Jesus" and "the DA is getting involved." They asked if ACO and the third Officer could come by this week so that the third Officer could verify ACO had done his job well. ACO asked me for her last name (which I verified) her address (which I gave) and to her previous address (which I did). He also mentioned DCF showing up at my house, and when I asked him about that, he quickly corrected it to APS - however I'm curious if DCF did show up, couldn't get in the building, and left like the MSPCA Officer did.
Basically, I'm curious what other things F could be sending my way, if I should allow them back in my house on Monday sans warrant, if so, what should I expect, and at what point should I be trying to find a pro-bono lawyer?
TL; DR: My former flatmate is still fucking batshite bonkers about my Goddamn Cat. Please send help.
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2017.12.24 02:40 BadSenator My Dream Route For TAR 31

This should be an All-Stars season. To come up with this route, I took at least one country visited from each season of TAR since the last All-Star season and put them in the route. The All-Star seasons of TAR seem to visit more statistically extreme locations. Season 11 visited the southern-most point in South America and the Auschwitz Concentration Camp (the single facility where the most people were killed). Season 18 visited the Matterhorn (Highest peak in Europe) and Varnassi (the most holy city for Buddhism). I also took some locations the TAR community want TAR to visit, as well as some places I’d like to see them visited. Finally, I liked the old format with 11 regular legs, 1 superleg, and multiple Fast Forwards. I’ve thought up of some of the tasks, but not all of them. Enjoy!
Leg 1: Los Angeles -> Brasilia, Brazil
Have teams use public transportation during rush hour to reach LAX, and have three separate flights, an hour apart, to Brasilia. The first team to check in would get a modified version of the Save, which if you hand it in to the Pit-Stop and you’re NOT last, it is taken from you and you’re assessed a 30-minute penalty. Brazil is also a country visited by Season 27 and 29.
Leg 2: Brasilia, Brazil -> Amazon Rainforest
Give teams cards and have them drive to a village in the Amazon. Have a Roadblock that requires teams to ascend a waterfall, tree to show the area’s natural beauty. Then, have teams go on a hunt in a nature reserve for a specific kind of bird and have them take a picture of it. Have a Detour be two tasks performed by the area’s indigenous people, including a Fast Forward requiring teams to stick their hands in bullet ant gloves.
Leg 3: Amazon Rainforest -> Brasilia -> Bogota, Colombia
Have teams drive to Brasilia airport and find a flight to Bogota. Have teams go to a market where there is one Express Pass hidden in the market stall teams will be going to anyway for their next clue. Colombia is also a country visited in Season 28. Make it a NEL.
Leg 4: Bogota -> Hobart, Tasmania, Australia
Have teams make travel arrangements from Bogota to Hobart Have a Fast Forward that involves getting up close and person with Tasmania’s poisonous wildlife.
Leg 5: Hobart -> Melbourne, Australia
Have teams travel by train and boat from Hobart to Melbourne. Teams should visit one of the beaches with colorful houses, like the ones visited in Hamerotz LaMillion, and do a painting challenge, similar to the one in Valparaiso in S16. Additionally, some more tasks on the water would be awesome, like fishing until you have a certain weight or a lifeguard rescue. Make it a NEL.
Leg 6: Melbourne -> Windhoek, Namibia Namibia is a country visited by Season 26. Windhoek is an interesting destination, it combines a busy African capital city with the simple life and culture of Namibia, and the tasks should reflect that as much as possible. Have teams figure out they need to go here by having the clue read “Make your way to the capital of the country Donald Trump called Nambia”
Leg 7: Melbourne -> Maseru, Lesotho -> Port Elizabeth, South Africa -> Cape Alguhas, South Africa
Lesotho is a new country never before visited by any TAR franchise ever. Have teams solve a riddle to figure out they need to go to Lesotho, something along the lines of “Make your way to the capital city of the world’s southernmost landlocked country.” Once they check in to the Pit-Stop in Lesotho, they will soon learn that they have to keep racing and take a bus to Port Elizabeth, South Africa. Make teams bungee jump down on the Bloukrans Bridge. After a Detour and Road Block, make teams take another bus to Cape Agulhas and find the southern-most point in Africa, the dividing point between the South Atlantic and the Indian, for the Pit-Stop. Have an extra task in Cape Agulhas, just in case all teams end up on the same bus to prevent taxi-luck deciding the loser in that scenario.
Leg 8: Cape Alguhas -> Cape Town -> Longyearben, Svalbard, Norway
Make teams drive to the Cape Town airport and have them take commercial flights to Longyearben, Norway. Have teams take one of three charter boats to the northern-most point in Europe. Two teams are allowed on each boat, departing 30 minutes apart. Once there, A Roadblock requires teams to mechanically ascend a large natural-rock formation, cliff, or iceberg. After the Roadblock, have teams board one of four charter boats. Only one team can board the first boat, two can board the next two, and the last team only can board the fourth and final charter boat. The boats leave 45 minutes apart, starting at 7:00 AM, forcing teams to spend the night there. Have teams take a boat back to Longyearben for a Detour and double U-Turn. Have the Detour tasks involve usually easy everyday tasks made harder by the harsh weather.
Leg 9: Longyearben -> Sofia, Bulgaria
Sofia has been occupied by the Greeks, Romans, Ottomans, and the Soviets. There should be locations visited dating back to all four of those empires. The St. George Rotunda should be visited. There should be a Fast Forward in this leg.
Leg 10: Sofia -> Brussels, Belgium -> Barle Nassau, Netherlands
Season 30 visited Belgium and the Netherlands. Have teams fly to Brussels and spend half of the leg there. The EU parliament building and the Atomium should be visited. Then, teams must travel by train to Barle-Nassau, a city with a very interesting border with Belgium, with many Belgium enclaves within the Dutch city. Have a Road Block make teams use a fitbit to measure the perimeter of the city’s largest Belgium enclave. If teams can get within a certain range of the right answer they can move on. This leg should be a NEL.
Leg 11: Barle Nassau -> Amsterdam -> Liverpool, UK
The UK was also visited in Season 25. Have teams ride the rails to Amsterdam and find a flight to Liverpool. Have teams visit the Beatle’s Story Museum and have a Road Block involving building an instrument and giving it to Beatle’s impersonaters for their next clue. Then, have teams visit Albert Dock and be given a picture of the boat. They must search the dock for that boat to get the Detour clue. One of the Detour tasks should have teams manage a tea house and satisfy 10 tall orders from actors. The Pit-Stop should be one of the city’s cathedrals. There should be a Fast Forward in this leg at the Cavern Club, like searching among concertgoers for one wearing a specific shirt that will give them the Fast Forward.
Leg 12: Liverpool -> London -> Jacksonville -> Saint Augustine, Florida
Have teams ride the rails to London and fly to Jacksonville and spend half of the leg there. This leg should have self-driving. Teams should get a taste of the local food scene in a task and visit the Dames Point Bridge. Then, teams should drive to Saint Augustine and visit the St. Augustine Lighthouse and search for a clue from above, visit St. George Street, and try to “conquer” Castillo de San Marcos by rowing a boat and mechanically ascending. The final memory puzzle at Anastasia state park should be searching among the shapes of over 100 foreign countries and putting on a board the shapes of the 12 foreign countries visited along the race in the order they visited them.
So what did you think of the route? What are some challenges you think they should do and some more locations (along the racecourse obviously) you think they should do? Tell me your thoughts in the comment section.
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2017.01.29 03:16 RogerSterrling7 Is this true outcome independance?

So tonight i had a first date with some chick who aproached me via instagram. My first thought was "Damn she's way hotter in photos" photos easily a 9, live 6.5/7 but i shouldn't be suprised at all by that fact.
Anyhow we sit down in some pub and started blabing away. I barlely talked about myself by choice and i revealed very little, mostly asked questions about her and follow up questions about her dull stories. She complained i don't talk and reveal almost anything about myself and i agreed and continued asking questions, she forgot all about it in 2 minutes lol
Talking about past boyfriends/girlfriends she noted that she hasn't had a boyfriend for 3 years and not even kissed from anyone, not to mention sex. Plus she is acting all sweet, talking about how she doesn't have any negative thought towards anyone and loves everyone......
At this point im starting to think "Shit she is boring and phony af trying to hype herself up, i don't even feel like making a move, this is a shit storm" Now this is big for me, in the past no matter how shitty the girl or the date i always felt pressured to not fuck up anyting and kiss her at the end because i was desperate and wanted to fuck any girl who would give me a chance. Now i didn't give a flying fuck about it, i just wanted to go back home and read my book.
Cut the date short, she expected a kiss i could tell but i just awkwardly hugged her and left. So is this the true outcome independace? Im not feeling bad or down or pathetic for not making a move i didn't feel like making because i wasn't impressed at all by this chick.
Oh and an interesting note: Because she was blabbing away how good and kind she is i wanted to see if she would split the bill with me, without me saying a word. Check came and guess what? Yeah she didn't even pick up her purse. Figured as much, kind and giving yeah right lol
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2016.11.14 06:34 Abacap [Arma 3] Operation Cold Sand Joint Swedish - Finnish Mission SUN 20NOV 2000 UTC


The Finnish island territory of Thirsk acts as a vital military buffer zone in between northern NATO nations and the aggressive Russian movements to the East. At approximately 0100 local time, contact was lost with the most northern outpost on the island (Outpost HELSINKI). A local battlegroup consisting of Finnish and Swedish units has been tasked with moving to the outpost and investigating why they've stopped communicating. In support is an armed AH1 Wildcat from BAF Army aviation.
Command has made it clear that it is entirely possible this is an attempt by Russian army and naval units to annex the island of Thirsk, and to approach the situation with extreme caution. If the outpost is indeed under attack, then the platoon will defend it for as long as necessary, and then carry out combat patrols further north to assess the enemy's strength on the island.
  • Get to Outpost HELSINKI
  • Investigate recent communication cut off
  • Take combat action if necessary
  • Sweep to the northern coast of the island.
  • Resupply available via air lift
[Strategic Map of the AO]
Terrain: Thirsk Winter
WEATHER: Overcast
Medical: Basic Medical System
Revive: Enabled
  • Finnish Defence Forces, Jaeger Brigade
  • Swedish Armed Forces- Fallskärmsjägarna Battalion
  • BAF AH1 Wildcat, callsign SPECTRE


Use this in your slotting comment:
IGN: SLOT: Alpha AR 
  • SL - Squad leader. Leads his team of 10 men
  • FTL - Leads a smaller team under the squad leader.
  • MED - Medic - Heals and revives squad members
  • AR - Automatic Rifleman - Operates the squads fire support weapon, usually an LMG
  • AAR - Assistant Automatic Rifleman - Assists the AR by directing them on target, giving ranges, and carrying extra ammo
  • RAT - Rifleman AT - Carries a light anti tank weapon.
We're going to do a simple raffle system for the pilot slot, so if you want pilot make sure you add a number for the raffle, and also pick a second slot in case you don't get it.
This list is not guaranteed to be up to date! Do a quick look through the comments to make sure your slot hasn't already been claimed.
Callsign/ Role IGN Equipment
PLTCO Hero_Swe AK5C + M203
PLT MED Danni Valmet Rk.62
Pilot Shoffing Rockets + Cannon
Co-Pilot KingRecycle Camera Only
ALPHA - Finland Defence Force
SL Khaki Valmet Rk.62 + M203 (Sidearm)
MED NecroBarl Valmet Rk.62
A1 FTL Oose Valmet Rk.62 + M203 (Sidearm)
AR Barrett FN Minimi
AAR Valmet Rk.62
RIF Process Valmet Rk.62
A2 FTL Wallace Valmet Rk.62 + M203 (Sidearm)
RAT Enchanted Beans Valmet Rk.62 + M72
RAT Yozer Valmet Rk.62 + M72
RIF Prodonick Valmet Rk.62
MMG Gunner HaroldSax MG3
MMG Assistant Sam Valmet Rk.62
BRAVO - Swedish Armed Forces
SL Rogue AK5C + M203
B1 FTL AK5C + M203
AR Razze100 FN Minimi
AAR Rebitaay AK5C
RIF Sniper190 AK5C
B2 FTL Beanhead AK5C + M203
RAT Originalcanadian AK5C + AT4
RIF Gordon Weedman AK5C
MMG Gunner Starvolt FN MAG
MMG Assistant AK5C
CHARLIE - Swedish Armed Forces
SL DutchVidya AK5C + M203
MED Spoon AK5C
C1 FTL AK5C + M203
AR Cozmicc FN Minimi
AAR Enigma AK5C
C2 FTL U1 AK5C + M203
RAT Maple AK5C + AT4
RIF Nilhad AK5C
MMG Gunner gtwillwin FN MAG
MMG Assistant teaearlgraycold AK5C

Reserve: Enzo

On Weekend Leave (If you're a regular, let us know you can't come):

  • Wallace - 5 (Pilot)
  • Sam - 39 (Co-Pilot)
  • Shoffing - 69 (Pilot)
  • KingRecycle - 69 (Co-Pilot)
  • Aden - 1 (Co-Pilot)
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2016.05.17 17:41 coffeeshopslut I'd like an English pipe from the "golden era" of pipes (Pre 1970?)

I'd like a non Dunhill (i.e. Barling, Comoys, GBD, BBB, Sasieni) - what and where should I look for one? Is there a book or online dating guide? I'd preferably like to get a pre megebuy out era pipe
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2016.01.19 17:38 onefunkynote [Official] Rallye Monte Carlo Discussion

Quick Links
Entry List
Results 2015
Live IRC Chat
Live Text
Service Park Stream
WRC Radio
Car spec
What’s new for 2016
Don’t miss
Information from
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2015.10.09 02:22 Thewhiteonetaste m24, virgin, never had a gf, never dated b4 & online dating doesn't work. Any advice?

Little about me.
All my life i've never had a girl intressted in me while all my friends got girls queing behind them and i started hating the way i looked and this affected my confidence alot. So i turned to video games & hangning out with friends to get my mind of things.
Now all my friends are in steady relationships and barlely has anytime to hang out, and when they do, they bring their gf's with them so im always the "third wheel". I recently got into online dating, and i really clicked with this girl, we have the same humor and we joke alot, we even pretended that we are married. So i got her phone number and we've been talking for 2 weeks everyday. I asked her out but she joked it away saying "but we are already married". blablabla, I just told her to think about it and haven't heard from her for a week now. Should i keep texting her and hope that she someday will go out with me?
And yeah i know people say "don't think about it" "be patient" "you will meet a girl someday" "focus on what you've got" You see I don't go to school and i work at a airport where there are no girls. And my lonlyness multiplies whenever i hang out with my friends.
All i need is some advice on what to do and how to meet girls. Asking random girls out is a bit out of my comfort zone i just don't know how to act and what to say.
submitted by Thewhiteonetaste to dating_advice [link] [comments]

2015.10.06 05:09 me-silly Flavor Text Mega Thread

Well, not really mega, but I wanted to draw more attention to this task. As I work toward assembling the unreleased promos the need for flavor text becomes more apparent. O'Qua's was a joke and only put there in the interest have having something there. That's where you come in. The point of this thread is for us as a community to come up with appropriate text that captures the spirit of MND, the characters/action being represented on the card. Flavor text can be anything from references to poems or whatever you can think of.
Submitting If you want to contribute just write what you think the flavor text should be, which card it's for and I'll add it to the list. If it's an obscure reference or quote from somewhere in the MND mythos, or just if you feel like it, feel free to leave a brief description of why you think it fits.
Example Submission:
Card: Rayje "Nobody puts Baby Hyren in a corner" This a play on a famous quote from Dirty Dancing. Not that I particularly like that movie, but it's humorous and fits with Rayje's ability to defend his Creatures. It also fits in with MND's tendency to repurpose famous quotes to fit their cards.
Voting I'm taking ROMzombie's advice and restricting this thread to submissions only. Voting will take place at a later date in a separate thread.
Cards being worked on:
Nimbulo Orwin O'Qua Rayje/with text Strag
Here's Nimbulo's text as that might help ~Nimbulo Arderial/N/A Magi - Alternate - Elder 14 Energize: 6 Starting: Lovian, Shock Ring, Shooting Star Power - Dream Storm: (2) Remove one energy from each non-Arderial Creature with three or more energy.
Flavor Text Author
"Bah! Fools! I should have known better than ask for your help!" ZucriyAmsuna
"Grow, you fools!" Invarium
Flavor Text Author
"Sea Barl for days! Oh, wait..." Invarium
"How many Barls could a Sea Barl see..." Wence42
"I'll spare you a Typhoon because I have a bigger fish for you." ZucriyAmsuna
"You never know what a Tidal Wave might carry in." WBSam
"The tide is very much in my dreams now." VoyagerOrchid
"Rising tides lift all boats. Too bad you can't swim." VoyagerOrchid
Flavor Text Author
"Nobody puts Baby Hyren in a corner." me-silly
"Soon," he thought. "Soon they will believe again." ZucriyAmsuna
"I'm not a nothing-but-a-legend. I'm not a nothing-but-an anything." ZucriyAmsuna
"I have to help, for if I don’t the whole Moonlands will fall. And it seems like I’m needed here at the moment." ZucriyAmsuna
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2015.08.28 17:50 fast_mover Bell's Releases 30th Anniversary Funvitational Beer List

Shared within the official event page:
21st Amendment Brewery: Down to Earth & Hell or High Watermelon Wheat
4 Hands Brewing Company: Downfall Imperial Stout & Super Flare
Alaskan Brewing Co.: Pumpkin ale & Azacca Pale Ale
Allagash Brewing Company: Allagash White & Allagash Curieux
Anderson Valley Brewing Company: Pinchy Jeek Barl & The Kimmie, the Yink & Holy Gose
Arbor Brewing Company: Flamboyant Sour & Red Violin Monster
Arcadia Brewing Company: Cheap Date & Arcadia Hopmouth Double IPA
August Schell Brewing Company: Noble Star Orbital Drift & Schell's 30th Anniversary Pilsner Beer 2014
Avery Brewing Company: Lilikoi Kepolo & The Maharaja
Axle Brewing Co.: Axle Old Ale & RUBY, Red IPA
B. Nektar Meadery: Zombie Killer & Raspberry Ginger
Bale Breaker Brewing Company: Topcutter IPA & Field 41 Pale Ale
Bear Republic Brewing Co.: Racer 5 India Pale Ale & Café Racer 15
Beau's All Natural Brewing Co.: Lug Tread & Wild Oats 1 Bush Fire
Beavertown Brewery: Gamma Ray & Quelle Saison
Bell's Brewery: Mango Habanero Oberon, Tawny Port Baltic Porter, Sherry Barrel Bull in a China Shop, Roundhouse IRA, Bell’s Belgian-Style Pale Ale, Batch 1,000, Batch 1,500, Batch 2,000, Batch 3,000, Batch 4,000, Batch 5,000, Coffee Mustache, Crazy Brewer Beer, Double Two Hearted, Larry’s Stupid Quadrupid Citrus IPA, Larry’s Stupid Quadrupid IPA, Lavender Saison, Le Bretteur, Le Contrebassiste, Mars DIPA, Mrs. Castries Vilnius, OG Twoey, Reading Ale, Sparkleberry, Spruce Two Hearted, Sweet Potato Saison, Black Note, Bourbon Barrel Aged Expedition Stout, Wild One, Raspberry Wild One, Amber, Oberon, Uberon, 30th Anniversary Ale and Two Hearted
Big Sky Brewing Company: Big Sky Rye & Olde Bluehair
Boatyard Brewing Company: Scuttlebutt IPA & Gingerbreadman Overboard Imperial Porter
Brasserie de la Senne: Saison du Meyboom & Jambe-de-Bois
BraVo! Restaurant & Cafe: Funfetti Cake Cream Ale & Citropolous
Breckenridge Brewery: Autumn Ale & Breck IPA
Brewery Vivant: Tree Bucket & Paris
Cigar City Brewing: Oktoberfest & Invasion Pale Ale
COAST Brewing Company: HopArt IPA & 32/50 Kolsch
Creature Comforts Brewing Company: Tropicalia IPA & Athena Bierliner Weiss
Crooked Stave Artisan Beer Project: Hopsavant Citra Brettanomyces Pale Ale & Petite Sour Blueberry
Dark Horse Brewing Co.: Scary Jesus Rockstar & 30 Jars of Hearts Saison
Deschutes Brewery: Fresh Squeezed IPA & Black Butte 24th Anniversary Imperial Porter
Dragonmead Brewery: Final Absolution & Oktoberfest Marzen
Ecliptic Brewing: Aurora Crimson Saison & Canopus India Style Wheat
Epic Brewing Company: Escape to Colorado IPA & Brainless on Peaches
Final Gravity Brewing Company: The Rock & King Tut
Firestone Walker Brewing Co.: Easy Jack & Firestone Opal
Flying Fish Brewing Company: Oktoberfish & Exit 4
Founders Brewing Co.: KBS & Blushing Monk
The Free State Brewing Co.: Cloud Hopper Imperial IPA & Octoberfest
Gigantic Brewing Company: Gigantic IPA & Pipewrench
Gonzo's Bigg Dogg Brewery: Vanilla Porter & Saxon Action Imperial Ipa
Good People Brewing Company: Coffee Oatmeal Stout & Snake Handler
Great Lakes Brewing Company: Oktoberfest & Nosferatu
Green Flash Brewing Co.: Green Bullet Triple IPA & Cellar 3 Natura Marta Plum
Greenbush Brewing Co.: Star Chicken Shotgun & Cabra Perdida
Half Acre Beer Company: Daisy Cutter & Gone Away IPA
Haymarket Pub & Brewery: Mathias Imperial IPA & Defender American Stout
Jackie O's Pub & Brewery: Dark Apparition & Mandela Single Hop Mosaic
Jester King Brewery: Das Wunderkind! & Wytchmaker
Jolly Pumpkin Brewery: Biere de Mars & Saison X
Keweenaw Brewing Company: Widow Maker Black Ale & U.P. Witbier
Kuhnhenn Brewing Co.: DRIPA Double Rice & The Fluffer Session IPA
Latitude 42 Brewing Company: Hop Head Centennial & Harvest Ale Doggie Fresh
Left Hand Brewing Company: Milk Stout Nitro & Introvert Session IPA
Lost Rhino Brewing Co.: Rhinofest Marzen & Face Plant IPA
Magic Rock Brewing: Bearded Lady, Dessert Edition & Salty Kiss, Gooseberry Gose
Maine Beer Company: Lunch & Another One
Matt Brewing Company: Javanac & Darktober Fest
Maui Brewing Co: Double Overhead DIPA & Imperial Coconut Porter
Midnight Sun Brewing Company: Hop Dog & Panty Peeler
Mikkeller: Blå Spøgelse & Wheat is the New Hops
Nebraska Brewing Company: EOS Heifeweizen & Cardinal Pale Ale
New Belgium Brewing: Eric's Ale & NBB Love Apple Oscar
New Holland Brewing Company: Mad Hatter & Ichabod
Odell Brewing Co: Brombeer Blackberry Gose & Odell IPA
Olde Peninsula Brewpub and Restaurant: Chocula & Sassafras OP IPA
One Well Brewing: Sweet Water Street & Xalapa
Ore Dock Brewing Company: Saison & Saison d'Hiver
Perennial Artisan Ales: Regalia & Abraxas
Revolution Brewing: Fist City & Oktoberfest
Rising Tide Brewing Company: Daymark American Pale Ale with Rye & Zephyr
Roak Brewing Co.: Devil Dog Oatmeal Stout & Live Wire
Rupert's Brew House: Double High PA & Peanut Butter Porter
Russian River Brewing: Pliny the Elder & Supplication
Saucony Creek Brewing Company: Maple Mistress & Hop Suplex
Saugatuck Brewing Company: Barrel Aged Neapolitan Milk Stout & Barrel Aged Lucky #13
Schlafly Beer: Schlafly Tasmanian & Kolsch
Short's Brewing Company: Autumn Ale & Space Rock
Sierra Nevada: Barrel Aged Maillard's Odyssey & Trip in the Woods
Southern Tier Brewing Company: Warlock & 2xIPA
Sprecher Brewing: Oktoberfest & Black Bavarian
Surly Brewing Company: Misanthrope & Todd the Axe-Man
SweetWater Brewing Company: Sweetwater Hophash & Sweetwater 18th Anniversary
Tapistry Brewing: Burn the Witch Wine Barrel Aged & The Iron Mallett
Terrapin Beer Co.: Hi-5 IPA & Liquid Lunch
The Bruery: The Bruery Autumn Maple & Rueuze-Gueze
Three Floyds Brewing: Zombie Dust Pale Ale & Dreadnaught Imperial IPA
Tibbs Brewing Company: CITRA and Take It IPA & Ben Jonesin for Chocolate and Toffee Porter
Tröegs Independent Brewing: Hop Knife Harvest & Troegenator
Upper Hand Brewery: Yooper, UPA, Escanaba Back Beer, Upper Hand Lager, 906 Ale
Urban Chestnut Brewing Co: Zwickel & Ku' Damm
Victory Brewing Company: Prima Pils & Dirt Wolf Double IPA
Virtue Cider Company: The Cherry Mitten & Lapinette
Yazoo Brewing Company: Heifweizen & Yazoo Sue
Also noted: (We reserve the right to add additional surprises.)
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2014.12.16 14:13 innuendoPL Tarr Steps clapper bridge across the River Barle, England. Dates to around 1000 BC [4000x1331]

Tarr Steps clapper bridge across the River Barle, England. Dates to around 1000 BC [4000x1331] submitted by innuendoPL to ArtefactPorn [link] [comments]

2013.10.28 15:49 merostheunlikely Helpatitis C: Thursday 23:00 EVE Time

EDIT: Start time will be as close to 23:00 as I can make it. It might be delayed by another op.
EDIT 2: Since some folk have asked. Skill requirements for this class are to ave a pulse and the ability to fly a pod. IOW, I don't care if you're an hour old, this is the basic of basic type stuff :)
Since we've got a lot of folks coming in and running to the deployment zone with one or two days of play it seems a good time to get a class up and running.
This will be focused mainly towards brand new newbros. If you've never flown in a fleet before, if you're wondering how the hell you'll get to barle, or if you just want to get podded for the first time (there MAY be a live-fire exercise or two :) )
So I present to you Helpatitis C: Rise of the Lemlets
(Because I don't know what you call a baby lemming)
First half of the class will take place in Stacmon, mostly in pods.
Rough lesson plan:
  1. How to get on comms, how to join a fleet. (I'll have a special class chat channel running for this portion. If you don't know how to join a chat channel ask me in a private convo or in alliance chat...if you ask in Brave Dojo I'll be confused because you already HAVE joined a non-default chat channel :) )
  2. Step by Step overview unfucking.
  3. Med-clones and You: How to set your medclone, make sure its up to date, and how to upgrade. aka How not to lose a month of training because you were drunk :)
  4. Practical Exercises 1: Basic fleet maneuvering and space survival. This will include "How to find your fleet's location using the map and not get called a spai in comms".
  5. Practical Exercises 2: How to make DSCAN your friend. This part will have prizes.
  6. Practical Exercises 3: Station Games. Instadock, Instaundock, how to make them, how to use them, why they're important (there MAY be some live-fire practice here. There will definitely be a live fire demonstration.
  7. Pipe escort: Now armed with just enough knowledge to be a danger to themselves, if not others, the Brave Lemlets will begin their journey down the Trail of Tears. Hopefully to arrive in their new home.
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2013.09.30 12:30 loganchance How-To: Accidental Recon (AKA: Print Screen Is Your Friend)

This is a quick-and-dirty suggestion for providing intel when you didn't intend to.
The Basics:
Congrats, you just accidentally reconned and gave people a much more in-depth look at what they may be jumping into.
For bonus points, let them know how far off the gate they are. These points are worth nothing. But saving your buddies' ships? Worth everything.
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2013.09.11 10:55 loganchance Thrash Unreal Fleet (Formerly: RaValhalla Fleet) INTEREST THREAD

So here's the score:
1) After blowing a shitload of ISK and having solid bros help figure this out in the Barl market or just straight up donating shit to me, amongst them including Nancy Crow and, if I recall correctly, ekaj Agalder (and one other who I can't remember or find in my history; make yourself known, you deserve it, I'm sorry I can't find it), we have a solid number of T1 fully fitted Thrashers ready to go in my own personal hangar.
2) I'm bringing Thrasher fleets back. They're fun, they're weird, and I want to see what happens with BNI now that we've been training shit up over the months. I think this fleet is more dangerous than it was in Raha.
3) You will get a free Thrasher on this fleet if you need one. If you insure it and die, you will actually make a little bit of ISK on this, as you paid nothing for the Thrasher. Do be kind on the free Thrasher front. These Thrashers are for those who can fly it but can't afford it.
4) I want to know people's interest in a Thrasher fleet roam.
WHAT I CAN DO: (Note: Times are for when we PREP TO GO.)
  • Sunday 9/15 @ anytime
  • Tuesday 9/17 @ 8pm PDT / 03:00 EVE
  • Wednesday 9/18 @ 8pm PDT / 03:00 EVE
  • Thursday 9/19 @ 8pm PDT / 03:00 EVE
  • Sunday 9/22 @ anytime
Post your interest and I will set the date/time accordingly.
IF YOU CANNOT OR DO NOT WANT TO FLY A THRASHER: I have a plan for Frigate flyers beyond just tackle. But yes, we also want tackle. The fleet will, however, be 85% Thrashers/DPS or more.
Let's fuckin' do this.
NOTE: I am insanely drunk for this post. If something doesn't make sense or you have a question, ask and/or call me a cockbag and I'll make sure you get a coherent answer.
submitted by loganchance to Bravenewbies [link] [comments]